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Once upon a time in front of the camera – nowadays behind it, the former actor Caspar Arnhold now is a very successful photographer. And not only that, Caspar is also a director for films and commercials as well as an executive producer for feature films. This man of many talents was featured in our  Close-up Magazine – Photographers for Model books Germany. Let´s check him out!

Photography by Caspar Arnhold

Photography by Caspar Arnhold

Modelmanagement: How is a typical day for Caspar? Can you tell us a little bit about you?

Caspar Arnhold: A typical day? Are there any? Well, every morning when I’m in town and not shooting I take my daughter to kindergarden and then check my mails. ;)


Photography by Caspar Arnhold

MM: You have been successful in front of the camera and now you are working behind the camera. Why did you decide to become a photographer and could you go in front of the camera again?

CA: That’s been a long time ago. Some sort of urge drove into studying acting and yes for a couple of years I worked in that field. Nevertheless I always had a camera on me, taking pictures of my fellow students, earned money with model lookbooks, location pics and some editorial stuff for Cosmopolitan at the time. After all photography is were I come from and never stopped doing. Today I work as a director for commercials mostly, still work as a photographer and quit acting totally. But I think there’s some benefit from my acting past though, it helps me a lot in a casting process and in understanding how actors work and how to receive the best possible performance of the people in front of my lens.


Photography by Caspar Arnhold

MM: How would you describe the style of your photography?

CA: I like people. That’s actually meant in a general sense and I could stop right here to answer the question. I guess I like to be surprised of the facades of human kind. So it doesn’t really matter to me whether I shoot Portraits, Editorials or Fashion. Like any of my colleagues I am in search of that one moment, that one pictures, that one expression that sums up the theme of the shoot. What is essential is invisible to the eye, as rightly said in The little Prince. Therefore I use a machine and try to catch it. ;)


Photography by Caspar Arnhold

MM: You worked on the COKE digital online campaign! Were you excited? How did the job look like? Can you tell us a little about your cooperation with Coke?

CA: Sure I was excited. After all it’s a major brand and the Coca-Cola Santa Clause is one of the most and best known themes in commercials. I’ve done quite a few spots as a director for Coca-Cola and Coke Zero and have done the Snowglobes campaign with Santa Clause before in 2010. Still it was very flattering to be asked again and I’m grateful of the trust the agency and client put in my skills. We shot in total 11 spots that were supposed to be implemented in the online campaign and we wanted to take the story of the TVC a bit further by showing Santa’s witty side. We were shooting at night in a location just outside Budapest in early summer 2014 and had a fantastic crew. It’s always a challenge, but I’m quite happy with the result.

Petit Boudoir

Photography by Caspar Arnhold

MM: What cool projects are you currently working on? Can you give us a little insight..?

CA: Just before Christmas it was hectic, right now it’s rather quiet which is typical for this time of year. But there are some projects as well as some ideas I’m working on.


MM: You have been featured in the Close-Up Magazine – Photographers for Model Books Germany. What advantages do you have through the feature in the Magazine?

CA: To be honest I tried it for the first time. I use Close-Up Magazine as well as I use other platforms for the marketing and display of my work. On the other hand there’s always a chance to find a new talent or someone that might fit into a job’s profile. That’s the way I have cast a few people in the past additional to any casting briefing I send out to casting agencies.


Photography by Caspar Arnhold

Thank you Caspar for the fun interview! If you’re interested in Caspar and his work – check regularly his profile and website to be informed about his latest shoots!

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