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Singapore turns 53: how are brands marking the occasion?

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Singapore turns a year older this week, celebrating her 53rd birthday. There will be the usual National Day Parade, which is held annually, where the country shows off her military might and spectacular fireworks.

It has been an eventful year for Singapore, with the historic Trump-Kim summit taking place in the little red dot. We take a look at the unique ways brands are celebrating ‘brand Singapore.’

Texas Chicken Singapore

The Atlanta-based fast food company enlisted the help of Makcik Halijah and Auntie Bee Li to engage in a rap battle to find out who made the best sambal chilli.

The Workers’ Party

One of Singapore’s most successful opposition parties, The Workers’ Party went for a ‘quieter’ approach, releasing a two minute video on the soundscape of Singapore.


The ride-sharing company brought back its widely popular #GrabDurian for the fourth year to tap into Singaporeans’ love for durians.

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It also encouraged commuters to share a story about a great experience with a Grab driver, merchant or delivery partner (Grab Hero) to stand a chance of winning a pair of NDP tickets.


The Dutch consumer electronics company launched its PerfectCare Expert Plus pressurised steam generator iron featuring its patented OptimalTEMP technology that guarantees ‘no burns on all ironable fabrics’ to celebrate National Day.

Why? It says the iron is the ‘world’s first zero-burn innovation borne out of Singapore makes ironing pains a relief with unparalleled speed, comfort and protection.’

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The telco is honouring the can-do and never-give-up Singapore spirit and hopes to rally all to help them achieve what they have set out to do by shining the spotlight on five inspiring five #TogetherWeCan Singaporeans stories. 

It is encouraging its customers to redeem 53 StarHub Rewards Points and StarHub will contribute $5 to the desired cause.

The five personalities come from diverse backgrounds. They are Lim Seng, who hopes to become the first Singaporean in space, professional tennis player Sarah Pang, who hopes to one day play in the WTA, Sazzad Hossain, founder of SDI Academy, who provides basic English education to help migrant workers adapt to Singapore and reduce workplace accidents, Peter Draw, artist and creator of the Ai Movement who uses his art to spread happiness and inspire children to follow their dreams and Joel Seah, a social worker at Care Corner’s CROSSROAD Youth Centre, who guides the youth and teaches them skills that they need to excel in life.


The food delivery company unveiled the nation’s ‘ultimate tummy report’ and what makes Singaporeans’ tummies growl. 

The report pitted neighbourhoods against each other and found out that Singaporeans do not just love fried chicken, they are also obsessed with the comfort food.


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CNN’s Sunita Rajan on reinvention and adopting a consultative approach

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CNN hosted its first CNN Experience in Singapore in June, for its commercial team to bring its business to life and talk more than just news to marketers.

At the event it showcased its content solutions, like video storytelling platform Great Big Story (GBS), its branded content studio Create and its Tourism Advertising Solutions and Knowledge (TASK) group. Hosted at the Andaz hotel, the media owner also brought along star power, like the host of its ‘Quest Means Business’ show Richard Quest, to wow existing and potential clients.

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Speaking to The Drum after the event, Sunita Rajan, senior vice president of Asia Pacific advertising sales at CNN International Commercial (CNNIC), says the Turner-owned brand is keen to hold more events because, ultimately, its job is not only to tell the story, to get it right and to balance the story with analysis and facts. She adds that it also needs to be able to deliver content and the broader kind of agenda of news to its customers and consumers who have their own passions and interests, which go beyond just the headlines of the day.

She also points out that as this means it could be in sport, travel, business, health, style and design, it means CNN can continuously articulate to that and get people to understand what it does beyond news, but with the news as the core because that is the gateway to how people experience the CNN brand.

“The second reason, obviously, is to be able to acknowledge, and thank, and make sure that our partners in the room, and that’s partners across all of our commercial businesses, whether it’s advertising, sales, or affiliate, or distribution, or hotel sales, all know and feel reassured of the business that they place with CNN, which is a lot, and we don’t take that for granted for a moment,” adds Rajan.

In addition, she stress that is very important for CNN to make sure that its customers and clients’ base are constantly kept updated on what the company is doing, because the market is always changing, which means that technology and consumer habits are moving at such a fast pace, forcing the company to constantly iterate and evolve.

That means CNN has to create new tools, new products and new ways telling its story, as well as new ways in which it works with brands, Rajan explains, pointing out there is not enough time to be able to knock on individual doors. 

“I think is really important is to demonstrate to the industry why being the number one brand in the news’ business and a worldwide leader is a sense of responsibility that forces us to lead the way in the market. And to make sure that by doing that, we adhere to what is our DNA and core, which is storytelling with facts first, but also to test and learn, place some bets and do things differently because if we don’t, then who will?” she says.

Constant innovation and reinvention

While reinforcing its leading position in the market is important, it is not about CNN being a maverick or going rogue, notes Rajan, but being able to innovate and creatively reinvent itself because that is what brands are looking for from a commercial point of view and what CNN’s audiences want and expect.

Products like GBS are a good example of Rajan’s point. “We placed an investment and a bet really in launching a product for the first time in 35 years, which was targeted at the millennials, and it has continued to attract a very high proportion of millennials, but they’re not the only audience that we have. But to do it well and do it in a style which delivers a product that audiences see has got a differentiated place in their consumption,” she explains.

“We are not Vice or BuzzFeed, but we clearly are very high-end cinematic storytelling with 4K video, a website and a product that is, again, has in less than three years, has gained 10 million fans and two billion video views, which is pretty baffling.”

That applies to Create as well, which Rajan says is more than just producing branded content that is shot with in 4K, with CGI, drones or 360 video, because that can be bought. Brands can also work with their own creative agency or hire a boutique creative agency to do that.

What Create brings to the table then, is the audiences and the targeting capabilities of CNN, explains Rajan. “The data targeting capability is key and the insights that we bring to the conversation where we’re able to sit down with brands, we take the social handles, we do some research using Launchpad to consult, advice and speak to brands and tell them about how content on social should look, at a presale stage.”

“We are able to tell brands what CNN consumers and audiences think about their brand and their stories, and how they should be thinking about the stories they want to tell, before we even enter into a discussion about what the concept should be, or what approach we should take. That’s pretty powerful, that’s propriety. So, we’re not just producing great content through gut feeling, and with, it’s power of mediator, that’s important,” she adds.

Putting on the consultant’s hat

A few weeks after The Drum’s conversation with Rajan, CNN announced that it was turning CNN Reach, which sat within Create to act, conduct and deliver audiences and audience acquisitions, into a consultancy unit.

Aside from offering first, second and third-party audience targeting, the media owner said Reach will also plan and create campaign content; advise on, and execute distribution and media buying, both on and off CNN’s own platforms and across the company’s products.

Rajan and her team will work with the new Reach team led by Leo Urushibata, CNNIC’s director of content optimization, which currently has four staff with content strategy, planning, paid media buyers and digital marketers, and audience development skills from Singapore.

While Rajan did not reveal this information during her chat with The Drum, she had hinted that CNN was moving towards that direction, as the media owner is realising that its clients and brands have gone beyond just buying regular advertising slots, as conversations now begins with an audience strategy, a data strategy, content strategy and finally the media strategy.

