How To Save Time And Make The Most Of Booking A Rehearsal Studio


Time and time again, musicians book rehearsal rooms only to realize that not everyone can make it on the day, or the studio is booked, closed or way below standard. After all, some of us still have a 9-5 job and daily commitments – like family, school runs, and we don’t have money to burn after the last run of sell out pub gigs. Far too often our busy lives can leave us feeling drained of those once-upon-a-time inspirational genius and creativity.

I don’t want to make this read like a country-blues song, but wait! There must be a better way to gather the band mates, book a rehearsal studio and record our new set…

UK-based Pirate Studios has come to the aid of thousands of musicians with an innovative approach to rehearsal studios. The concept was developed by musicians for musicians, and hits the nail on the head for every musician’s needs. Recently, Pirate Studios launched their operation in the US with a new location in Brooklyn NYC, close to the creative hub of Greenpoint. The studios come with top quality equipment from Fender, Marshall, Mapex, Pioneer and Yamaha provided in every room for free as standard. DJs are catered for too with a club standard, Pioneer-equipped practice studio.

Here are few handy tips to save time and make the most of booking a rehearsal studio

Schedule your next rehearsal: Set a schedule or plan for your next band rehearsal. Coordinate with all band members by using a shared Google calendar or something of that ilk. Pirate Studios rehearsal rooms are open 24hrs a day, 7 days a week – giving even the most demanding band mates no excuse not to open up their schedule and commit to a session. At Pirate Studios, bands can book online and receive an email confirmation with the studio entry codes and all the information they need. You can even share the entry codes amongst the band during the booking process, reducing the need for those tiresome post-booking texts.

Kit focus: If someone in the band has a lot to set up, have them arrive first and then others can come later to start work.

Kit check: Check, and check again. There is nothing worse than turning up at a rehearsal without your mic, drum sticks or audio cables. In a worst case scenario, Pirate Studios have you covered; there are spares in every studio building and if you need technical help, a call to the 24hr customer care team will provide with help over the phone leaving time to regroup and commence work.

Record your rehearsals: Capturing audio from your rehearsal is vital. Can you imagine playing a full set to perfection, filled moments of “inspirational genius” only to realize you can’t remember how or where the moment of “genius” happened? OpenLive is the new audio recording concept designed to combat this issue. It’s cloud-based and automated, and customers booking a Pirate Studio benefit by having the session automatically recorded and emailed to their inbox ready to share with fans or absent band mates.

Plan Breaks: Take a few minutes each hour for a short break. This is also an ideal opportunity to meet other bands in the community and share contacts for gig openings. Pirate Studios have designated kitchen and refreshment areas at all studio locations.

The Pirate Studios model is all about self-service. There are no employees on site and no tutorials for the gear provided – leaving the power of practice in the musician’s hands. And while some basic knowledge of the equipment is advised, customer service is available 24/7 to supply spare gear or simply to explain how to turn on the AC. Yes – the studios are fully temperature controllable!

With a growing list of 40,000 bands, producers, and DJs creating and rehearsing in over 200 spaces across the UK, Pirate Studios has dropped anchor in Brooklyn. Pirate will continue to pioneer into 2019, launching more locations in the UK, a grand opening in Berlin, and necessary expansion in NYC. Beyond that horizon, expect openings in every music capital across America.

Book one of their stunning new studios from $8/hour (which is fantastic value for NYC!).

You can also earn credits when you tell your friends about Pirate Studios. You’ll receive $bucks in your booking account for every new Pirate you introduce to the growing family of musicians.

Pirate Studios

Address: 19 Division Pl, Brooklyn, NY 11222, USA

Hours: Open 24 hours

Phone: +1 844-274-7283

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