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Fresh Faces 2015 Tips ! How to select your application picture:


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  • Start by getting good quality pictures

How? You can ask a friend to take a good picture of you even if, of course, professional pictures would be better. But don’t worry, you can still have some without spending millions. Many photographers are looking for models to work on Trade for Prints, which means that you can keep the final results at the end of the job.

PS: Selfies are not good quality pictures, even if it’s a close up of your face. Using a selfie as an application picture or avatar is actually a bad move, this doesn’t make you look serious about your modeling career.

  • Appear on the picture

First, don’t select one where you are not alone or it will get very confusing for the voters! Then, your natural beauty must be visible on the picture you select to apply to Fresh Faces in order to show your maximum potential. Make up and Photoshop can be nice sometimes but showing the real you is like giving a blank page to the photographer or agency to let them see what kind of work they could make you do without being blinded by anything. We are of course not forbidding to use make up or photo editors, just don’t hide yourself behind tons of it!

Model: Immelda Oord, Premium on ModelManagement.com

  • Teeny Tiny

Remember the voting page of Fresh Faces? Many applicants are displayed on the same page, therefore with small caption. Which is why you should select a close up of your face when you apply to Fresh Faces. You may want to show more of you but if you are too far away, no one will be able to see you ! Now you are completely ready to apply to Fresh Faces 2015!

You already applied and want to change the picture you applied with? Don’t worry, it’s not too late!

Login to your dashboard. On the left panel, choose the “applications” option (the last one). You will then see a list of all the castings you applied to, Fresh Faces among them. All you need to do is to click on the “change picture” button on the right and that’s it! From here, you now know what picture you should select! Did you know that premium Models can apply to Fresh Faces with 4 different pictures? Enough to choose different kinds of pictures to show your maximum potential and stand out from other applicants.

  • Share, share and share again!

Model: Zack Williams, Premium on ModelManagement.com

Share your application everywhere people could see it. You are probably part of various social networks, so use them to get the exposure you deserve! You can start with your family and friends (and ask them to do the same, your friends combined with the friends of your friends and so on, it ends up being a lot of people!). Then find groups or pages where people could be interested in finding your application and your modeling work such as the official Fresh Faces Facebook Group. You can also look for other websites or communities related to fashion or modeling. Users of such websites will probably be interested and more likely to cast votes for your application! The more you share, the better! And this doesn’t only help you for your Fresh Faces application, but for your modeling career in general.

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