Top 3 Tips For Earning More In The Music Industry

Since the beginning of music’s existence, we’ve had musicians come and go but it is the pioneers, the ones who are weird and different, that are the ones we all remember!

When trying to make it in the music scene today, standing out is just as vital as anything else in having a fruitful career.
Here are our top three tips for earning more in the music industry:

Online Presence

We live in a digital world where artists like Lil B have made millions solely from viral videos and songs. In today’s industry, you have to be a master of social media, self-promotion, and owning an online presence unlike anyone else. Be creative and do things other artists don’t dare to try. If you have a unique online presence, success will follow!

Stage Presence

Whether you are headlining sold out shows or small weddings on the side, stage presence is just as important as anything. People don’t want to go to a show and be bored because you’re just standing on the stage playing song after song. Interact, have fun, and show the audience you are there to give them a good time and a memorable show.

You Have to Be Irreplaceable

When you think of the best EDM artists, the first ones that will come to mind are Steve Aoki, Deadmau5, and even Skrillex. Why? They are irreplaceable, they are that genre’s pioneers. You have to strive to be on that level. Be the first one that comes to mind to a fan when asked the best artist in your genre. How you get there is a combination of how well you execute this advice and the two previous tips!

As a musician and artist, you must keep these tips in mind if you don’t want to be forgotten in your scene and want to make the most out of your career.

Top 3 Tips For Earning More In the Music Industry

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