Kim Jaspers: the model who walked the New York, London, Milan and Paris Fashion Week catwalks

We’re very excited to introduce you to Kim Jaspers, 21 year old model from the Netherlands who walked international Fashion Week catwalks including New York, London, Milan and Paris: this girl was present in every big city and was part of many important shows last month!

She is very busy and for that reason we are even happier that she found some time for this interview with!

Check out all the interesting tips and information she wants to share with you!

Kim Jaspers for DRYKORN SS15

Kim Jaspers for DRYKORN S/S15

ModelManagement: You were scouted at age fourteen and have been modeling for over 7 years now. How were you scouted? Who is your mother agency?

Kim Jaspers: A family member of mine, who is a photographer, made some pictures of me and asked me if she could send them to a modelling agency. I started when I was fourteen, took a three year break and started again one year ago. My mother agency is Ulla Models Amsterdam.

Can you give our readers a short list of big brands and designers you have walked and modeled for?

KJ: Over years I’ve worked for so many cool brands, but I’ll mention a few: Hermes, Armani, Hogan, Dries van Noten, Drykorn and Supertrash. I also worked for magazines like ELLE, Marie Claire, Harpers Bazaar, Grazia and Glamour.

Kim modelling for Armani

banner model

Kim modelling for Marie Claire Magazine

What did you have in mind for yourself as a career? Did you want to become a model or did you have other plans in mind?

KJ: I was only fourteen when I was scouted so it was never my dream of becoming a model but since I started I really like it. I don’t really have future plans; I’m just enjoying every single day. But one thing for sure: I want to finish my study International Business.

Nowadays there are a lot of aspiring models trying to find a place in the modeling world and competition is high. What are your strengths? Why do brands/ designers book you?

KJ: I’m a down to earth, hard working and funny girl! Oh and people often like my eyebrows!


MM: You also have your own blog We Heart Fashion next to your sister. Could you tell us what the blog is about?

KJ: Yes! One of my biggest inspirations is my sister, she rocks! I’ve to admit, Kelly’s fashion skills are much better than mine so she often helps me with finding the perfect combinations and when I need some advice or inspiration I find it all on the blog. We heart fashion is a fashion platform all kind of posts, like street style, trend-updates and lifestyle. Oh and I’m sharing my weekly diaries about my modeling work on the blog, I love to write!!

Can you name a few benefits from being a model?

KJ: Travelling the world is the biggest benefit! I feel so lucky to see so much of the world. Another benefit is the fact that you can be part of a creative process!



MM: Are there also disadvantages? This is interesting for our followers to read, because some people think that modeling is a dream job, but it’s also a job that consist of hard working and dedication.

KJ: Of course there are some disadvantages, like every job. It’s true that most people think it’s all glitter and glamour! But the fact is that every girl has to work super hard to get a job. Fashion week, for example, most people think girls are only walking shows but almost nobody knows the story before walking a show. Those two months are full with castings (15 a day), callbacks, fittings (till late in the evening) and crazy early call times.

Have you ever been part of a modeling competition, if so, what advice would you give to fellow models to stand out in this competition?

KJ: Nope. But if I could give them an advice, just be relax, realistic and yourself.


MM: The fashion world is changing. Brands do not only want skinny models to represent them, but models with a strong personality and different features such as plus size or tattoo. What is your opinion about this and do you actually experience this change?

KJ: I like the fact that the fashion industry is experimenting with all kind of people!! I think everyone should get a change to be part of the fashion industry. Of course I experience this change, open a big magazine and you see different types of advertisements.

MM: Social media seems to be very important for models nowadays. Mario Testino even called one of his shots from the towel series Instagirls. You have over 11K followers on Instagram. Do you think that making use of social media is important for a model’s career?

KJ: Social media is definitely very important. Think about this: when a brand, for example, uses Kendall Jenner (with 21 million followers on Instagram) for their campaign, they’ll reach much more people than using an unknown girl.

Kim modelling for Hogan

Keep an eye on Kim Jaspers, because we will be hearing a lot about her! Many thanks to Kim for this interview,  we enjoyed talking to you and wish you much luck with your career.

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