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Stephanie is the founder and voice behind the fashion blog Stephanie Belles, this Spanish model is an expert on the latest fashion trends and modeling jobs, after creating her own social media pages she became a professional on networking. Keep on reading and learn some really useful tips on how to stand over the rest and create an effective social network to drive your modeling career to a great success.


Model Management: You are really active on social media, having your own fashion blog, website, Facebook and Instagram pages, YouTube channel and Twitter as well. Why do you think it is important to be so social for a model?

Stephanie Belles: My unconditional are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and of course my website/blog. They are my three pillars as I believe you must be in constant communication with your readers and thus be able to reach people who like everything about my world.


MM: Your days must be really busy. Could you describe an average day for Stephanie Belles?

SB: It’s quite normal! On my “days off” I update my blog and I prepare the looks to show my style between other many things. I also need to invest much time to answer emails and find new synergies and some meetings to prepare shootings. On a working day there is much more going on, between castings, fittings, be 5 hours before a catwalk starts for makeup, hair, training…


MM: Your fashion blog is honored as the Best Luxury Blog 2015 by Wometrics Award. Congratulations! Could you share with us some dos and don’ts what bloggers need to follow to lead their blog all the way up to success?

SB: Thank you! It’s something I couldn’t expect and still do not believe. I’m not a fashion guru and I don’t like to give advice, everyone has its own method and each blog has its trick! However, if I have to suggest something I would say to concentrate in one topic they already know about and innovate without losing your personality. Be yourself, people love the original.

MM: You have already had many amazing photo shoots. Could you highlight one of your favorites and share the photos and story behind it?

SB: Choosing one is very complicated; all had their own anecdotes and moments of laugh. Recently I did a photo shoot outdoors. It was a beautiful sunny day and it suddenly started to rain, we couldn’t cancel the shoot so we had to find an alternative, we decided to do an improvised shoot under the rain, and the result was beautiful.


MM: What do you think about self-management? How it works and what things should be on the black list to turn out positively?

SB: It’s complicated, brands usually work with agencies and you have to be part of one if you want to get hired, it’s like passing one more filter. I don’t see it as something bad, but sometimes it’s difficult when there are some other factors such as contacts. Nowadays, you have contacts or you’re no one. And this can also be extrapolated to the blogging world, with the boom of blogs, there are hundreds of thousands of blogs that are very good and it’s complicated to walk alone and people to trust you without a backup.

MM: Being so involved in Social Media and knowing about the importance of internet, what’s your opinion about, do you thing aspiring models need to join such modeling sites as

SB: I recommend it 100%. It is a very good window if you want to become a professional model, as it’s full of professionals from the industry. I had no doubts when I registered.


MM: You have an account on Why do you think it is important to have a membership on our modeling community?

SB: It’s important because it’s full of professionals from whom you can learn a lot and find modeling work thanks to the quality of the castings. The model jobs are very specific and you feel confident as you have all the details of the professional who posted the casting.



MM: Could you share us some of your future plans?

SB: Of course! It’s an open secret, I want to make the leap across the pond to find some job opportunities in other countries as India, Paris, Milan and Dubai and I’m looking for different options as I consider it is very important for me.

Check out Stephanie’s model profile on and don’t forget to follow her on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and check her work on YouTube and on her own website!


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