Creative Works: Featuring Havas Lynx, Now, The One Off, Karmarama and more


Creative Works: Featuring Havas Lynx, Now, The One Off, Karmarama and more

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Pearlfisher: Little Dish ‘Vision, voice and packaging structures’

Agency: Pearlfisher
Client: Little Dish
Date: September 2016
In 2006, Pearlfisher created the first chilled food brand designed specifically for toddlers and young children. Ten years on, Little Dish has become the icon of the Kids’ Chilled Meals category, but as an increasing number of brands follow in their footsteps, the pioneers of healthy food for kids wanted to rewrite the rules and set a new standard in children’s nutrition.
Having worked in partnership with nutritionist and Mum, Lucy Jones, to create a new range of perfectly nutritionally balanced toddler meals, called Little Dish pots & pies, Little Dish turned to Pearlfisher to develop a vision, voice and series of packaging structures that would bring the unrivalled nutritional credentials of the new meals to the fore.


Founding Partner & Chief Creative Officer: Jonathan Ford
Additional Credits: Managing Director: Darren Foley
Strategy Business Director: Jack Hart
Design Director: Fiona John
3D Design Director: Mike Beauchamp
Technical Project Manager: Jenny Cairns
Designer: James Taylor
Client Manager: Lucy Moss
Tags: Europe

CHI&Partners: iD Mobile ‘Do Your Own Thing’

Agency: CHI&Partners
Client: iD Mobile
Date: September 2016
Challenger mobile network iD has launched ‘Blind Fighter’ – the fourth in ‘Do Your Own Thing’: a series of campaigns exploring the lives of extraordinary individuals who have turned to inspirational methods to regain control over their own lives.
Launching on Facebook, ‘Blind Fighter’ is a three-part documentary examining the compelling story of Lee Hoy, a 28-year-old man in South Shields who has used mixed martial arts training to turn around his battle with blindness.
Created by Carl Storey at CHI&Partners, and directed by Ben Hanson and Simon Frost through CHI&Partners’ in-house production company Carbon, ‘Blind Fighter’ subtly navigates Hoy’s story in his own words.


Creative Partner: Micky Tudor
Creative Director: Dan Watts, Danny Hunt
Creative: Carl Storey
Additional Credits: Planner: Matt Nixon
Producer: Adam Henderson
Business Director: Sam Lewis
Account Director: Eliza Sloss
Production Company: Carbon
Producer: Nazneen Hosenie
Production assistant: Tom Katter
Directors:  Simon Frost & Ben Hanson
Editing: Carbon
Colourist: Simon Pearson
Animation: Thomas Brady, Kerry Akif & Riaz Farooq
Director of Photography: Phil Thomas, Praxima
Audio: Scramble
Senior Sound Designer: Ollie Usher
Sound Designer: Russell Bradley
Media Agency: Blue 449
Media Planner: Charlotte Clayton/Emma Putnam
Social Content Agency: AllTogetherNow
Social Content Planner: James Chanter
Social Content Account Manager: Ella Clay
Tags: Europe
Video of Blind Fighter #1: Hitting Back – #DoYourOwnThing
Video of Blind Fighter #1: Hitting Back – #DoYourOwnThing
Video of Blind Fighter #3: Fighting Blind – #DoYourOwnThing

Purple Creative Design: Lacoste ‘Explorateur social campaign’

Agency: Purple Creative Design
Client: Lacoste
Date: September 2016
Agency Purple Creative has just completed its first social campaign for Lacoste, featuring the brand’s Explorateur A/W 2016 footwear range. The campaign promotes Lacoste’s products within the multi-brand sports distribution environment of JD Sports.
Purple developed a creative approach and a complete set of assets to be used across social channels, to sell Lacoste’s AW16 range of Explorateur footwear. This includes a pool of imagery, animations and photomontages – all designed to work seamlessly across different social networks.
Lacoste’s existing look has always been stylish and clean cut. Purple Creative aligned the Explorateur range communication style to the world of JD Sports’ audience: 20-24 years old, urban, mobile-focused, creative and socially active.


Creative Director: Phil Joyce
Copywriter: Andy Harding
Additional Credits: Production Manager: Sarah Green
Designer: Darren Ammar
Tags: Europe

Karmarama: Plusnet ‘Made That Way’

Agency: Karmarama
Client: Plusnet
Date: September 2016
Plusnet has launched an online video campaign as part of its direct response activity, aimed at targeting people in the market for renewing their broadband.
The campaign comprises of multiple creative variants aimed to leverage the various formats in which online ads are now served. Brand front man ‘Plusnet Joe’ pokes fun at the situations we often find ourselves in when faced with ‘yet another ad’ by cutting through to the unassuming viewer and making light of the situation.
The skippable formats aim to encourage viewers to stick around a bit longer rather than just hitting the skip button as soon as it’s presented, whilst the forced executions acknowledge the truth that they’ll be intruding on the viewers own time for the next 30 seconds and there’s not much the viewer or Joe can really do about it.