“We have got success, and we are still on that journey, the job is not complete. But for us, success is how we have been able to evolve and hold on to our premier clients and our key partnerships, but also attract a lot of new clients who are on that journey whether that’s, they are first time advertisers on TV, or whether they’re shifting a large percentage of their business to digital and they still want to advertise on TV,” she explains.

Rajan adds that more importantly, it is not just about where the spend is, it is about how brands perceived their partners today. “They are looking for storytellers, and they are looking for authentic trusted storytellers who can help tell their story. But they are also looking for that contextual environment where they feel that they can trust the environment and they can trust the authenticity of the environment for their own created messages.”

“That’s where the conversation begins, and that’s how we then build out our data strategy, which is, we’re in the unique position as a global player to be able to deliver audiences at scale. We also got the number one position on social of any news’ brand.”

With consumers now having various multiple sources of getting their news with the plethora of outlets these days, including platforms like Facebook and Google, as Rajan notes, it is important for traditional media owners like CNN to come up with a strategy that not only allows them to survive, but also the ability monetise its audiences who are coming to them on all its digital platforms.

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Ad fraud & brand safety remain the biggest programmatic issues say DTA USA judges

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Transparency has been one of the biggest buzz words in the programmatic industry for a few years now and it’s not going away anytime soon. Over 10 years in and programmatic is continuing to change the face of marketing and as always, there are bumps in the road.

The Drum Digital Trading Awards USA 2018 has introduced a new category, the ‘Improvement in Media Effectiveness Award’. This category will seek submissions from teams tasked with achieving improvement in the performance of their clients’ media spend specifically in the areas of transparency. 

The Drum spoke to four industry experts from Business Insider. Trust Metrics, SalientMG and Beller Tech, who are also judges for The Drum Digital Trading Awards USA 2018, on what areas of transparency are either lost or problematic in the industry right now.

Jana Meron, senior vice president, programmatic and data strategy, Business Insider

The biggest problem with regards to transparency is the lack of standardization across platforms. While DSP and SSP technologies continue to optimize programmatic media buying, they’ve also made true costs harder to pinpoint.

Right now, if you were to compare SSP and DSP reports, you’d find varying results, not just from a revenue perspective, but also from a brand perspective. SSPs and DSPs categorize companies and their brands differently, making it difficult to align advertisers’ brands. Inconsistencies also make it challenging to match up dollars from one platform to another.

The media buying process has become more and more complex as platform intermediaries are introduced, blurring the spend flow from start to finish and making ROI more difficult to calculate.

Marc Goldberg, chief executive officer, Trust Metrics

Most advertisers consider a quality site in “brand safety” as just the absence of hate, porn, and other evils. Quality is the presence of good publishing features. Brands need to revisit the 101 of advertising and align with quality (which can be subjective), then optimize any KPIs that don’t improve on their own. This happens a lot with viewability, where brands run toward high clutter and slide show sites designed to achieve viewability, while walking away from publications that put users first. Brands assume their numbers provide transparency, but a spreadsheet can’t disclose the poor environment these viewable ads are served in. Viewability is a measurement, not a target. Quality is the target; measure viewability second.

Mack McKelvey, founder, SalientMG

Ad fraud and brand safety are extremely important issues affecting every advertising and marketing professional today. However, transparency in mobile location data should be getting more attention. All sorts of brands rely on consumer foot traffic information to measure mobile ad performance, understand ebbs and flows in customer behavior and learn more about demographics of people visiting business locations. But not many marketing professionals realize, for instance, that their decisions to run mobile ads in-app or on the mobile web can have a huge impact on how precisely the ads are measured.  There’s a lot of complexity that should be made more transparent to marketers.

Rob Beeler, founder, Beeler Tech

Some of the solutions that bring transparency also add to the lack of it. During a research project for the 614 Group we found that agencies and publishers assumed that if they used the same vendor, both parties would see the same numbers. That’s often not true. Solutions that serve both buyers and sellers often report different numbers to each side because of how and why they count events like viewable impressions. This causes confusion, discrepancies and a lack of transparency from solutions whose purpose is to bring transparency to the market.

Meron, Goldberg, McKelvey and Beeler are all judges for The Drum Digital Trading Awards USA. The entry deadline is Thursday 30 August, download your entry pack now and show the industry the outstanding work you have been producing.

Headline sponsor of these awards are MiQ

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Thierry Henry resurrects Renault ‘liason’ to explore ‘va va voom’ on Sky Sports

Marketing/ Advertising/ PR

Renault and Premier League legend Thierry Henry will explore ‘va va voom’ for audiences watching Sky Sports.

Renault is set to run Henry idents on Sky Sports Premier League coverage, showcasing Clio, Captur and Megane RS. It will tap into nostalgia for the strikers’ glory days using the classic strapline.

At the height of his power in 2002, the Frenchman, who was capped 123 times by his nation, signed on to underline the sleek appeal of Renault’s cars. He starred in the ads alongside his at the time girlfriend Claire Merry. 

After the success of the campaign, va va voom was entered into the Oxford Dictionary. It means: “The quality of being exciting, vigorous, or sexually attractive.” During the ad’s original run, as Renault was touting its va va voom, Japanese Mazda was wowing audiences with its catchy ‘zoom, zoom, zoom’ strapline.

On his return to the Premier League and Sky Sports as the car brand’s ambassador, Henry said: “It feels great to reignite my long-stating ‘liaison’ with Renault, especially as I’m returning to the team during its first journey into football. Having played in stadiums across the world I know first-hand the passion fans have for both life and their favourite sport.

“I’m looking forward to helping Renault publicly celebrate this passion over the course of the Premier League season, while injecting some ‘va va voom’ back into British football.”

Vincent Tourette, managing director, Renault UK said the work will follow up on an “amazing World Cup summer” to see Henry explore the brand’s wider ‘Passion for Life’ ethos.

After a plaudited playing career at Arsenal and on the national level, Henry is in steady employment as a football pundit, offering his views in French and English. He is the fifth highest scorer in the league, sitting at 175 goals of 0.68 per appearance.

In explaining ‘va va voom’ to UK audiences Henry previously explained “va va voom is always cool, but cool is not always va va voom”.

Enjoy some of the classic ads below. (Apologies about the video quality). Since 2001 Publicis delivered the va va voom creative. Henry came aboard in 2002 to legitimise it.

Video of Thierry Henry Renault Clio Va Va Voom TV commercial 1
Video of Thierry Henry Renault Clio Va Va Voom TV commercial 2
Video of Thierry Henry Renault Clio Va Va Voom TV commercial 3

Henry was also a prominent ambassador for Nike, Pepsi, Gillette and more during his playing career.

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Freddie Flintoff serenades new audiences to tout Cricket World Cup’s ‘Carnival’ atmosphere

Marketing/ Advertising/ PR

The ICC Cricket World Cup is coming to England and Wales in 2019, and to mark the occasion former England star Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff is singing his way through the streets with an assembly of fans.

‘Festival’ was directed by Peter Cattaneo of The Fully Monty fame. It sees Flintoff launch into song and dance, backed by some of cricket’s most passionate fans, influencers and a brass band.

