Music Industry Adopts a ‘Hi-Res Music’ Logo


Music Industry Adopts a ‘Hi-Res Music’ Logo

The unveiling of the new ‘Hi-Res MUSIC’ logo is being billed as a significant step forward in the digital listening experience, one that will allow digital retailers to mark recordings that meet the official definition for ‘High Resolution Music.’

And what is that definition?  High Resolution Music is now officially defined as “lossless audio capable of reproducing the full spectrum of sound from recordings which have been mastered from better than CD quality (48kHz/20-bit or higher) music sources which represent what the artists, producers and engineers originally intended.”  Accordingly, the Hi-Res MUSIC logo is designed to help music fans identify those high-resolution recordings that are available from digital music retailers in the US, Canada, and Europe for commercial downloads or streaming.

The branding of the Hi-Res MUSIC logo is the result of a cooperation between the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), DEG: The Digital Entertainment Group and The Recording Academy Producers & Engineers Wing.  The announcement of the logo scheme happened in June, and was later developed by 2B Communications at the request of Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group.

“We are gratified that the Hi-Res MUSIC logo will be used as the standard branding measure of optimal quality music by digital retailers,” said David Hughes, chief technology officer, RIAA.  “Our ultimate goal is to ensure that music enthusiasts can more easily identify their highest quality preferences, and this is a key step in that process”

Retailers who have adopted the Hi-Res MUSIC logo include Acoustic Sounds Super HiRez, Blue Coast Music, HDtracks, IsoMike Recordings, ClassicsOnline HD*LL, PonoMusic, and ProStudioMasters.  In addition to these digital music retailers, the logo also features on advertising and promotional materials of both independent and major record labels.


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