OXYGENE’s casting success through our Modeling Community

Oxygene is one of the biggest women fashion groups in the Middle East and Europe, with over 40 stores in different countries. Since the beginning they have grown to become more than a unique clothing choice for modern young women. Oxygene commitment locate their flagship stores in upscale locations, main shopping streets in major cities in each market in which it operates. Especially, 500 square meters in the center of Barcelona.



For the Christmas season, they decided to make a reduction of 50% off all in-store collection. Consequently, they were looking for two male models to promote their special offer and decided to contact the ModelManagement.com team to help them publish an online casting! Within a few hours they already had some great models so they just needed to select the ones that fit the requirements!

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ModelManagement.com also wanted to meet the selected models Lucas and Marco so we decided to go to the meeting point with them! Both models were very friendly and charismatic. We took the chance to asked them a few questions about their experience as well as their opinion about ModelManagement.com.

Model Management: How did you first hear about Modelmanagement.com and the online casting for OXYGENE you applied for?
Lucas: I was searching for model agencies online and found this modeling community! For the casting, I received a direct email from Modelmanagement.com inviting me to apply.
Marco: I first heard about ModelManagement.com online and decided to give it a try!

MM: How was the process of the selection organized? How did you find out you were chosen by the brand and what were your feelings?
Lucas: For me it was easy. I just had to apply for the casting online, a few hours later someone from the team got in contact to inform me that I was selected for the job, I was very happy!
Marco: The process was really easy, and honestly I was really surprised! Of course I was happy about this, this was my first job through the platform!


MM: You were selected directly by OXYGENE for a promo modeling job – how was it working there and what did you enjoy the most?
Lucas: Working there was easy and I especially enjoyed the company and the staff from Modelmanagement.com which accompanied me during the first hours.
Marco: It was good, to be honest I get tired after 4 hours work without a break, but wasn’t bad at all, I have a good memory about it. Anyway, the most beautiful thing was that when I smiled to people they smiled to me back. Sharing my joy with people was a highlight for me.


MM: Have you been involved in any other modeling jobs before this one? If so, what were the highlights so far?
Lucas: I’ve had other modeling jobs before for the fashion shows of Porsche and Fashion week in Ingolstadt.
Marco: No I didn’t. This was the first one!

MM: What are your hopes and ambitions for your future as a model on ModelManagement.com?
Lucas: I want to get more jobs and hope to be one of the platform’s leading models.
Marco: Honestly I really hope to find others opportunities; I wish I was selected to do a fashion catalog. I love that, especially if it’s for an Italian brand.


Thank you Lucas and Marco for sharing your personal experience with our modeling community! We cannot wait to see you rock the modeling industry! We also want to thank OXYGENE, it’s been great to work with such a great brand!

If you’re a model and you’re waiting for this job offer, don’t forget to check our castings page! It’s a great way to get experience, make contacts and have fun working as a model!

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