Perfect?- No thanks!

Modeling is not a synonym of perfection!
You won’t believe how many new famous models have started modeling thanks to their imperfections.
Can you imagine becoming bored of a cute & perfect face? – Well, that happens in the Modeling World.

“You don’t have to be beautiful to be wildly attractive.” Diana Vreeland

Below you will find a list of unique models who became the successful models they are nowadays thanks to their imperfections.


We started to hear this name in the famous TV show America’s next top model.
Winnie was diagnosed with the chronic skin condition vitiligo, which means portions of the skin are losing their pigment. She was only 4 years old at that time and immediately became a victim of verbal abuse by other children. They named her a “Cow” or  “Zebra”.


Winnie Harlow – Desigual Face for Spring 2015 Campaign

Winnie decided not to hide her look but highlight it.
She applied to America’s next top model and found the perfect profession, where they actually appreciate all of her perfect imperfections!


The first supermodel with the chronic skin condition, vitiligo.

Thanks to her uniqueness, she modeled for brands such as Desigual or Diesel and even became part of the London Fashion Week!


Shaun was the first male albino model in America. He had been attacked so many times because of his outway look. One of the attacks left a 15 cms deep knife stub on his back. If it wasn’t enough, he had to hear all the name-callings from his peers as “Powder”, “White-out” or “Casper”, but he didn’t give up.



The first male albino model in America


What this guy could stand is close to unbelievable.
He left his past behind and became one of the most unique fashion models.
In 2013 he got the main role in the short film of Lana del Ray, Tropico.

Shaun Ross Lana del Rey

Shooting for Tropico with Lana del Ray

Moreover, he turned up to be a strict coach for Beyonce‘s visual album, called Pretty Hurts. He also appeared in Katy Perry‘s E.T. video clip and many more!


Robyn, a famous model thanks to her incredible curves and beautiful face. She started modeling as a straight size model, then later when she sadly realized that she didn’t fit in this category, signed up to an agency as a plus size model. There is no doubt, it was her best choice.

Robyn Lawley for Cosmopolitan

“Robyn Lawley totally embodies what a real woman is.” Cosmopolitan

As soon as she started her career as a plus size model, her life changed from average to high fashioned. She appeared on magazine cover and became the face of numerous curvy campaigns, Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire and Ralph Lauren, just to name a few!

Robin Lawley

Robin Lawley

Are you still looking for the perfect side of you? Let it go!
Accept yourself with all of your imperfections, be unique, be yourself!


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