Flintoff approaches the famous Oval venue before opening the tournament in 2019. Slipped among 19 dancers and 100 fans are Radio 1 DJ Greg James, cricketers Charlotte Edwards, Phil Tufnell, Kumar Sangakkara, and influencers such as Josh Pieters, ReevHD and Danielle Haden.

Cattaneo hinged the work on capturing the “genuine enthusiasm for the game” while bringing together the fans to “create a real global celebration”. The ICC believes there are more than 1bn cricket fans across the world to attract with this work.

Agency Matta delivered the work to fit into the wider ‘Are You In’ campaign.

Matt Campbell, its executive creative director, said: “The challenge in the brief was to sell cricket as more than just the game on the field. It’s the whole colourful experience, the national costumes, fancy dress, musical instruments in the crowd and the infectious passion, particularly of South Asian supporters, that create a unique atmosphere and experience that British sport’s fans will love.”

Adrian Wells, marketing director of the Cricket World Cup said the film aims to introduce new audiences to cricket too, informing them of the off-field atmosphere as well as the proceedings in the Oval and beyond.

“This is something we are uniquely able to create in multi-cultural Britain,” he said. “Seeing Freddie sing and dance is not what you would expect from cricket, and that’s the point – we hope to show cricket in a new light and engage new fans.”

Vote for the work in The Drum’s Creative Works.

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Roll of honour: how you can win at The Drum DADI Awards

Marketing/ Advertising/ PR

The DADIs (The Drum Awards for the Digital Industries) returns for its twelfth year to celebrate and reward digital excellence from around the globe. 

But what makes our judges choose the best of the best? 

Following is just five examples of the best of the best of the 2017 winners.

Home: A VR Space Walk – Rewind and BBC Studios

Use of VR

Video of Home: Immersive Spacewalk Experience

Home combined a strong narrative and sense of drama with the impact from an immersive experience to encourage the public’s interest in space. The viewer traverses the space station, journey on the Canadarm and jetpack back to safety. It puts you at the centre of the story, taking you on an emotional and personal journey while delivering beautiful, heart-stopping and memorable moments.

Shotgun: Direct Line Group

Financial Service Website, App or Campaign


Direct Line wanted to cut the number of young driver deaths in the first 1000 miles to zero. In January 2017, they launched a free telematics phone app ‘Shotgun’ aimed at 17-25 year olds – irrespective of who they insure their car with. A multi-channel campaign created awareness, while the app maintained user engagement through incentives and a gamified learning experience.

A make up artist in your pocket: Max Factor

Consumer Products or Services, Website, App or Campaign

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Over 1 billion beauty videos uploaded online every year. Blippar aimed to solve this over saturation by making Max Factor’s entire makeup range interactive via augmented reality. Simply scan any one of the 500 products with the Blippar app to access content specific to that product. The content includes step by step tutorials, impartial reviews, virtual try-ons, advice on shade selection, the option to buy now and much more depending on the type of product and whether you are in-store or at home.

Listen to Your Lungs: British Lung Foundation

Not-for-profit/Charity Website, App or Campaign

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Lung disease affects one in five people in the UK. Which means you may know someone whose life could be changed by taking a British Lung Foundation breath test.

Listen to your lungs was a public health campaign to find the millions of people who are living with undiagnosed lung disease.

Wild Explorers: Persil

Branded Content

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Created to support an extensive ATL campaign highlighting the lack of quality time children spend outdoors, the Persil Wild Explorers app features over 100 suggestions of outdoor activities for children to enjoy. Searchable by age groups, locations, group sizes and weather conditions – Zone‘s ambition was to inspire parents and children to get outside together and rediscover the simple fun of exploring the world outside.

Have you created amazing events that should be shouted out about? The Drum DADI Awards are now open for entries, download the entry pack and show the world your hard, outstanding work. Next time, your projects/campaigns could be showcased on

These awards are in association with UK Fast and sponsored by Shazam

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Creative Works: which brand will win The Drum’s World Cup?

Marketing/ Advertising/ PR

Welcome to The Drum’s World Cup edition of Creative Works.

The World Cup in Russia is here. Brands and advertisers have been training for four years, building their talent and capabilities for the chance to take the top spot of the tournament.

This special Creative Works is brimming with work from official Fifa partners, their rivals and ambushers – and some brands you’d be surprised have taken up any interest in football whatsoever. It is your job to choose a winner.

To get an idea about the content buzzing on social media, Sprinklr Social Listening listened to chat across 25 different digital channels including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram between 1-13 June in the run up to the tournament.

The mentions are as follows:

Nike – 11.5K, Adidas -10.9K, Qatar Airways – 2k, Visa 1.6k, Coca-Cola – 1.3k, McDonald’s – 876, Vivo – 794, Hyundai – 639, Budweiser – 401, Hisense – 198, Wanda Group – 127, Gazprom – 30 mentions and Mengniu – 13. Let us see if the quality of the work syncs up with social share.

We’re using our five-star voting system, so to vote for your favourite, click on the creative works box below and make sure you click on the stars. The winner be chosen based on the average rating and the number of votes cast.

For project information, credits and more click on the project to expand to full screen.

To submit work for future publication, upload via our online form. For voting updates and more follow The Drum Creative Works on Twitter @TheDrumCreative.


180 Kingsday: Qatar Airlines ‘Dancing in the Street’

Agency: 180 Kingsday
Client: Qatar Airlines
Date: June 2018
There’s nothing quite like the World Cup on the horizon to put a spring into everybody’s step. This sense of fun and anticipation is perfectly captured in Qatar Airways’ first World Cup campaign, which features a re-recording of the classic song ‘Dancing in the Streets’ with singer and TV star Nicole Scherzinger – best known as judge on both the UK and US’s X-Factor. The result is an upbeat and infectiously fun-filled ‘musical’ style TV commercial.
The World Cup is set to bring fans from all over the world together in Russia this summer, and this new anthem from Qatar Airways will unite them as never before. The catchy and uplifting song expresses the airline’s firm belief that sports is a universal language which has the power to inspire and encourage people to follow their dreams.
Qatar Airways Group Chief Executive, His Excellency Mr. Akbar Al Baker, said: “Our latest commercial expresses our excitement in being part of the 2018 FIFA World Cup RussiaTM, one of the most anticipated events on the global sports calendar. And we are delighted to have partnered with the extremely talented Nicole Scherzinger on this commercial. Nicole’s voice truly conveys the excitement we all feel in the run-up to the FIFA 2018 World Cup Russia™, and captures our own enthusiasm about sports, as well as the power of an event like this in bringing people together.”
“Music is a force for good,” said Scherzinger. “Historically, it is one of the most powerful forces for uniting humans because it transcends language barriers. This particular song that we’re working on is so powerful and it has a strong message – it celebrates and unites.”
Tags: UK, Sports Marketing, Fifa World Cup
Video of “Dancing in the Street” by Nicole Scherzinger – Qatar Airways and FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia™

72andSunny: Adidas ‘Create the Answer’

Agency: 72andSunny
Client: Adidas
Date: June 2018
Using the world’s biggest moment in sport as the backdrop – adidas has re-engineered the traditional campaign model through personal storytelling, bringing together 56 of the world’s most influential Creators across sport culture, including Leo Messi, Gabriel Jesus, Caroline Wozniacki, Karlie Kloss, Pharrell Williams.
adidas believes in the power of an athlete’s imagination and using creativity to make a difference in their game, life and world. In the Campaign titled Creativity is The Answer, adidas aims to inspire Creators across sport culture to be courageous, unexpected and to shape their own reality.