Creative Director: Dickie Connell
Creative: Rob Donaldson, Joe Dennett
Additional Credits: Planner (Creative Agency): Matt Sadler
Account Director (Creative Agency): Alex Guyan
Agency Producer: Georgia Dickinson
Production Company: Kream
Director: Damien O Donnell
Producer: Paula Mackersey
Production Manager: Francesca Resteghini
Director of Photography: Peter Robertson
Offline Editor: Tom O Falherty (Screen Scene) and Jonah Maddox (Kream)
VFX Post House: Kream
Post Production Supervisor:  Anne Marie Downes
VFX Producer: Beverley Wells
Colourist: Scott Harris (Unit)
Sound Design: Grand Central Recording Studios
Tags: Europe
Video of Plusnet Copper The End Skippable MIX
Video of Plusnet Copper Good Offer Skippable MIX
Video of Plusnet Copper BAD DATA Skippable MIX
Video of Plusnet Copper Lost Skip Button Unskippable MIX

Ogilvy & Mather Italy: Wind ‘Con i tuoi occhi (With Your Eyes)’

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Italy
Client: Wind
Date: September 2016
After “Dad,” and “A great day”, again this year Wind and Ogilvy & Mather have come together to produce a short subject that explores man’s relationship with communication—a poetic, yet light-hearted film that invites us all to use technology in a more conscious manner.
The main character is a teenage girl who, like all her peers, lives in constant contact with her smartphone. It is her faithful companion, which she uses to take photos, make videos, and share every moment of her day online. The message conveyed by the film, however, is that there are moments which are to be experienced without the filter of an electronic device—moments that are best saved in one’s heart. By the end of the film, the young teen comes to this realization and puts down her phone in order to more fully enjoy her little sister’s dance recital, while everyone else has their face hidden behind their electronic filters.
Once again, Wind and Ogilvy & Mather have produced a work of great relevance to our times, inviting us to take a close look at how we use technology and telling an important story with the directorial contribution of a sensitive poet in his own right, Giuseppe Capotondi. It is the story of one small gesture, but one that is rich with meaning, that of the need to set aside our phones once in a while and to once again look at life through our own two eyes.


Chief Creative Officer: Giuseppe Mastromatteo e Paolo Iabichino
Client Creative Director: Giordano Curreri (Art director), Marco Geranzani (Copywriter)
General Manager: Daniela Morone
Client Service Director: Morena Sgarbi
TV Producer: Francesca D’Agostino
Film Production: Director: Giuseppe Capotondi
DoP: Tat Radcliffe
Production company: Mercurio
Executive producer: Francesco Pistorio
CDP: Annalisa De Maria
Music: To Love Somebody -EagleEye Cherry
Tags: Europe
Video of Con i tuoi occhi

DDB Brussels: IKEA ‘Meet the Stars’

Agency: DDB Brussels
Client: IKEA
Date: September 2016
IKEA Belgium launched its new catalogue, and it did so with a surprisingly tongue-in-cheek ad, reminding us just how funny a bruised ego can be. A 2-minute commercial takes us behind the scenes of the 2017 IKEA catalogue photoshoot, and into the minds of the models featured in the iconic catalogue.
The IKEA catalogue is one of the most read books in the world. So it makes sense for the models to consider this their breakthrough moment. Their door opener to stardom. We listen in as they dream out loud of becoming household names in TV, modelling, acting, and mentally preparing themselves for a life in the spotlights.


Creative Director: Peter Ampe, Odin Saille
Creative: Ralf De Houwer, Jonas Caluwe
Additional Credits: Subtitles: Jonathan d’Oultremont
Strategy: Dominique Poncin
Account Team: Francis Lippens, Annelies Nyns, Maria-Laura Laubenthal
PR, Press Coordinator: Kenn Van Ljisebeth
TV Producer: Brigitte Verduyckt
Production Company TVC: Caviar
Director: Amir Farhang
Executive Producer: Ilse Joye
Producer: Geert De Wachter
Tags: Europe
Video of Meet the stars of the new IKEA catalogue.

