Meet Urban Outfitters Photographer Harry Cooke!

Harry Cooke is a fashion photographer based in Exeter. With just under 5 years of being a photographer, Harry has collected achievements and received great gigs to add to his portfolio, having clients such as Urban Outfitters Exeter, Aztekkers Clothing. Harry Cooke is such an amazing professional photographer, not only he has achieved a lot under the Little space of time he has been on the field, but he’s also the founder of Ex-po magazine.

We had a chance to interview the fabulous and very driven photographer, who was recently in New York,USA working on future projects, so have a look for yourself and see what drives him to success!


Photography by: Harry Cooke

Modelmanagement: If you could firstly introduce yourself and write a little bit about what you do, where you’re from, how you got started.

Harry Cooke: Taking photographs is what I do; hopefully a career will start to emerge, if it doesn’t, I’ll still take photographs. I’m currently at Arts University Bournemouth and live in a house with 6 girls, crazy. Southampton is where I was born; Exeter is where I grew up. I first picked up a camera just under 3 years ago and have not regretted it since.


Photography by: Harry Cooke

MM: What’s been your favorite campaign or project to work on to-date and why?

HC: I had the opportunity to shoot for Homework Magazine, an up and coming magazine based in Australia. Although not a massive shoot, I was super happy with the team I managed to get to work with and the images that were produced were top notch. Hopefully I can top it this year with something big.


Photography by: Harry Cooke

MM: You are part of a cool new generation of photographers, what do differences do you see in your work compared to the previous generations? 

HC: We definitely all take inspiration from that of the past. But what we have and they didn’t is digital technology. The fact that we can take a picture with a phone or a hugely expensive camera allows us all to produce completely different work. Although I must confess that film will always give the best aesthetic to an image, and that’s why I think the greats of photography will always be the greatest.


Photography by: Harry Cooke

MM: Technology has made professional photographic equipment and software available to more people, do you think this creates more or less challenges for today’s photographers?

HC: The difference between a photographer and someone that owns a camera is that a photographer knows how to use the camera, an owner just uses it. If you look at the Instagram newsfeed of a photographer in comparison to your average person you’ll definitely be able to tell the difference.


Photography by: Harry Cooke

MM: What kind of models do you look for when preparing a new shoot? 

HC: As long as they’re interesting to photograph and fun on set then we’ll get on just fine.


MM: What one thing does a model have to have in your opinion?

HC: A prominent jaw line.


Photography by: Harry Cooke

MM: What’s your opinion to finding, casting or even booking models (new and professional) through model communities such as

HC: It’s a great way to organize shoots, and I’m all up for projects like Model Management. It’s definitely a great starting block for up and coming photographers to build teams.


Photography by: Harry Cooke

MM: What cool projects you are currently working on and what’s in the pipeline for the future?

HC: I’ve just been in New York for a week shooting a series on a Canon point and shoot camera on 35mm film and I’m really excited to share it with the world. I’ll be exhibiting a show with a few more photographers in Bournemouth and a few other cities in the UK, something that we’re all really excited for.


Photography by: Harry Cooke

Thank you for the great interview Harry! Don’t forget to visit regularly his website and profile to keep up with Harry’s most updated work!

If you’re based in the UK and want to feature your photography work in an international Magazine, contact us and visit our Close-Up Magazine here.


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