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  • ASCAP President and Chairman Paul Williams tells The Huffington Post on February 9, 2010 that more than 600 people per week are signing up with ASCAP.

  • Here’s a direct quote (below) from TechCrunch (view the post):
    Pandora has announced that it surpassed 40 million registered users earlier this month. That means the service had doubled its size in 2009. And it’s […]

  • If you are wondering about how much new music can be injected into a stream, check out this report by Bridge Ratings:
    While a solid 40% of Pandora’s consumers rate the service “Excellent”, a large component of […]

  • According to Billboard (view more information)
    Worldwide, a record $4.4 billion in box office revenues were reported to Boxscore, an 11.7% increase over last year and the second consecutive year of double-digit […]

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