Fresh Faces Grand Finals – an unforgettable experience for Valerio, the man behind the camera!

The Fresh Faces Grand Final was a great opportunity and experience not only for the models, but also for the professionals behind the cameras!

Valerio Tantarantana is a very talented videographer and a photographer. We had the chance to chat with him and find out more about  his experience as the official FTV videographer for the Fresh Faces 2014 Grand Finals.


Fresh Faces 2014 winners Manos and Ana Margarida

ModelManagement: Valerio! You’ve been the official FTV videographer for the Fresh Faces 2014 Grand Finals! How was this experience?

Valerio Tantarantana: I watched FTV even when I was studying in my school in Ukraine. It seemed unreal when they offered me the opportunity to be behind the camera for FTV or to work for this channel because everything was (and still is) so glamorous and beautiful, like a fairy tale. Before shooting, I was a little bit nervous (in fact, it was the first time I worked for FTV), but the environment of  this event was so cool and friendly, that the work went very smooth and easy.


Alexandra, Talia, Caroline, Iovanna and Laia

MM: How did you prepare for the FF Grand Finals? Did you like to shoot a model event?

VT: Before each shooting, I’m prepare thoroughly and have the final cut in my head before I even start filming. Of course, I like to shoot Model Events. And if we talk about this event, the models have been carefully selected. They are the best in their countries, the best in the world!


Jennifer, Kevin, Henrietta and Conrado – Ben Evans

MM: Can you tell us a little about what happened behind the scenes?

VT: When we are looking at the models on the catwalk, it seems that they are quite cold and unapproachable. In fact, all the girls and guys are cute, fun and very affordable to communicate. They laugh and play the fool. With many of them we are still in contact on Facebook. Also, I was very surprised with the official choreographer  of FF Grand Finals Marie-ange Schmitt-lebreton. How this woman presents herself, how she moves, how attentive to details she is! She really inspires me to improve my professional level!


Catwalk training with Marie Ange

MM: How was the experience? Did you meet other industry professionals and got new contacts for future job opportunities?

VT: It was an incredible experience! The most important people I met before the event, the and FreshFaces 2014 team. And I hope to work with them next year. As for features, shooting for FTV – a new professional heights. I am sure that all of my clients and potential clients will appreciate this experience! I am pleased with the result and I heard only positive feedback!


Hair & makeup before the Fashion show


MM: You are also a photographer; what kind of shooting do you do? Is there one you are mostly proud of?

VT: Almost every day I´m shooting photo or video. The most interesting work – with interesting people. Unforgettable was the shooting I did of the most famous actors in Spain – Imanol Arias, one of the best pilots MotoGP Jorge Lorenzo, champion of the Dakar Marc Coma. This people inspire you to be the best in your job!


Imanol Arias by Valerio Tantarantana

MM: You have your own blog. What kind of content can we find on it? 

VT: You can find my latest work on my official website:, and on my Facebook page.


Photography by Valerio Tantaratnata

MM: What was your greatest experience during your career?

VT: Every experience is interesting in its own way. But the most memorable incident occurred when I was shooting the Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. After shooting the pictures suddenly appeared as question marks in the camera. And after we inserted the card into a computer, it was not possible to read it. Tried to recover the data, but nothing came of it. The only time in my life my card was broken with one of the most important people in this world. Unfortunately, another opportunity to shoot Zuckerberg still hasn’t happened.

By Valerio Tantarantana

By Valerio Tantarantana

MM: What advantages do you find on being a Premium Pro member on

VT: This is an interesting experience. After placing my works on this site, i have a lot of “fans” who want to work with me. And with some of them we have already done several photo shoots!


Photography by Valerio Tantarantana

Thank you Valerio for this interview! If you’re interested in Valerio and his work – check regularly his profile and website to be informed about his latest shoots!


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