Global VP, Global Communications: Ryan Morlan
Senior Director, Global Brand Communications: Lia Stierwalt
Director, Global Brand Communications: Kate Boltin
Senior Manager, Global Brand Communications: Adam Daysh
Director, Global Brand Comms: Jenny Chen
Assistant Manager, Global Brand Comms: Madeline Dennison
VP, Global Brand Comms Football: Florian Alt
Senior Director, Global Brand Comms Football: Matthew Davidson
Senior Brand Manager, Global Brand Comms Football: James Thexton
Senior Director, Global Brand Marketing Operations & Production: John Van Tuyll
Director, Creative Shoot and Production: Kirstin Mellqvist
Senior Manager, Creative Shoot and Production: Meagen Moore
Senior Creative Production & Shoot Manager: Eleanor Fitzgerald
Assistant Creative Shoot + Production Manager: Martine Nash
Creative Shoot and Production Manager: Katarina Pepichova
72andSunny Team
Executive Creative Director: Stuart Harkness
Executive Creative Director: Carlo Cavallone
Executive Creative Director APAC: Johnny Tan
Creative Director: Simon Schmitt
Creative Director: Emiliano Trierveiler
Senior Writer: Carlos Font
Writer: Jorgen Sibbern
Writer: Shan Shan Quan
Art Director: Domingo de la Villa
Art Director: Matteo Gallinelli
Creative Technologist: Gabor Szalatnyai
Managing Director: Nic Owen
Group Brand Director: Bassam Abdel-Rahman
Brand Director: Stéphane Février
Brand Manager: Rico Oyejobi
Brand Manager: Abigael Smith 
Brand Coordinator: Alejandra Arbiol
Director of Production: Stephanie Oakley
Executive Producer: Kerli Teo
Producer: Yaya Zhang
Sr Producer: Jennifer Chien
Sr Producer: Enrico Toeschi
Senior Producer: Neil Henry
Senior Producer: Yago Carvajal
Producer: Ricardo Hieber
Junior Producer: Danny Nouri
Junior Producer: Matt Marty
Strategy Director: Maximilian Weigl
Strategy Director: Danny Feeney
Sr Communication Strategist: Ruro Efue
Communications Strategist: Nathan Makan
Strategist: Carl Jonsson
Cultural Researcher: Nastassja Bonnabel
Director of Business Affairs: Madelon Pol
Business Affairs Director: Nora Adams
Business Affairs Manager: Melita Watt
Business Affairs Manager: Belen Jerez
Business Affairs Manager: Julie Katsoula
Hecho Amsterdam
Director: Leonardo Cosme
Sr Studio Manager: Tanya Funnell
Producer / Studio Coordinator: Ashlie Hutber
Studio Coordinator: Jackie Sevcik
Designer: Dave Renton
Designer: Tim Berklemans
Designer: Josh Harris
Designer: Jack Catterall
Film Production
Production company: Iconoclast
Director: Manu Cossu
Director B team : So Me
Director of Photography: Andre Chemetoff
DP B team : Benoit Soler
Executive Producer: Charlotte Marmion
Producer: Fran Thompson
Producer: Charlotte Woodhead
Production Manager: Lucy Tate
Visual Effect Production
Post Production Company: The Mill
Executive Producer: Reece Ewing & Misha Stanford-Harris
Producer: Sean Francis
Production Assistant: Ellie Thwaites
Shoot Attend: Pete Smith
Lead artist: Alan Williamson
3D Artist:
Finlay Crowther
Laurent Giaume
Katherine Ross
Edward Hicks
Vicky McIntyre
Maxime Cronier
Gabrielius Burokas
Jack Harris
James Hansell
Theo Gibara
Oliver Johnson
Kenny Addeh
2D Lead Artist: Ant Walsham
Creative director: Dan Williams
2D Artist:
James MacLachlan
Carl Norton
Olivia O’Neil
Joseph Dymond
Declan Andrews
Charles Dockerill
Frederic Heymans
Rebecca Clay
Milo Paterson
Online Artist:
Richard Payne
James Pratt
Nick Sze
Gavin Marler
Editorial Company
Work London
Editor: Jono Griffith, Charlie Moreton, Anne Perri, Hasani Franke
Assistant Editor: Hasani Franke, Jamie Hodgson, Ellie McNaughtan
Executive Producer: Julian Marshall
Producer: Winnie O’Neil, Ella Sedgwick
Post Production Company: The Mill
Colourist: Oisin O’Driscoll
Colour assist:
Thomas Mangham
Brendan Buckingham
Daniel Levy
Audio Post
Audio Post Production: Wave Studios
Sound Designer and Mixer – Ed Downham
Assistant Sound Editor – Jonny Platt
Audio Producer – Ben Tomlin
Tags: World, Sports Marketing, Fifa World Cup
Video of Create the Answer – adidas

Mercado McCann: Coca-Cola ‘Being Ready’

Agency: Mercado McCann
Client: Coca-Cola
Date: June 2018
Coca-Cola and Mercado McCann have launched a new effort for the Fifa World Cup in Russia, putting together a campaign that will run in 200 different countries.
Buenos Aires-based Mercado McCann was responsible for both developing the core creative idea of the campaign, ‘Being Ready,’ but also for three of the four TV commercials of this campaign, designed for various formats. 
‘Stock Up’ is done to the beat of the AC/DC classic ‘Are You Ready?’ which is meant to inspire football fans to purchase their favorite Coca-Cola before each of the matches. Fans are shown jumping and running through the streets to get to their local stores and vending machines to be ready for the matches.
‘Ready For’ finds company employees talking to the bottles and preparing them for the emotions they may experience during the World Cup alongside the fans while inspiring them to “show the world what they’re made of.” 
The third ad, ‘Uplifted Alex,’ is the first to appear within the frame of the 2018 Fifa World Cup. Mercado McCann and Coca-Cola created the first spot within a videogame to be launched on real-world platforms. When playing EA Sports’ Fifa ’18 in Journey mode, Alex Hunter, star of the game, will sign a sponsorship contract with Coca-Cola becoming the brand’s first virtual ambassador. Game players will be able to watch him shoot a commercial. In the spot below, the animated Hunter accepts a can of soda from a boy, who is consoling him after a bad game.
The campaign is complemented by a special edition of Coca-Cola cans with the numbers 0 through 9 printed on them. The idea behind ‘Score Packaging’ is for fans to share predictions before each match with their friends on social media platforms.

