Zachary Miko: Actor, Musician and the first “Plus Size” Male Model

“I don’t care if I have ripped abs” 

The fashion world evolves gradually. Leaving in the background the skinny models and the cult of zero size, more and more plus size famous models are emerging in the modeling industry. This is the case of Ashley Graham, a fashion model and “body activist” who even has her own lingerie collection, or Candice Huffine who has been featured in some of the most well-known magazines as Glamour and been modeling for fashion brands like Mango.

While women are the first to suffer the constraints of the fashion world, what about men? We must not forget that men are subject to their own body standards: muscular, prominent abs, tall


Zachary Miko (6 ft tall/110 kilos) has long-suffered from these stereotypes. He is an american actor, singer and musician. He is conservatory trained at the American Academy of Dramatic Art (AADA): He had not planned, of course, to start a career in fashion, far from it and yet … At 26, spotted by the Target brand clothes, Zachary is however left to become one of the top models of the new collection, officially becoming the first “plus size” male model.

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There has been a lot of debates about seeing a greater diversity of body types in the fashion industry. According to Mic, in USA, 6000 stores are specialized in “Plus Size” fashion for women, against less than 1000 for men.

The contrast is even more striking if we compare the income generated by these two business: 9 billion benefits for the market for curvy women against only 1 billion for men in the same niche! It is therefore high time that things change!

rs_634x888-151009114101-634--zach-miko-musician-target-modelAccepting the person you are is a message I wants to pass to anyone who is struggling with self-image. We need to keep seeing bigger, smaller. We need to see every body type. We need to see that every type of person is beautiful.”









Today, Zachary can be proud of all he achieved! Being selected by Target to represent the brand’s Big & Tall clothing is something he should be really proud of.

A good initiative by that brand that we hope to see more often!

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