Delali Nubukpo – Fashion blogger and professional model

Delali Nubukpo is a beatiful talented model, who is originally from Sweden, but currently lives in London. Apart from being a model, she also has passion for fashion, and she expresses it through her original fashion dairy Blog – IAMDELALI. There she gives advice such as affordable clothing, diets, etc. and presents some of her best outfits, quotes, lifestyle, and fashion related news.

We had a great and bubbly conversation with this successful model and blogger, who even worked for Vogue (collaborated with CCUOCO), so scroll down and have fun like we had!

Delali Nubukpo

Model Management: How long have you been a model, and how did you get your start in the industry?

Delali Nubukpo: I started because I got approached about modelling so many times, and I just decided to do it one day.                                                                                                                                                     I’ve been modelling off and on for 4 years, but I’ve been more serious about modelling in the past two years.

Delali Nubukpo

Delail Nubukpo


MM: Your photographs by Anne Vest are outstanding! Among your photographs, which one is your favorite? Why?

DN: Thank you! From the Anne vest shoot I like the hair piece, that’s like a bob-it’s awesome, never seen anything like that before.
She’s very talented and passionate about what she does.

Delali Nubukpo

MM: Do you prefer photo shoots or runway shows?

DN: I prefer runway shows because I’m always sooo nervous for hours, and when I nail it, even though I was super nervous, I just feel so good. It’s one of the best feelings ever.

Delali Nubukpo

Delali Nubukpo

MM: On your blog you regularly share cool and fresh outfit inspirations. How would you describe your signature look and what is it about your style that sets you apart from other bloggers?

DN: Aww thank you, I honestly don’t have a specific style or look I go for. It depends on my mood:  during the summer time I like to dress chic and cute, but during the winter and the autumn seasons, I wear whatever inspires me, and it can really be anything that caught my attention.
I’ve noticed that my readers like the fact that I’m wearing very affordable brands, and that it can still look good and high fashion even though it doesn’t cost much. You just gotta be creative with your style and express yourself with your outfits.

Delali Nubukpo

MM: Your style is really unique. Where do you get your inspiration from?

DN: Thank you, I honestly get most of my inspiration from the mannequins in the shop, you know the plastic dolls, they always look so good and then you just match it with what looks good on you.

Delali Nubukpo

MM: What do you think about modeling platforms such as

DN: I think is a really good, correction, the best modelling platform for freelance models-you can apply to some great castings! Also you can get a lot of information about agencies, etc. It’s a great place to be seen, as you get a lot of international castings as well. I’ve been using myself for years now, and I love it! You really get booked!

Delali Nubukpo

MM: 3 shops you love? Give our readers an insight into your favorite shops, maybe we can discover something new…

DN: Forever21, H&M and Micheal kors.

Delali Nubukpo

MM: Where we’ll find you on a Friday night at 9 p.m.?

DN: Probably in a restaurant, having a dinner, making plans for a good night out, or on my sofa watching movies lol.

Delali Nubukpo

Thank you very much Delali Nubukpo for sharing your thoughts and advices, you are a real inspiration. If you want to keep up with her latest updates, check out her inspiring Blog and her modelmanagement page.


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