Agency: Mercado McCann
Client: Coca-Cola
Tags: World
Video of “Ready For”, by Mercado McCann to Coca-Cola
Video of “Stock up”, by Mercado McCann to Coca-Cola
Video of "Uplifted Alex", by Mercado McCann to Coca-Cola

AMV BBDO, Endeavor Global Marketing, Starcom Worldwide: Visa ‘Visa’s Ultimate FIFA World Cup FOMO’

Agency: AMV BBDO, Endeavor Global Marketing, Starcom Worldwide
Client: Visa
Date: May 2018
Visa, the Official Payment Services Partner of FIFA, today announced that professional footballer and face of Visa’s 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ global marketing campaign, Zlatan Ibrahimović, will return to the tournament with Visa and join football fans in Russia this summer.
“I have been telling the world that I will be at the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ – Visa is now helping me and fans around the world get in on the action,” said Zlatan Ibrahimović, star athlete and FIFA World Cup™ legend. “Visa is innovative. Zlatan is innovative. Together, we are helping fans not miss a moment of the FIFA World Cup.”
Whether traveling to the tournament or watching from home, Visa’s fast and easy payments will help fans catch every moment of the FIFA World Cup™. In Russia, fans will spend less time in line and more time focused on the pitch, by utilizing the 3,500 point-of-sale terminals and 1,000 mobile concessionaires that have been equipped with the latest in payment innovation – whether it is a dip, tap or swipe. In addition to spending less time at checkout and more time focused on the matches, fans can also experience more of the excitement, with behind-the-scenes access that only Visa can provide. 
Tags: World, Fifa World Cup
Video of Visa Kick Off

Anomaly: Budweiser ‘Light Up The World Cup’

Agency: Anomaly
Client: Budweiser
Date: May 2018
Budweiser has been involved with the World Cup for 32 years. Now it is sending beer delivery drones to Russia.
In the spot, the drones pursue a mission to deliver single bottles of beer to fans in the stadium, going through cities and forests from the Budweiser factory to their target drinkers. One, however, forgets his payload and must go back, getting lost along the way, in Budweiser’s quirky character style.

Agency: Anomaly
Client: Budweiser
Tags: World, Fifa World Cup
Video of 2018 FIFA World Cup Drone Film – Budweiser

Wieden + Kennedy London: The Football Association ‘England World Cup Squad Announcement’

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy London
Client: The Football Association
Date: May 2018
The Football Association has just announced England’s squad for the 2018 FIFA World Cup via its Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts.
The squad announcement has been delivered with a difference – with the nation’s football-mad youth revealing which 23 players have been chosen by Gareth Southgate, in a film created by Wieden+Kennedy London and directed by Dan Emmerson via Somesuch.
Young fans from across the country were enlisted to announce the players who will wear the Three Lions in Russia this summer.
The video was shot on location in Wembley plus towns and cities throughout England, youngsters – including players from grassroots teams such as Moorside Rangers in Manchester and Sheffield Wednesday Ladies U16s – paying homage to their own local idols.
The squad will begin reporting to St. George’s Park from next Monday, ahead of pre-tournament internationals against Nigeria at Wembley Stadium and Costa Rica at Elland Road.

Creative Director Jon Matthews
Creative Tom Hall
Design Director Karen Jane
Designer Chris Gray
Executive Creative Directors Tony Davidson & Iain Tait
Head of Production James Guy
Group Account Director Ryan Fisher
Account Director Will Smith
Account Manager Laura Simmons
Planning Director Andy Wright
TV Producer Anna Neilson
TV Production Assistant Jasper Ford
Production Company Somesuch
Director Dan Emmerson
Producer Jon Mealing
Director of Photography Ed Hubert
Editorial Company Speade
Editor Ben Crook
VFX Company Time Based Arts
Nuke Lead Matt Shires
Flame Artist Nuke
Stephen Grasso, Dave Birkill
Ralph Briscoe, Linda Cieniawska
VFX Producer Jo Gutteridge
Tags: UK, Sports Marketing, Fifa World Cup
Video of England’s World Cup Squad Revealed! | World Cup 2018

TBWALondon, CSM Sports and Entertainment, Starcom Worldwide, GOAT, 360i: Lidl ‘Dream Big With Lidl ‘

Agency: TBWALondon, CSM Sports and Entertainment, Starcom Worldwide, GOAT, 360i
Client: Lidl
Date: May 2018
Lidl UK, the Official Supermarket of the England football team launches its Dream Big with Lidl campaign, celebrating their three-year partnership and endorsement of the Three Lions as they prepare for The World Cup.
With support from agencies CSM Sport & Entertainment, TBWALondon, Starcom, 360i and GOAT, the campaign brings together both the supermarket’s backing of the England team and Lidl’s grassroots initiative ‘FA Lidl Skills’, which has created 3 million opportunities for 5-11 year olds to play football over the last three years.
TBWALondon has created a series of TVCs, which feature cheeky under-11s whom impart their wisdom to England footballers Gary Cahill, Kyle Walker and Raheem Sterling to help them succeed in the tournament.

Maya Orr/ Ashley Jamieson: Campaign Management
Helen Oberlin-Harris/ Jo Gomer: Partnerships
Tony Hunt:Creative
Creative Agency: TBWALondon
Chief Creative Officer: Andy Jex
Creatives: Dan Kenny & Tom Gong
Strategy Director: Justin Clouder
Account Director: Steph Ross
Account Manager: Ben Trenchard
TV Producer: Malika Patel
Production Company: Rattling Stick
Director: Gabe Turner
Producer: Stuart Bentham
DOP: Fede Alfonzo
Editor: Mark Edinoff @ Work
Post Production: MPC
Post Producer: Anandi Peiris
Colourist: Matthieu Toullet
VFX Supervisor: Jonathan Box
VFX Team: Kalle Kohlstrom, Vivekananthan R, Pratyush Paruchuri
Sound: Parv Thind @ Wave
Music: Wave Music
Sponsorship marketing agency: CSM Sport & Entertainment
Director of Communications: Joe Laing
Senior Account Director: Emma Williams
Senior Communications Manager: Sarah-Jane Emerton
Senior Communications Manager: Sam Wakefield
Account Manager: Naivasha Oakes
Account Coordinator: Matilda Oram
Media agency: Starcom
Business Director:  Rachel Hayes
Client Investment Director:  Jon Manning
Associate Director:  Anna Peters
Senior Executive:  Jamie Day
Influencer agency: GOAT
Head of Client Services: Alex Burgess
Head of Delivery: Frankie Hobbs
Campaign Director: Tom Bore
Campaign Manager: Oliver Bond
Digital agency: 360i
Executive Creative Director :Melissa Ditson
Creatives: Daniele Pulega & Martino Spavento
Strategists: Danielle Allen & Elise Madoe
Managing Partner:  Simon John
Account Director: Max Austin
Account Manager: Ryan Hiscoke
Visual Communications Agency: The Delta Group
Andrew Dennis – Account Director
Kerry Afxentiou – Client Services Director
Tags: UK, Fifa World Cup
Video of Dream Big with Lidl

Chime, Rattling Stick: Paddy Power ‘World Cup 2018’

Agency: Chime, Rattling Stick
Client: Paddy Power
Date: June 2018
While VAR is sorting out the decisions on the pitch, Paddy Power and Andy McLeod are here to help you sort out your differences off the pitch; putting the world to rights one video replay at a time.
A 60-second spot shows the potentially unlimited use of VAR in the world beyond football, solving disputes between blokes queuing at the bar, getting to the bottom of HR complaints, and the truth behind porkies told by neighbours.

