Stare, it’s the way to educate your eye!


Mirella Sleenhoff is not only a truly talented photographer, she has also worked as a make-up artists/stylist for 18 years. As time passed, she discovered her passion about photographing and finally started to take the camera in her own hands. Being one of the best Dutch photographers, she was already featured in CLOSE-UP Magazine.

Mirella has always been impressed by images with beauty and pureness. Her works reflect an exciting combination of soul and art. So what are you waiting for!? Explore her world full of pureness, authenticity, fashion and true simplicity with delicate detail.


Photography by Mirella Sleenhoff

ModelManagement: You worked as a make-up artist for 19 years. How has this influenced your career as a photographer?

Mirella Sleenhoff: I’ve worked as a makeup artists/stylist since 1995. I saw a lot of great people and places, that’s why the quote  “Stare , it’s the way to educate your eye” by Walker Evans is so perfect for me!

Photography by Mirella Sleenhoff

Photography by Mirella Sleenhoff

MM: Five words that describe you.

MS: Hm… Always difficult… Passionate, True, Caring, Love, People

MM: Each great photographer has a particular penchant or love for a specific subject or category. We would love to get to know yours. Could you share with us your own private obsession in the magical world of photography?

MS: My private obsession in the magical world of photography is emotion, the beauty of emotion, the soul in the eyes, and the beauty what becomes with it.

Photography by Mirella Sleenhoff

Photography by Mirella Sleenhoff

MM: What is your favorite image you have recently shot? Can you describe its creation regarding to location, lighting, composition etc.; but also your thoughts during the shooting?

MS: Hm… That’s difficult; my best picture is yet to come… :)
I’m always busy at the moment in work with looking what to come, what is happening with the person I have in front of me. I’m waiting for the right moment to get the shot.

MM: Is there someone or something you would love to photograph and still didn’t have the chance?

MS: I don’t know at this moment, sometimes I see a person on the street and I think: “Ooohh stop, I want to picture you!” Give me a person with a special soul.

Photography by Mirella Sleenhoff

Photography by Mirella Sleenhoff



Photography by Mirella Sleenhoff

MM: What advantages do you find on being part of an online platform such as

MS: ModelManagement is a great platform to look in, and I hope to meet some nice people.

MM: Your images were featured in Close-Up Magazine – Benelux edition. How did you hear about this online magazine and why did you decided to be part of it?

MS: I did get a mail with the offer to be a part of it, and after having a look at it, I was positively surprised!


Photography by Mirella Sleenhoff

If you also just can’t get enough of her pictures, you shouldn’t miss her profile


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