Music-Inspired Getup For The Summer’s Biggest Festivals


Music-Inspired Getup For The Summer’s Biggest Festivals

Summer means music festival season is here. In fact, heavy hitters like Coachella and Sasquatch have already come and gone. But there are still a host of great music festivals over the summer, so mark your calendar, request time off, buy your tickets and great ready to party. How will you stand out in the crowd? Part of the fun of festivals is the extravagant costumes. Here’s a guide for music-inspired getup for all your summer festival needs.

Bring Back the ’60s

Nobody will judge you if you bring back the ’60s with your apparel while at a folk music festival. Consider bell-bottom jeans, button-down shirts with long sleeves and a vest. For women, long lashes, long, wavy hair, and even some painted flowers near the corners of the eyes set the tone. High-waist jeans or shorts will draw the eye, and frilly blouses were all the rage back then. If the festival is in the heat, a flowery dress might be more comfortable, however. While these styles are representative of an era, the music of the time was so ingrained in the culture, a ’60s costume will put in you good company at the music festival.

Pop Stars

Is the pop star look more your style? You might be surprised how easily you can emulate your idol’s apparel. For instance, you might already have something similar to what in Lana Del Rey wears in her music video for West Coast. A black leather jacket, white V-neck tee, distressed boyfriend jeans, and some Chelsea boots are the base of this costume. Scarlet lipstick, a black bead bracelet, and a modest lacy necklace will really set this costume off.

If you’re more of a Beyonce fan, an oversize flannel tucked into high-waist denim shorts, black wedges and gold accessories will make you look glamorous. While these styles are just a couple seen on mega pop stars, you can always mix and match and create your own look with these as inspiration. With the right pair of eyeglasses you can make a real statement too.

Electronic Costumes

No, this doesn’t mean you need batteries for your costume. It’s just a costume for an EDM festival. Fan of Deadmau5? Buy a round paper lantern from any costume shop for the head, then use some corrugated cardboard (nothing flimsy) for the ears. The mouth can be made with a plane piece of paper, pasted onto the lantern, and Styrofoam balls can be used as the eyes.

Of course nothing says DJ like a pair of massive headphones. While this costume is sure to draw attention, any clothing with neon colors, frills, fur and lace will put you in the thick of the festival. When it comes to EDM, anything goes, from full superhero costumes, to pajamas and a bathrobe. DJs expect and wear nearly anything, as long as it’s out of the ordinary.




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