Project name: World Cup 2018
Client: Paddy Power
Creative Agency: Chime
Deputy Executive Creative Director: Matt Lever
Art Director: Ben McCarthy
Copywriter: Seb Housden
Planner: Daryl Frost
Media Agency: MediaCom
Production Company: Rattling Stick
Director: Andy McLeod
Production co Producer: Stuart Bentham
Director of Photography: Stuart Graham
Agency Producer: Ed Mueller
Business Director: Ben Boyles
Senior Account Director: Myles Cryan
Account Manager: Matt Strutte
Account Manager: Joe Humphries
Offline Editor: Eve Ashwell @ Assembly Rooms
Post-production: Big Buoy
Colourist: George K @ MPC
VFX Supervisor: Jim Allen
VFX Producer: Barny Wright/Charlotte Shearsmith
Audio: Parv Thind @ Wave
Tags: UK
Video of Paddy Power – World Cup 2018 – Andy McLeod.
Paddy Power – World Cup 2018
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Wieden+Kennedy: Powerade ‘That’s Some Kind of Power Movie’

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy
Client: Powerade
Date: May 2018
Sports drink Powerade continues it’s ‘That’s Some Kind of Power’ TV campaign with a soccer-themed commercial leading up to this year’s Fifa World Cup.
Like the previous campaign aimed for the NCAA crowd for March Madness, this spot was created by Wieden+Kennedy and focuses on a bodega owner with a very vivid imagination. This time around, if he had “that kind of power,” his soccer stardom would reach cinematic levels. Gliding under defenders, causing the collective stadium to gasp as he pulls off a Pele-esque bicycle kick to score the winning goal.
These spots will air exclusively on ESPN, the tournament’s English-language broadcast partner. But, as the audience for the World Cup skews Hispanic, a similar 30-second spot was created in Spanish for placement on Telemundo, the Spanish-language partner for the Fifa coverage.

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy
Client: Powerade
Tags: United States
Video of Movie | That’s Some Kind of Power | POWERADE®
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VCCP: Domino’s ‘Staying at home for international tournaments: With Jimmy Bullard’

Agency: VCCP
Client: Domino’s
Date: June 2018
Jimmy Bullard is a household name for many reasons, his illustrious football career and appearing on I’m A Celebrity amongst those. However many remember him as one of the most famous football players to never earn an England cap. Although called up to the squad a few times, he never managed to make it onto the pitch for an international tournament.
For this reason, Domino’s, the UK’s favourite pizza brand, think that he’s the perfect spokesman for staying home whilst there’s a bit of football going on in Russia.
As the official spokesperson of watching football on TV, viewers will see Jimmy in his natural habitat, on his sofa, in his kitchen, ordering a Domino’s pizza, all captured by a series of social videos shot in a documentary style.

Executive Creative Director: Matt Lever
Creative Director: Dan Glover James & Elias Torres and Danny Symes & Jake Fisk
Editorial: Bianca Englington
Planner: Nathan Velayudhan
Business Director: Jess Aspinall
Account Director: Alex Dalman & Harriet Guppy
Account Manager: Matt Bonny
Production Company: VCCP KIN
Director: Sami Abusamra
Executive Producers: Greta Wynn Davies
Producer: Carly Harrison & Maxine Denton
Post-production: Dan Tagoe @ VCCP Kin
Colourist: Steffan Perry @ Framestore
Audio post-production: 750mph – James Cobbold
Tags: World, Sports Marketing, Fifa World Cup
Video of Domino's: Best England Player
Video of Domino's: Subbuteo
Video of Domino's: Russia

ITV Creative : ITV ‘Forget’

Agency: ITV Creative
Client: ITV
Date: May 2018
This campaign is a call to arms to football fans all around the country, encouraging them to forget two things. Forget the burden of the past, the highs and lows of previous World Cups… And forget their pre-conceptions. Ultimately, we want them to forget every game that has gone before, because all that matters is what happens in Russia this summer, on the pitch, and on ITV.
In a fast paced, provocative and anthemic 60″ promo, we’re breaking all conventions of World Cup advertising, physically painting over the highs and scrapping the lows of World Cups past. Together with German Director Hauke Hilberg, we’ve selected the moments that fans and players alike hang on to too tightly, using a diverse mix of edit and post techniques along with specially shot scenes, and the voice of Ashley Walters to build momentum and hype for the most unpredictable World Cup in decades.

Agency: ITV Creative
ECD: Tony Pipes
Creative Director: Rachel King
Creative: David Brooks
Head of Campaign Production: Katie Carew
Head of Campaign Management: Gemma Dunford
Senior Campaign Manager: Emma Reith
Director of Network Marketing: Paul Ridsdale
Head of Marketing: Ed Ross
Marketing Manager: Nicolas Jayr
Marketing Executive: Chris Anstey
Production Company: ITV Creative
Director: Hauke Hilberg
Producer: Jon Hinton
Editor: David Gesslbauer
Grade: Richard Fearon @ MPC
Audio: Loft Berlin
Tags: World, Fifa World Cup, Sports Marketing
Video of 2018 FIFA World Cup | Forget | ITV
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The Brooklyn Brothers, Islenka: Icelandair ‘Team Iceland Stopover’

Agency: The Brooklyn Brothers, Islenka
Client: Icelandair
Date: May 2018
As proud sponsors of the Icelandic national team, Icelandair is celebrating their achievements this summer, with 90-minute football inspired experiences, all included in the price of any Icelandair Stopover flight ticket
Players from the Men’s and Women’s football teams have co-created these experiences with the airline which showcase both their individual passions and the history of the nation
A lot can be achieved in 90-minutes, both on and off the pitch, and Captain Aron Gunnarsson invites travellers to make the most of their time with a Team Iceland Stopover
From enjoying some downtime with ‘Relax like a Pro’ to discovering the skill and strength of the players with ‘Train the Icelandic Way’ or learning how to cheer like some of the most passionate fans in the world with ‘Support like an Icelander’, there’s something for all of the family
Enjoy time well-travelled this summer on a Team Iceland Stopover. To find out more and book, visit:

The Brooklyn Brothers
Tags: World, Fifa World Cup
Video of Team Iceland Stopover

AMV BBDO, 1000heads: Currys PC World ‘Your 1in20 Chance of a Free TV’

Agency: AMV BBDO, 1000heads
Client: Currys PC World
Date: May 2018
Currys PC World launches its latest multi-million-pound advertising campaign in support of its new ‘Get Your TV For Free’ giveaway, and its best ever range of TVs. Designed to capture the excitement ahead of a football-filled summer, the campaign kicks off today with a series of TV ads before appearing in press, social media and out-of-home.
Currys TV ad makes its debut on the TV pitch today during Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. The ad, shot in the style of a post-match interview, depicts a Currys PC World employee being interviewed about his team’s hard work in training clearly paying off on the shop floor after a big day assisting Currys PC World shoppers with their TV purchases. The ad also covers Currys PC World’s new ‘Get Your TV For Free’ promotion, running between 9th May and 26th June, where 1 in 20 shoppers buying a 55 inch or above TV will get it for free.

