Too shy to be part of Fresh Faces? – 5 facts that will make you change your mind!


Too shy to be part of Fresh Faces? – 5 facts that will make you change your mind!

“I’m not sure to have what it takes to be successful”
“There are so many beautiful models out there, why would they choose me?”
“What’s that special thing that makes me stand over the rest?”

One of those thoughts has crossed your mind when you saw the Fresh Faces Modeling Contest on your screen?
If the answer is yes, you should think about this once again and have a deep conversation with yourself, you are gorgeous and unique!

5 facts that will make you change your mind

1.  Beauty is not a trend!

You see and admire so many beautiful models and actors/ actresses every single day on TV, social media, blogs, ads…  All the commercials are pushing you to a defined way of how you should look like.

But I have some good news for you.. The modeling industry doesn’t work like this anymore, think about all the famous models you admire, most of them are unique and successful thanks to their imperfections!

You don’t need to be perfect to be part of Fresh Faces… We admire people who fight for their dreams and for sure you are one of them. Look at yourself interior & exterior, you’ll find some unique things that make you special and incredible. Come one! Look at yourself in a mirror for 5 minutes, think, analyze.. and then come back to the post to read the other 4 facts. Imagine how sure we feel about this, we ALL have great things to show the world!


Models are having fun

2. Votes, votes, votes

Do you think Fresh Faces votes show how good you are? Votes will help you get exposure and be seen by top modeling agencies! Sometimes you might think you are not good enough but the reality is that you are not seen by the industry! The more you share your profile with your friends, social media, Fresh Faces Facebook group and even blogs & forums, the more chances you will have to be seen and discovered!

You can be a professional or a rising star, and it seems that without a minimum of 2000 friends or Facebook followers you won’t get anywhere… That’s why you should apply to Fresh Faces! Votes are not the only thing that matters, just by applying you will already get so much exposure! High qualified judges will see your modeling profile, don’t worry, it doesn’t matter if you are a rough diamond or an aspiring beginner, they know the potential you have!


Previews Fresh Faces Judges

Fresh Faces Banner 2015

3. Modeling? Hell yes!

If you’re afraid of leaving home and be a “fish in the sharks’ pool” don’t worry, all models have a starting point, and if you get discovered through the Fresh Faces contest some great things will be happening in your life. Think about all those models that don’t even know about Fresh Faces and miss this AMAZING opportunity to be discovered. Will you be part of Fresh Faces? Say hell yes!

Come on give it a try!


Shooting by Mario Lomas

4. What if you don’t win the contest?

The world will collapse? – Of course not!
There are many advantages on being part of Fresh Faces and it’s not all about winning. There are so many Fresh Faces finalists that have been successful after the contest, you can’t even imagine!! Think about all the industry professionals, agents, photographers… that will be in the grand finals!

Jump into the fashion world and check what is going on out there!


Gran Final 2014

5. Don’t be one in a million!

There are so many beautiful faces in the world. The question is, how much you want to be seen over the rest? Think how difficult was for models to be seen and discovered in the past, and how much they would have dreamed to have a contest such as Fresh Faces! This is real, modeling can be a dream but also become a reality.

Are you the one who just dreams about it or the one who fights for it?


Apply now and try yourself!

Fresh Faces Modeling Contest gives you the chance to show your potential and introduce yourself in the modeling industry.
Would you like to apply? Come on, you don’t even have to move from your seat! Click here and follow the steps, everything is done online! We want to see YOU in the grand finals! 


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