Look Gorgeous on Valentine’s Day!


The most awaited day of the year by all the lovebirds out there is just around the corner! You already made plans on spending the special evening together but you still haven’t figured out how to do your make-up, hair or what to wear? You want to impress your loved one but you’re out of ideas and you don’t know where to start? We can help you! Read on as we share with you some beauty tips on how to look gorgeous this Valentine’s Day!

Candice Swanepoel and Lily Aldridge

Candice Swanepoel and Lily Aldridge

Before worrying about your make-up and how you’re going to style your hair for the big night, pamper yourself! Take a bubble bath, make a face treatment, do your manicure and pedicure, and just take your time to relax and enjoy the beautiful day. Along with the face treatment, make sure you grab some sugar and honey, mix it together and exfoliate your lips, because there’s going to be a lot of ‘lip action’ (of course, it’s valentines!) and you want your lips to stay nice and soft throughout the night.


Sugar Lip Scrub

If you and your partner decided to celebrate Valentine’s the traditional way, in a nice restaurant with romantic atmosphere and wine, you are definitely supposed to look dressy and seductive! You can never go wrong with the classic red lipstick, however if you feel like trying out something new and trendy, the plum lipstick color or the bright orange (See Jessica Alba on the picture below) will make you stand out from the crowd! Finish this look by applying eyeliner in a subtle way. To make your eyes pop, instead of using fake lashes, apply few coatings of mascara.  Guys don’t like fake!


Jessica Alba

When it comes to styling your hair, check out some of the red carpet looks from this season and you will see that the side swept hair dominates! Just like Blake Lively did, curl your hair in a vintage style, then take one side of your hair and pull it behind your ear and Voilà! You will look like a diva and your partner is going to fall in love with you all over again!

Blake Lively

Another vintage hairstyle that you can pull off for your Valentine’s dinner date is the vintage ponytail. Tease the back of your hair a bit, do a ponytail and make wide curl at the end of it. It will look super lovely and romantic.


Valentines 1

Vintage Ponytail

If for your Valentine’s Day you decided just to chill somewhere with your loved one, or maybe you bought tickets to watch the very expected Fifty shades of Grey, you can do a romantic, more natural make-up look. Choose a light pink lip color, along with a nice pink blush and again, a few mascara coatings. For the eye-shadow, just a little bit of a light peach color will be enough.


Barbara Palvin

As with the make-up, your hair should also look effortless but youthful and pretty. The braids are again IN this year so our suggestion is to do a messy side-fishtail. There are many tutorials where you can learn how to make one, however if you feel like doing something easier and more romantic-looking, create flowy waves that won’t look forced, because too done-up hair is not the look that you want to achieve this time!

Valentines 4

Messy Fishtail

When you’re done with the hair and make-up it’s time to choose the perfect outfit.

For the dressier occasion, choose a dress that flatters your figure, something flirty and elegant. You want to pick a color that screams ‘It’s valentine’s Day!’ Red, Pink, Bordeaux… you decide! You can even go for the little black dress and complete the look with red details, such as jewelry, shoes, purse, nails, lips etc. Complete this look with high stilettos that will match the dress. Also, don’t forget to wear nice sexy lingerie underneath!


Miranda Kerr

For a relaxing cozy evening with your partner you certainly shouldn’t dress up too much. We recommend you to choose a more casual, but also pretty and romantic dress or skinny jeans along with a nice fancy shirt. You can combine these looks with a pair of cool flats. Check out Taylor Swift’s cute romantic dress to get an inspiration for your look!


Taylor Swift

And last, but most important, wear your SMILE, be confident and happy, and just enjoy the romantic evening with your loved one! After all, your partner loves you for who you are, not for your make-up, hair or clothes, so don’t stress, take our advice and relax! The beauty trends of 2015 are all about being natural so don’t over-do it. Remember, less is more!


Valentine’s Day

Have fun and good luck! ModelManagement wishes you a happy Valentine’s day!

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