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We continue our great January model blogger special with a fresh model blog from Spain you cannot miss!

“Modeling going on” by Bitas not only gives you an exciting inside into the everyday life of a catwalk modeling but also provides you with exceptional styling inspirations. Get to know the lovely Spanish beauty behind it…


Photo by Moma To start with, who is the person behind “Modeling going on”? Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you started modeling and blogging!

Bitas: My name is Bitas and I’m an 18 years old girl from a little city in Catalonia, Spain. It all started when I was 8 and I went to my first showroom, I think it was from Lise Charmel. My mum has a shop where she sells lingerie and swimsuits, and when it was time to buy the new collections for the next year, she used to bring my little sister and me with her. I remember once , when we were in one of this showrooms, I told to my mum : << one day , I would like to do what this big girls do, walk in a catwalk>>. Who knew back then that this would end up being true! But as I grew up I stopped going to this showrooms and focus on other things, like studies and friends. At the age of 15 I started doing as a “model”, trying on the swimsuits that the sales representative from brands likes Seafolly brought to the shop to sell. But it wasn’t until the end of my fifteens when my mum came to me saying that she wanted to do a catwalk in the city and asked me if I wanted to be her model with some of my friends. There in the runway, with us, was an actual model from the agency I’m now in.

After the catwalk-that was an amazing and surprising experience– I talked to that girl and she said to me that the agency was going to put a headquarter in my city. My mum, that is so stubborn, insisted for me to join the agency and, at the end, I did it. I have to say that it was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. I have been in that model agency now for two years and I’ve done a lot of things. But besides all the jobs they have found me, I have achieved a lot of things on my own. I got to do my first photo shoot with an international photographer and I have found my own ways to advertise myself. It also helped me a lot creating a blog where I could share my personal experiences from my modeling life and all my works, as I think is the best way to share with the world your way of working and all what you are capable of doing.


Bitas at the Celia Vela fashion show

MM: On your blog you don’t only give exciting insights into your life as a model, but also share your catwalk experiences. What fascinates you most about fashion shows? Is there any great fashion show/label you dream to walk for one day?

B: Well, I think what I really like about fashion shows is the fact that all of them try to find a way to be unique and different from each other. Nowadays, being on the top 10 runways is hard, as a lot of new designers are emerging and lots of them, in order to have a name in the industry, try to impress the world by showing their creations with an amazing fashion show. That makes them the level of creativity and the capacity to impress increase every season. When it comes to myself, I love performing and walking on this kind of runways, as it’s way more enjoyable than a current catwalk. There are few fashion shows I would like to be part of in the future. You can find always this “cliché” dream that most of the models have, and that I share: To walk in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. But, besides this one, I would really love to walk in any Chanel catwalk run by Lagarfeld in the Grand Palais from Paris, as well as the resort kinds. In these ones, even though the clothes are more commercial and maybe less creative, the themes and vibes are always well worked, as the Chanel one in Dubai. The thing is, the fact that they choose a new and different place to develop this runways, it gives the model much more experience.  For now, as a start, I’m going to participate in the casting of the Spanish catwalk “080”, and see if I have a chance to be a step closer to my goals.


Bitas at the Girona fashion day

MM: Is there any model or blog that inspires you?

B: As I said, I don’t have a lot of time to spend watching other blogs. What I do is that, instead of visiting blog per blog I follow their activities on Instagram. You could find me following international models as Cara Delevingne, Sara Sampaio and Lily Aldridge, fashion bloggers as Chiara Ferragni and Kristina Bazan , photographers as Russell James, Jose Martinez and Fernando Gomez and also people that’s in this modeling/lifestyle world that are from where I am, such Jessica Goicoechea, Sergio Carvajal or Marc Forné .What I do is , when I find something that I like about how they dressed or the project they started or what they did, I screenshot it and keep it for myself so, when I have time , I can look at all of them and have some inspiration. That doesn’t mean I copy their ideas, because their style of doing things, their facilities and their way of thinking are different from mine, but I’m a person who likes to see other people points of views and ideas, because it can always help you when you feel lost and don’t know what to do next.  I have to announce though, that I have a new blog project in hand , hopefully coming soon, and addressed to new models who want to get involved in this world but don’t know how to start.


Photoshoot with Christian Mayo in the cliff hanger “El Morro de la Abella”

MM_Join_Banner_500_90_v2 What role plays fashion in your life?

Bitas: Unfortunately, not as an important role as I would like. I’m currently in the senior year, and this is the hardest of them all. The little free time I have, I try to combine all the things I love such as reading, my modeling career and blog, tune to fashion news or read the Vogue and watch my favorite TV show with my little sister. So it’s nearly impossible to focus on just one thing, and study takes a lot of my time. But, even though this major obstacle, I try to dress good every day, with my personal style and with a little influence of the fashion trends. Also, I have a friend who’s also a classmate, that it’s a potential designer, and it’s so into this world (she could tell you every miserable detail from Coco Chanel’s life). She keeps me tuned with all the news that I may have lost or explains me all the new collections from the fashion houses when we go shopping together.


Photo Session of Turkana How would you describe your personal style and how did you find it?

Bitas: I didn’t define my style since the end of last year, when I started to take this modeling work a step further. Every year and season I go with a different variation of style. For example, last summer I had a more retro style and, since autumn started, I went into a comfy mode and oversized clothes. But, beside these changes, I think there’s a style that remains there overall and mixes with the one that I’m obsessed in every period of the year, and that one is the grunge style. I really couldn’t explain how or why I chose to dress like that; I guess it just goes with my personality.


Photo by Chris Holmes  What advantages do you find for being part of an online modeling community such as

Bitas: Lots! First of all, it’s the best way to find castings around you, as it warns you with an e-mail when the webpage finds one around your location. Plus, it’s so useful when it comes to contact with international models, photographers or stylists. I got the chance this summer to do a shooting in the beach with an international photographer, and that’s a thing I would have never imagined before. So good job, keep working like that.

Thank you Bitas for the cool interview! Don’t forget to check out her Model profileblog and discover her latest posts. 


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