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Because it is particularly important for aspiring models (browsing over and over castings and contacts through the World Wide Web) to know how to manage their online reputation, let’s complete our recent article about networking with few tips about the use you should make of Social Media as a professional.

Social media are amazing tools but also dangerous if not used well. They are really powerful and not having any account on those platforms has now become a handicap to keep in touch with others (professional or not) and find new opportunities.


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However, some of us appeared on social media before they even got the time to have any professional thoughts. Track the older you, google your name and look for your old posts to determine if they should be deleted (bad grammar, controversial opinion, inappropriate content, etc.). If you can find something, they can find it too. Ask few questions to yourself while doing so: What are the first results coming up when I type my name on search engines? On what kind of website and for what kind of topic? How bad is the grammar?

Everything that could give a wrong vision of the current you.

Choose your profile picture wisely, it is the first thing people will look at while browsing the internet for your name. So be safe and post a neutral to professional picture on every account you have as they are usually visible for everyone, member or not, friend or not.

Don’t share everything, keep some necessary privacy.

If you post all the pictures of the last crazy night you had, people will be able to find it if they look for it. It has became a common thing to check the social profiles of new employees or candidates, to know more about them, make sure they do not have a bad reputation and are professional.


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Consider how you would feel if your clients or employers see your posts, before posting it.

ALWAYS manage the privacy settings of your profiles to be sure to share the right content to the right audience.
It’s always safer to review before allowing anyone to post on your timeline or profile page. Posting something is faster and much easier than taking it off.
Content publicly posted that not everyone should see could be a risk to ruin your professional reputation. It could close you many doors and make you lose great opportunities.

Never complain publicly about your work or colleagues, your next employer may not be concerned but no one wants to hire someone who could be a grumpy employee criticizing his working environment.


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Be careful with pages, groupes, or person you join or follow. You don’t want to be associated with controversial topics or brands.

Don’t take part in every heated debate on your social media. Giving your opinion is a thing but sharing it with your professional environment is another.
A client or employer could have an opposed vision and get a wrong impression of you regarding your messages.

Don’t only connect online, it is not enough, you have to be prepared sometimes to meet face to face. But don’t be too pushy with other professionals and agencies though.

Not all social media are appropriate in a professional environment, of course we would advise you to use LinkedIn rather than Facebook for example. To have a full modeling industry network, is the best tool to get opportunities and new contacts.


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