Robbert Poel: a pop photographer who will make you smile. Want to shoot?


Robbert Poel: a pop photographer who will make you smile. Want to shoot?

Robbert Poel is a young pop photographer based in Belgium, who also known for making his models smile during his photo shoots.
Joyness, professionalism and fun are a mixed success of his work, which can be seen on his pictures.
Robbert was featured on our previous Close-up Magazine- Photographers Benelux edition, scroll down and read about his thoughts & photography advice.


Robbert Poel Photorgaphy

Model Management: When and how did you start your photography career?

Robbert Poel: I bought my first camera in 2009, before that I didn’t know what shutter speed or a dslr was. Until then a camera was just a camera for me.
With my first camera I started doing nightclub photography. Capturing party people, deejays, dancers, …

MM: You describe yourself as a pop kind of style photographer. Can you tell us more about that?

RP: I use the term “Pop” because what I do is not really fashion of glamour. It’s just the model that POPS out of the photo with her smile of the silliness we put in it. I don’t like fancy locations or outdoors, the model has to own the photo with just a white wall, it has to be about her.


Fun photo shoots by Robbert Poel

MM: Each photo is a new project. How and where do you get your inspiration?

RP: Spending a lot of time on Instagram and Tumblr helps. I also have some friends who tag me on IG when they see a photo somewhere that could fit my style.

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MM: You did a lot of funny auto portraits. Is it a way to show your personality and the kind of work you do?

RP: I like to test the props before I use them with models, just to get a feel of how it would look on camera. A couple of months ago I had a profile pic with a black background and some light from the side and a couple of people on Facebook said it wasn’t who I was. That I was more of the fun one instead of the dark one.

MM: What’s been your favorite campaign or photo shoot and what made it so special?

RP: The superman photo. It was the first time I worked with her (Lieke Tilburgs), and it was so much fun, we clicked on a professional level and the result was that we made some fun shots.

Superman photoshoot by Robbert Poel

Superman photoshoot by Robbert Poel

MM: Can you tell us more about your “against the wall” photo-shoot? Those pictures are just fun and happiness!

RP: That’s what I try to accomplish with every shoot. They have to make you smile. Making fun shots have become a part of my “name”. A model once said that she was going to shoot with someone where she had to smile, and they immediately knew it was with me.



MM: Do you have any exciting project coming soon?

RP: Not really, I’m looking for models that fit my style, but are also a plus for my own portfolio. I don’t want to be a photographer that will work with just anybody.

MM: Can you share some tips and advice for young photographers who want to start a professional career?

RP: Just do what you love. Don’t let anybody else tell you it’s no good. If you love what you do you will get there in the end. People will always have critique, that’s why you’ve got to believe in yourself.


Shooting by Robbert Poel

MM: Do you think it’s important for a professional like yourself to be present on-line and be a part of a community such as Why?

RP: Everything happens online. If you work with models you need platforms were you can find them like, but also on Instagram of Facebook. Don’t be shy, just ask someone to shoot if you like his/hers work

MM: What do you expect from your feature in Close-Up magazine?

RP: Just to get my name out there. It was the first interview I did, so it was nice to be featured on an online platform that is viewed by a lot of people.

Robbert Poel

Robbert Poel

Thank you Robbert for this great interview! If you’re interested on seeing more of his work, check out his profile and website!

If you are a photographer willing to feature your work in an international online magazine such as CLOSE-UP Magazinecontact us!


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