Creative agency AMV BBDO,
Media agency Blue 449
Word of mouth agency 1000heads 
Tags: UK, Sports Marketing, Fifa World Cup
Video of Your 1in20 Chance of a Free TV | Currys PC World

BBDO Hong Kong: vivo ‘My Time, My FIFA World Cup’

Agency: BBDO Hong Kong
Client: vivo
Date: May 2018
Chinese smartphone brand Vivo has launched a global brand campaign to promote its sponsorship of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.
The “My Time, My FIFA World Cup” campaign is part of the brand’s six-year sponsorship deal with FIFA and aims to help the brand connect with young consumers around the world.
The campaign, which was created by BBDO Hong Kong, aims to empower football fans to go beyond being a spectator and become a creator by creating and sharing content from the events.

Kit Koh – Executive Creative Director, BBDO South China
Frankie Luk – Executive Creative Director, BBDO Hong Kong
Kevin Cheung – Senior Art Director, BBDO Hong Kong
Matthew Xu – Senior Copywriter, BBDO Hong Kong
Nicole Lee – Art Director, BBDO Hong Kong
Samuel Cheeseman – Associate Creative Director, BBDO Hong Kong
Supparat Thepparat – Creative Partner, BBDO Guangzhou
Will Gao – Senior Art Director, BBDO Guangzhou
Natalia Chen – Copywriter, BBDO Guangzhou
Jenny Lee – Executive Producer, BBDO Hong Kong
Andy Man – Studio Manager, BBDO Hong Kong
Dison Dai – Studio Manager, BBDO Guangzhou
JC Catibog – Managing Director, BBDO South China
Eric Zhou – General Manager, BBDO Guangzhou
Jason King – General Manager, BBDO Hong Kong
Jacqueline Yu – Account Director, BBDO Hong Kong
Bennet Wu – Senior Account Manager, BBDO Hong Kong
Yvonne Zhou – Account Manager, BBDO Guangzhou
Ray Wei – Senior Account Executive, BBDO Guangzhou
Kenny Au Leong- Planning Director, BBDO Guangzhou
Naomi Lam – Senior Planner, BBDO Hong Kong
Photographer: Tom Oldham
Calligrapher: Fung Siu Wah
Director: Josh & Xander
DOP: Steve Annis
Production Company: Radical Media
Executive Producer: Ben Schneider
Producer: Josh Barwick
Brazil Production Support: Ocean Films
Music composer: Ross Wakefield, Hopscotch Music Ltd.
Edit house: Rock Paper Scissors
Editor: David Brodie
Post house: Glassworks Amsterdam
Tags: World
Video of vivo 2018 FIFA World Cup Brand Video (80s)

Leo Burnett London: Betfair ‘Best Odds’

Agency: Leo Burnett London
Client: Betfair
Date: June 2018
Bookmaker Betfair has launched a TV ad for the Betfair Exchange, as the first part of a new campaign created by Leo Burnett London. The strategy, informed by research by PeopleLab, comprises a suite of through-the-line strands designed to re-introduce consumers to the Betfair brand and what it stands for. The first ad to air was to build awareness of its revolutionary alternative betting platform: the Betfair Exchange.
The latest addition to the Betfair campaign is a 30-second ‘Best Odds’ commercial, where a savvy young sports fan identifies Betfair as offering ‘the best odds on the World Cup’. The TV ad will run on ITV and Sky Sports in the UK. The Exchange and Best Odds films deviate from the category norm and are unified by the campaign strap line, relating to the cognitive process of Betfair’s core sports bettor: ‘Betfair: where gut instinct meets smarts’.
This concept of combining gut instinct and smarts to inform decisions runs across every customer platform, which also includes press, radio, social, display, CRM, OOH and in-app.

Chief Creative Officer/
Creative Director – Chaka Sobhani
Creatives – Gareth Butters, Liane Dowling, Ben Newman
Board Account Director – Liam Hopkins
Account Director – Jay Perry
Account Manager – Matthew Smith
Account Executive – Alice Slade
Planning Director – Ben Felton
Senior Planner – Niall Moore
Agency Producer – Michelle Hickey, Abbie McClean, Kate Omulloy, Alex Taylor
Director/ Production Co. – Jason Smith / Pulse Films
Producer – Neil Andrews
Post Production – Prodigious / MPC
Sound Design – Wave
VO Recording – SNK
Tags: UK, leo burnett london, betfair, Best Odds, betting
Video of Betfair 'Best Odd's
Betfair ‘Best Odds’

ODD: F&F, Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) ‘#MarkYourMan’

Agency: ODD
Client: F&F, Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM)
Date: June 2018
Tesco’s clothing brand F&F has partnered with the Campaign Against Living Miserably (Calm) to rework the traditional children’s friendship bracelet into a two-part England football shirt for men.
Both feature two halves of the St George’s cross – only when two male pals stand together can they really show their support for England at the World Cup. The clever design is a visual representation of Calm’s aim: to get men to support each other through good times and bad, just as they would their football team.
Comedians Romesh Ranganathan and Rob Beckett are fronting the #MarkYourMan campaign. They discuss their own relationships with their male friends in a series of short videos, as well as take on a more comedic quick fire question around designed to catch the attention of guys on Twitter.
The campaign, which was created by ODD, also comprises print and retail.

Creative Director
Nick Stickland
Senior Art Director
Gabriel Stokes
Anna Heaton
Account Team
Sam Sheterline & Olivia Kaufman
Agency Producer
Lawrie Mclintock
James Pearson Howes
DOP / Videographer
Tim Spicer
Emily McDonald
Post Production
Phil Jones
Tags: UK, Ad of the Day
Video of #MARKYOURMAN | CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably)
Video of #MARKYOURMAN | CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably)

Alpha Century: Coral ‘World’s Biggest Sports Fan’

Agency: Alpha Century
Client: Coral
Date: May 2018
Coral has unveiled its latest TV ad campaign, which was created by newly appointed agency Alpha Century. The campaign introduces Sports Rodstein, the world’s biggest sports fan (although not the savviest) played by Hollywood star and comedian Danny McBride. 
The new 60-second ad aired during the second break of the Champions League final and will run throughout the summer during the World Cup across TV, print, social media, digital and point-of-sale.  
The campaign encourages bettors to keep their heads and make savvy bets and the ad introduces Coral’s new strap line, ‘The smart money’s on Coral’ using Sports Rodstein as the very opposite to a savvy bettor.  The 60-second spot taps into the humour provided by Danny McBride’s character, and delivers an ad that creates memorability and instant impact. 
Coral’s Marketing Director, Alexis Zamboglou says: “We wanted the campaign to create distinction from that of other brands.  In the same vain as Super Bowl half-time ads, Coral is hoping to utilise the huge Champions League audience by creating an ad which speaks to the UK and taps into their emotion when they’re at their peak. 
“Sports betting and gaming is fun and exciting and the aim was to capture this in the new ads.   We think Sports Rodstein will resonate with sports fans. The character represents the hilarious comedy that Danny McBride is known for and delivers a memorable and impactful ad.”
Danny McBride added: “Ever since I heard we were sending Megan Markle over to sort out the Royal family, I’ve been looking for my excuse to get involved in UK culture. Coral was the perfect partner for me.”
American filmmaker David Gordon Green directed the ad and his credits include Pineapple Express and Your Highness.

