Stage Decor Ideas For Your Next Big Performance


Stage Decor Ideas For Your Next Big Performance

Incredible concerts are made through a variety of different factors; however the most dynamic factor is a stunning visual stage presence. The stage brings the entire event together on a backdrop of aesthetics, color, lights, and decorations. A dynamic stage environment creates a memorable experience for the audience to captivate their attention and transport them to a vibrant world of entertainment and excitement. These are the best stage decor ideas for your next big performance.

Big, Bright Visuals

Your stage could tell a story, make a statement, create an atmosphere, or visually transport an audience. In order to achieve any of these things, you must keep in mind your audience and their interaction with the stage. Props must be oversized, bright, and easily understood. Remember to make physical props larger than life so they can be seen from far away. The stage props are forms of nonverbal communication – therefore they must be understood without words.

Set the Ambiance

Before choosing the decor of your stage, it is important to think of the kind of ambiance you want to create. Do you want your environment to be edgy, romantic, comical, cozy, cutting-edge, formal, or down-to-earth? From there, you can begin to choose your props. Props such as backdrops, cutouts, signs, etc. may all be made beforehand and set into place early to work around as a sort of centerpiece. If your environment is to have balloons, find a same-day balloon delivery service for your concert. Some companies, like Life O’ The Party, have various types of balloons to choose from. Being able to choose the correct ones for your particular concert makes it unique.  Other props need to be ordered and placed closer to the event – some even need to wait until the day of the event to be placed.

Use Lighting to Your Advantage

When including pictures, videos, or other types of visual displays, they must be well lit and visible from the seats farthest away from the stage. Think of the environment you’ll be performing in – outdoors or indoors? What time of day? How light or dark will it be? Utilize your dark areas to project video screens. Utilize your light areas for physical props such as cardboard cutouts, signs, or backdrops.

Dynamic and vibrant stages are the keystone to creating a concert that everyone will continue to talk about long after it’s over. Create an environment that is visible, strategic, and that captivates the audience. Watch as audience members begin to pull out cameras to share the stunning visuals of your incredible concert stage.

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