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Guest author: Ruxandra Ioana

Hi guys, It’s been almost 4 years now since I’ve been blogging and within this beautiful journey I came across great people, awesome opportunities, great fashionable dares, but I also learn a lot from my blogging career. Let’s not use the term career cause maybe it’s a bit strong. Let’s say blogging job. Yes, my blogging job.


Ruxandra Ioana

From Brussels, with Love started from the desire of sharing street style looks, personal opinions and fashionable news with the whole world. At the end of 2011, the blogging community was growing considerably, so a young girl with Romanian roots was launching herself for the ride of her life! Since then and until now I’m continually growing as an individual, learning new things and trying to keep it real in this marketing world, where many blogs had turned their face into the commercial side, some of them becoming brands.

I do not look to become a brand, I seek that From Brussels, with Love would be known as it is, a familial site, a real person behind the screen who, yes, presents other brands, but not so much in that cold marketing way. No, my blog is a friendly one. It’s like choosing to eat bio, rather than buying that plastic vegetables from the supermarket. I want to make a difference, I want to give people a styling education and, meanwhile, to grow mine!


Ruxandra Ioana

Ruxandra Ioana

Ruxandra Ioana


Naturally, after awhile, model jobs came along and I love modelling as well, so it really made me happy. I’ve been for awhile member of the platform, later on becoming a part of the team. I’ve done plenty of modelling and hostess jobs so thank you for having such an international based platform and trying every day to make it better!

A great way to make your “model self” and your blog, if you have one, is posting your looks in the ModelStyle section on Model website. There you can tag your favorite garments for the world to see. It’s both self promotion and if you have a blog, publicity for your blog and brands with whom you work. That’s why has one of the best developed platforms from all point of views.


ModelStyle by Ruxandra

In life, what matters the most is doing something that makes you happy, but having that dream job is pretty hard to get. I speak from experience as I come from a modest background and fought for everything I got today. But the most important I have to thank you guys, my lovely readers, who stood by my side whenever I was sick, whenever I was happy and for that I’ll be forever grateful!

What can I promise for the future is (almost) daily street style posts, new adventures and lots and lots of fun! I really wanted to express my thought and let you know a little bit about me, the road I traveled to get myself here and to maybe dare you to do the same !

Always try to be a better YOU!

Ruxandra Ioana

Ruxandra Ioana



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