Fresh Faces Thailand 2015 in collaboration with A1 Models!

Dream to be a model? Are you a Thailand resident? We have some great news coming up especially for you! Fresh Faces Thailand 2015 model contest has begun, and you have the opportunity to become the model you always wanted to be! has started a new collaboration with the successful Thai modeling agency, A1 MODELS, in order to give you the opportunity to be discovered and start your professional modeling career with a boost and help from the best of the best in this industry! The contest finalists will have the chance to compete at the contest Grand Finals in Bangkok, where they will walk the Fresh Faces Thailand 2015 catwalk, and the two winners (a male and a female model) will win an exclusive contract with A1 MODELS,  international exposure, and the chance to fly to the Fresh Faces 2015 World Finals which will be held in Barcelona, Spain next autumn.


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A1 MODELS is one of the biggest and most successful modelling agencies in Bangkok. Their professional team of model agents and scouts, contribute significantly to their well known image as one of the best agencies in Thailand. A1 MODELS’ development division has a great reputation for its ability to establish and promote models. Many of their models were included and presented on covers of the most famous magazines in the fashion world such as Vogue, L’Officiel, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Madame Figaro, Marie Claire etc. You can find them in TV commercials, billboards, and catalogues. A1 MODELS‘ success is built on their long-term partnerships with the biggest international agencies, its excellent service, and its professional models.

We were lucky enough to have a lovely conversation with A1 MODELS’ founder, Andrian Zahariev, and to share with you the interesting, “behind the scene”, information and thoughts.


Linda Pan from A1 Models

Model Management: Are you the only founder of A1 MODELS and why did you decide to make this step? Do you have other partners in this journey?

Andrian Zahariev: I am the only founder of the agency. I am a former model with 15 years of experience, and that was the next step in my career for me. My partner is Farung Yuthithum – the winner of Miss Thailand Universe 2007, who is the most successful beauty queen at Miss Universe Thailand contest for the past 25-30 years.

A1 2

Polly from A1 Models

MM: Your agency has been very successful from the moment it was founded in 2012, and has discovered many talented models, how important are new faces for your agency?

AZ: New Faces are very important for our agency and our market, as they are the future of our industry. They will be the face of our agency around the world. We develop them, we teach them how to act, walk, behave and many of them, we send to agencies abroad.

A1 3

Gergana from A1 Models

MM: What does it mean to you as an agency to compete in the Fresh Faces Thailand 2015 model contest by and which importance you assign to the contest?

AZ: For us it’s a new experience to participate in this contest. We know that’s one of the most popular and successful model contests and we are happy to be invited and represent Thailand. We will do our best for this event, as this is another opportunity to improve ourselves and show to the world that even as a new agency, we can compete at a high level.

A1 5

Ning from A1 Models

MM: Nowadays social networks are essential when looking for models and promotion. Is it an indispensable tool used by you to find models, be known, and contribute to the promotion of your models?

AZ: Nowadays, the social media and the social networks, are a very powerful tool, which we can’t ignore.  We have to learn fast and to be flexible, in order for us to use all the possible tools to find new models, promote them and promote our agency.  The world around, becomes very competitive and fast, and the social network makes our work easier.


A1 7

Brandy from A1 Models

MM: How do you train your models? Which tools do you give them in order to compete in this tough industry?

AZ: The best way is to train and teach them from my personal experience as a model. If you haven’t walked that path, you can’t imagine and know exactly how it works. From the outside, things look so easy and so glamorous, but in reality there is a long way to walk and a lot of hard work.

A1 6

Linda Pan from A1 Models

MM: Something that is of interest to our worldwide model community: your agency represents many international models besides Asian models, how do you scout them?

AZ: Yes! We represent many Asian and international models. There are many ways to scout models. The main source for our international models are of course the mother agencies which are sending us hundreds of models on a daily basis. Every year we travel and scout for models by going to different countries, meeting scouts, agents, agencies, participating in different models events or attending contests. Some of the models, we find in social networks, social media. Of course many models come to us because someone recommended us or they have heard good things about us. And I hope Fresh Faces will be another source and opportunity for making good connections and find new models for A1.

A1 4

Gergana from A1 Models

MM: What career developments do you expect for the winners of Fresh Faces contest?

AZ: I guess as every agency we would like to see our models successful in their careers. But the biggest happiness is to know that our agency is a part of someone’ success and we have helped someone to live his or her dreams. For many young people being a model and living a model life is a dream, a dream which looks so unreal. I hope together with Fresh Faces and we can make the first steps for young models to become successful and to see that this dream is real.

A1 8

Brandy from A1 Models

MM: How can an aspiring model know if he/ she has the necessary skills (physically and mentally) to work professionally in the world of modeling and more specifically in your agency? Any tips for the models out there wanting to be part of A1 Models?

AZ: In general young aspiring models should know that modeling is not that easy as it looks. They have to be ready to give their best. In order to become a successful model, they should know that this is not just a beautiful face, but also a lot of sacrifices, hard work, discipline and patience. Of course they should live a healthy life, keep themselves in good shape, and exercise.

If you think you have what it takes to become the big next thing in this industry, join the Fresh Faces Thailand 2015 model contest by A1 Models, as it is your opportunity to be discovered and become a part of a top modeling agency!

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