Creative Agency: Alpha Century
Media Agency: the7stars
Director: David Gordon Green
Executive Creative Director: Barnaby Girling
Creative Director: Nathan Church
Production Company: Alpha Century
Major Talent Casting: Talent Republic 
US Production Company: Chelsea Pictures
Agency Head of Production: Ed Pettit
Agency Senior Producer: Dan Smith
Assistant Producer: Jake Ainsworth
Agency Production Manager: Claire Adcock
Head of Strategy: Matt Buttrick
Client Service Director: Suzi Napier
Senior Account Manager: Holly Paton
Account Executive: Melissa Adamou
Editor: Geoff Hounsell and Will Husell – Arcade
Post production: Framestore
Audio: Lee Willis – Silk
Tags: UK
Video of Coral – 'World's Biggest Sports Fan'
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Fifa World Cup to boost APAC ad spend

Marketing/ Advertising/ PR

Regional sporting events like Fifa World Cup and Asian Games are set to power the advertising spend in Asia Pacific by 4.5% in 2018 according to Dentsu Aegis Network.

Asia Pacific, as a result will now contribute 41% of the global increase (USD 613.5 bn). Comparatively, North America accounts for 32%, Western Europe accounts for 13% with Latin America at 8% and Eastern Europe 5%.

Meanwhile, digital will overtake TV for the first time, to reach 45.5% of Asia Pacific share (TV 33.5%). The report further stated that one quarter (24.9%) of Asia Pacific ad spend will be delivered through mobile devices for the first time 

In Chine, e-commerce platforms like Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent will power the advertising market to grow 6.5%, up from the previous forecast of 5.4%, to reach RMB 630 bn – 16.2% of global ad investment. 

Ad spend in Australia will be primarily driven by government and pre-election related advertising at a growth of 2.8% to reach AUD 15.7bn. Investment in India’s ad spend is also expected to grow by 10.5% to reach 624 bn rupees.

Nick Waters, CEO of Dentsu Aegis Network Asia Pacific, said: “The region as a whole displays a positive outlook with increasing growth rates. We are seeing upward revisions in most key markets, with India, the Philippines and Vietnam showing high rates of growth. Spend in China continues to grow at pace, though driven almost entirely by the ecommerce platforms, Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu.

“Digital remains the dominant growth area with a quarter of Asia Pacific advertising spend expected to be delivered through mobile for the first time. Digital will be the leading form of advertising in half of the markets that we track in the region,” Nick added.



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Gap appoints former CEO of Billabong International as new brand czar

Marketing/ Advertising/ PR

Neil Fiske, former head of Australian surfwear company Billabong International, is joining Gap Inc. to take on the roles of president and chief executive for the company’s eponymous brand.

He replaces Jeff Kirwin, who left the company earlier this year. Under his leadership, the retailer struggled to grow: during his three years at the helm, the Gap brand managed only one quarter of comparable sales growth.

Fiske will report to reporting to Art Peck, president and chief executive of Gap Inc., which also owns Old Navy, Banana Republic and Athleta. Peck has led the company since 2015.

Prior to joining Billabong, Fiske served as chief executive of Eddie Bauer. He also served as chief executive of Bath & Body Works earlier in his career. According to Gap Inc., he has “20 years of brand building and turnaround experience in specialty retailing.”

“Neil brings significant retail and apparel experience to Gap Inc. and a track record of transforming and repositioning brands,” said Peck in a statement. “He is an experienced leader who deeply understands the mechanics of this business, the value of an omnichannel strategy, and the need to build a progressive and relevant brand. I believe Neil is the right leader to strengthen Gap brand.”

Of his appointment, Fiske added: “Gap is a truly iconic brand that is loved by its customers across the globe, and I am excited about the significant opportunity ahead for us. The brand has made some important progress and I look forward to working with the team to drive improved performance, operational excellence, great merchandising, and distinctive and powerful marketing.”

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Kastner and Partners and C21 take home the big spuds at The Chip Shop Awards 2018

Marketing/ Advertising/ PR

The Chip Shop Awards once again took advertising to new levels at the Electric Brixton, paying tribute to the most outstanding and original work in the industry. The finalists brought to life ideas that otherwise would never make it out of the boardroom.

Kastner and Partners won the coveted Grand Prix and Best Charity for #NotInvited. The idea was for the homeless charity Shelter to respond to Windsor Council’s unjust treatment of the town’s homeless population with the Royal Wedding approaching.

The agency wanted to represent real people and photograph the homeless for the ads, before they were moved out of town, to ensure they had presence on the day.

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Chairman of the judging panel and creative partner at Now, Remco Graham said: “The whole jury was unanimous in our voting of this for a Grand Prix. We were also unanimous in wanting to see it run. I wouldn’t have been surprised to see a good agency come up with this.

“What’s so great about the Chip Shop Awards is that you find nuggets of gold like this. Using creativity for good. For where it really matters. That’s why we awarded this piece of work the Grand Prix.”

Another top win came from C21 that won the Chairman’s Award, Best Press and Best Education for their recruitment ad looking to find a new Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at the University of Cambridge.

The creative mind behind ‘Big Seat to Fill’ is graphic designer, Jake Scouter

Graham explained: “Occasionally you see an ad that stops you in your tracks. No trickery. Just a knockout headline and visual.

“Sharp. Super simple. Super good. It’s an exciting world out there for creativity but it’s also good to know people can still write a great ad.”

A new category for 2018 is the Barnacles Award, an accolade giving to those new or upcoming in the industry. and breaking boundaries, just like Andy Cheetham. The Drum Chip Shop Awards has its origins in Cheetham’s story.

Myongji University, which also won Best Charity, created ‘I’m Not a Robot’, the world’s first human verification test that helps refugees.

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Creative director and member of the judging panel, Becky McOwen-Banks said: “Such a beautifully simple insight – using a behaviour we’re all used to in our everyday life but transforming it’s meaning to a much larger, emotional declaration. This idea breaks our automatic responses – at a time we are least expecting it – to make us live up to the declaration “I’m not a robot” by helping those really in need.

“It combines a pressing humanitarian issue with a great use of tech that we could implement tomorrow, and we could not ignore it. A deserving winner.”

Other winners include

Show me entity :: 20732


Show me entity :: 20733

David Felton, Drive Through Carol Singing for Best Food and Drink

Show me entity :: 20734


Show me entity :: 20735

Bernet Tregaskis, Goodbooks Festival Reputation Management Services for Best Professional Service

Show me entity :: 20736


Video of Time Stopper

Sol Academy, Time Stopper for Best Digital

Show me entity :: 20738


Show me entity :: 20739

The award ceremony took place on Wednesday 13 June 2018 at the Electric Brixton, London. For a full list of the winners, click here.

The awards will be back for 2019, register your interest now.

Partners of the awards are One Minute Briefs and UCGA

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