When Nicole Kastner met Miranda Kerr and how it touched our hearts


When Nicole Kastner met Miranda Kerr and how it touched our hearts


Nicole Kastner with Miranda Kerr

The team at ModelManagement.com has recently been touched by the story of a very special young lady. Her name is Nicole Kastner and she is from Vienna, Austria. She has suffered aplastic anemia without any final diagnosis for 12 years and went through a chemotherapy, stem cell transplant, a liver transplant and other surgeries in the last few years. When we heard Nicole’s story she instantly became our team’s hero.

Nicole is only 15 years old and she has endured so much in young her life, yet her strong and wonderful personality shines through so brightly. She dreams of being a model and her idol for many years has been the gorgeous supermodel Miranda Kerr. A few days ago something amazing happened in Nicole’s life.

In 2013 after her stem cell transplant and severe oxygen issues due to her liver, her parents took Nicole to a German specialist. He said that due to her very low oxygen and the liver status they cannot do anything for her anymore. However, thanks to a living donor, Claudia, the mother of her best friend, and specialists in New York, Nicole was admitted into NYP hospital in New York for a liver transplant at the very last moment. She had a horrible time after her transplant with incredible pain, was artificially ventilated because of a seizure after her transplant and was in the wheel chair with oxygen for almost 8 months weighing 30 kg as a 13 year old.  She fought for her life and when she recovered the Make a wish foundation asked her whether they could grant her a wish. It was none other than the one and only Miranda Kerr she wanted to see!

Two years later and after one more surgery, Nicole received a message that her dreams were about to come true! Miranda Kerr visited Austria for a Swarovsky Gala and invited Nicole with her family to join her!

The two beautiful souls had an absolutely wonderful time together! They chatted and laughed and of course they took a few selfies to mark the occasion.

Nicole_Miranda_Kerr_2 copy

Nicole Kastner with Miranda Kerr – A selfie that many could only dream off!

From looking at the Nicole’s Instagram photos we think that Miranda may have some new competition as Nicole looks like she could be Miranda’s sister.

As Nicole explains: “I talked with Miranda Kerr about a lot of stuff. About her career as a model, about why she isn’t a Victoria’s Secret angel anymore, about her son Flynn, we discussed her fitness schedule, we discussed her skin care line and how she came up with it, we talked about how LA is.”


A beautiful message from a beautiful person

Nicole is now recovering well from a 12 hour liver transplant and her meeting with Miranda Kerr has given her so much enthusiasm to fulfill her dreams. Nicole has big plans for her future and the illness certainly won’t get in her way. She plans to become a future Victoria’s Secret angel and become as successful as Miranda Kerr.  She also wants to have a big family with four kids two boys and two girls and a lot of dogs!


Nicole Kastner and Miranda Kerr before their farewell

We know that Nicole will be an inspiration to the thousands of people in the modelmanagement.com community and we can only bow down to her strength and bravery. She is an incredible teenager who overcomes great challenges, yet continues to follow her dreams with a beautiful and radiant smile. Our team wish her all the best on her road to recovery ♥



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