Make your New Year’s resolution a reality; become a professional model.


Make your New Year’s resolution a reality; become a professional model.

“Many of the most successful techniques involve making a plan and helping yourself stick to it.” R. Wiseman.

A resolution it is a “promise” to yourself. Unfortunately, resolution does not have a meaning if you don’t prepare yourself for its success. Don’t wait until New Year’s Eve to think about your resolution and instead take some time to reflect on what you really want to achieve.

I’m guessing one of the things going through your mind right now: How can I become a professional model

In order to reach your resolution, it is recommended to define the steps as simple and pleasant as possible.


Behind the scenes by Jacky Tsai


1. Be part of our Modeling Community 

Nowadays, social networks are essentials for any aspiring model, you can be updated with the latest fashion & modeling news and have the option to share your work to get more exposure easily! If you want to get even more… you should join, the right place to connect with hundreds of thousands of like-minded people from the modeling world, a way to promote your work worldwide!

Each day we post the latest model casting opportunities and news from the worlds coolest fashion photographers, model agencies and industry professionals.

Join us and take a huge step into the Modeling Industry!


2. Maintain a healthy & active lifestyle

There are many aspects that have to be taken in consideration when working as a model; two very important ones are nutrition and exercise (and of course motivation!).

To have a healthy and active lifestyle, you need to adopt healthy eating habits. This requires some planning and preparation, but once you get used and you will get expected results, you’ll want to cook different meals! Personally, most of my meals still contain protein, vegetables and a small portion of healthy carbohydrates such as quinoa, sweet potatoes, oatmeal or lentils.

It is important to regularly practice sport to reinforce your metabolism and gain lean muscle mass. When you want motivation, remind yourself that’s what you’re carrying around your waist, hips, and thighs each and every day, and you can’t simply put that down!

Model & fitness girl: Patricia Vera

Healthy habits, sports & fitness have changed Patricia’s life, read on our blog


3. Use social networks to find opportunities (and not to lose them!)

Don’t share everything, keep some necessary privacy.

It’s particularly important for aspiring models (browsing over and over castings and contacts through the World Wide Web) to know how to manage their online reputation. But, is your Facebook account a place to stay updated with friends and family, or is it a professional account you want prospect agencies to see and use to interact with models and photographers about work? Unless you’re going to be extremely careful about it, your private life and professional life will clash.

Exciting things are fun to share. Be careful with pages, groups, or people you join or follow. You don’t want to be associated with controversial topics or brands. When something exciting is going to happen, you want the world to know, even if it’s against your better judgment. Think twice (or more, if necessary) before posting anything.

Last year you definitely made good resolutions. It’s time to ask: Have you fulfilled the commitments that you made to yourself? If your balance seems rather negative, perhaps this year we should make resolutions by applying an effective method.

So are you serious about modeling? Join us today and apply to castings on as a professional model!

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