How to dress up for the Holidays

Hello lovelies,

Looks like Christmas (and the New Year) is just around the corner and I believe all you fashionable ladies are looking for the perfect dress ( or dresses) to look just dazzling during the holiday festivities. As a fashion blogger, I had the pleasure to wear all kind of dresses from short to long, elegant to casual, bright to somber. But how does the perfect dress for the holidays looks? I think it depends on each person.

Some women dress according to their body-shape, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I have a pear-shape body so mermaid type dresses will fit me perfectly. My pick would be a dress that has beading on the top. It’s quite a nice choice for holiday season.



If you feel confident and happy with your body you will for sure find the perfect dress. Nowadays, the small bust situation isn’t a big “DON’T” anymore. Before, small bust ladies couldn’t wear a spaghetti strap dress for instance, because they had the complex that this would show even more that Mother Nature wasn’t very giving when it come to a generous bust. Nowadays, small breasts are considered more fashionable and come to think of it, designers do aim to have that type of models for the runway. So celebs like Taylor Swift, Charlize Theron or Lupita Lyong aren’t afraid to try dress styles that would benefit more women with bigger busts.




I think Oscar dresses and holiday dresses (especially those for the New Year’s Eve party), are practically the same thing (well, depending on where you’re going). But red carpet dresses have always been an inspiration and I think that you can have an idea on what to wear for your big night by browsing a little on the Internet and getting some ideas. I’ve shared some that I think are gorgeous!


My tip for choosing a dress these holidays – don’t go for colours like red or green. A gold or black dress is always a perfect choice!

Hope my little article will help you and until next time, well… stay fabulous!




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