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Coletta Ehrmann is a designer and photographer from Germany. She has worked with many photographers such as Katrin Thomas and Hubertus Hamm, and also worked as a designer in agencies in Munich. Nowadays, Coletta has her own company where she makes Bavarian souvenirs.  She´s also a part of our Close-up Magazine – Photographers for Model books Germany. Alongside she loves shooting for interesting and challenging projects as a freelancer.

Now, let’s find out more about Coletta!


Photography by Coletta Ehrmann

ModelManagement: You are a designer and photographer. Which passion came first and how did you become interest in the second profession?

Coletta Ehrmann: I can’t say what passion started first. I was always a creative person and weather it was drawing or taking pictures at a young age, I simply enjoy to work visually and express ideas.

I enjoy and am interested in design and photography because they are both strong communication medias but have their own visual language. It inspires me and my work to ether work on the computer, let’s say on a corporate design and then to think, WOW! Now, this is your face, this is your attitude, this is your story, this is your product. Let’s go and shoot it. The beautiful thing about photography is to experience a situation, especially with people and you immediately get something back.


Photography by Coletta Ehrmann

MM: What kind of products do you design? Where can we find them?

CE: I worked for several years in agencies, designing premium in-flight products for Airlines, so called ‘Amenity Kit Bags’ and did branding and packaging for industrial products. A selection of some released projects can be found on my website. ( On the site I started creating own products under the name ‘Alousia’. Inspired by the original Munich Oktoberfest, which is annually takes place in my city. I once visited the Oktoberfest and just started taking pictures of the girls there, wearing their ‘Dirndls’ (traditional Bavarian dress). The dress exaggerates the women’s décolleté. So I ended up taking over a hundred different pictures of women’s ‘Dirndls’ and décolletés. That was so fun! It was a bit later that I started having ideas to perpetuate the pictures on my own products. These products can be found on my online shop (, or Facebook. It’s an ongoing project.

Amenity Kit Design by Coletta

Amenity Kit Design by Coletta


MM: What was your favorite designing project? Tell us a little bit about it! What made it so special for you?

CE: My favorite design project is called ‘I love Japan’. It was collaboration with several artists and illustrators, to create an activity book for the children of Fukushima after the tsunami and nuclear catastrophe in 2011. It was initiated by my befriended artist Liina Klauss, who lives and works in Hong Kong. She has gained very much attention with raising awareness through art and activism, Liina is currently working in the field of environmental installations. The idea of the book was to bring fun and peaceful moments to the children that are living in such a strongly affected environment. I was in Japan, before the catastrophe happened and felt personally concerned.1000 Books where delivered to children facilities in Fukushima. The project is special to me because it shows the necessity to use own skills for a better cause and the fun of doing it is most rewarding.


I love Japan by Coletta Ehrmann

MM: What was your greatest shoot and what made it so special?

CE: To mention the recent one for jewelry designer Claudia Lassner aka ‘Cocii’ and model Lisa Offner, who I found over Modelmanagement! The shooting was great and a challenge for everyone. Claudia and I met and we first talked about the inspirations, moods and the music that influenced her new jewelry collection. We ended up making a list of different emotions that we defined and then started looking for the right girl to feel and express them. The musical inspiration Claudia had for this collection was ‘Hip Hop’ and that should be expressed through the styling. We didn’t want to shoot Hip Hop genre pictures, but rather bring the different influences of the music and the emotions together and create something unique. Lisa Offner had the big challenge to get into a different mood and state of mind per set of jewelry and outfit. The emotions varied from ‘melancholia’ to ‘liberation’, for example. Most important was that the emotions should be real. Lisa was ready to do it! – presenting the jewelry while expressing those different moods and attitudes. The pictures can be seen on my website, as well as on the cocii website ( Besides that, they have been published in the ‘Global Blue Shop’ Magazine for Munich.


Photography by Coletta Ehrmann for Cocii

MM: What advantages do you find on being part of an online platform such as

CE: To have a platform in a fast growing community where I can discover and search for new faces and opportunities on different professional levels.


Photography by Coletta Ehrmann

MM: You have been featured in the Close-Up Magazine – Photographers for Model Books Germany. What advantages do you have through the feature in the Magazine?

CE: It’s an opportunity to present my work and to get in touch with new people, also internationally. Let’s see.


Photography by Coletta Ehrmann

Thank you Coletta for the interview! If you’re interested in Coletta and her work – check regularly her profile and website to be informed about her latest shoots!

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