The One Off: Armed Forces Careers Offices ‘Armed Forces Careers Offices Sheffield’

Agency: The One Off
Client: Armed Forces Careers Offices
Date: September 2016
Following our work for Army Recruitment and the new vision for their Careers Centres, we were approached by the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force to align how all three services communicate together.
We photographed 45 Armed Forces personnel from all three services across a five-day shoot and updated the Sheffield flagship site to carry a reconfigured set of graphic assets all now set in an aligned and consistent style. The new space was designed with the same vision as the Army specific sites; providing key information for potential candidates in a clear and engaging way alongside inspirational and relatable imagery. The scheme is now being rolled out across the rest of the AFCO sites nationwide.
Tags: Europe

McCann London: L’Oreal Paris UK ‘#YoursTruly’

Agency: McCann London
Client: L’Oreal Paris UK
Date: September 2016
The True Match #YoursTruly campaign, created by McCann London, features 23 of the UK’s most influential and inspirational ambassadors for diversity, each representing a different shade in the foundation range. The list of influencers ranges from model and campaigner Katie Piper, who believes that scars do not limit a person’s sense of well-being, to enigmatic fitness guru AJ Odudu, who has expressed her frustration that as a young woman there was no make-up that matched her skin tone. The campaign also includes L’Oréal Paris’s longstanding spokeswoman Cheryl Fernandez-Versini also features in the campaign.
The ambassadors share their stories about finding the perfect shade and how that can allow you to truly express your identity with confidence. The campaign, which breaks on 28 August, runs across TV, cinema and social media platforms, with a dedicated online hub hosting bespoke content.


Creative Director: Robert Brown
Creative Lead: Regan Warner
Additional Credits: Managing Partner: Lisa Conway
Business Lead: Alison Webber
Account Director: Shelley Bowcher
Account Manager: Leyla Tezcan
Account Executive: Emma Reitman
Project Director: Louise Hawthornthwaite
Planning Partner: David Frymann
Junior Planner: Emily Ellis
Production Company: Storner
Director: Fabien Constant
Photographer: Flavien Prioreau
DOP: Arnaud Carney
Offline Editor: Maxime Gillier
Executive Producer: Pierre Garnier
SFX Post Production: Digital Conspiracy
Post Production: Tag
Tags: Europe
Video of L’Oréal Paris True Match Foundation | Directors cut | 23 inspirational individuals

Design Futura: Nike ‘Unlimited Fight’

Agency: Design Futura
Client: Nike
Date: September 2016
Arcade Content’s Kyle Lewis directed Unlimited Fight, Nike’s tribute to South Africa’s 2016 Olympic Gold medallist, Caster Semenya.
The piece salutes Caster’s will to succeed even as her legitimacy as a female athlete has been continually contested on the grounds of society’s deep-seated fear of that which is different. Caster’s courage and determination is celebrated through a montage of powerful portraits of teenage girls staring into camera while a voiceover delivers a message about society’s tendency to hold female athletes back instead of allowing them to flourish.
Caster went on to win her race, taking a gold medal home to her country, while the film’s powerful message sparked a torrent of pride and enthusiasm across both South African and international social media platforms, with Caster herself being proud enough to share it on her social media.


Creative: Gustav Greffrath, Bianca Vermaak
Additional Credits: Production company: Arcade Content
Producer: Lebogang Rasethaba, William Nicholson
Director: Kyle Lewis
DOP: Pierre De Villiers
Stylist: Kaley Meyer
Editor: William Kalmer, Deepend Post
Colourist: Craig Simonetti, Pudding
Music: Tapiwa Musvosvi
Sound company: Freq’ncy
Tags: Europe
Video of Unlimited Fight

Now: betty ‘A New Brand For a New Generation’

Agency: Now
Client: betty
Date: September 2016
betty is a new femcare brand aimed exclusively at 11-14 year olds that seeks to break down barriers and help them feel comfortable about talking about the things that are happening to their bodies. Anchored around and key social platforms, betty is aiming to be the go-to place for 11-14 year olds to find out all they need to know about growing up as well as fashion, love and health and wellbeing. The site will be the first ‘real’ lifestyle hub for this age group.
Launching with a full through-the-line campaign including cinema, social media, press, DOOH with an education programme for schools starting in the new year, betty has the vision to help this generation to become trailblazers – empowered to stop periods being an awkward taboo or stigma.
Tags: Europe

FCB Inferno: The Department of Business Innovation & Skills ‘Get In Go Far’

Agency: FCB Inferno
Client: The Department of Business Innovation & Skills
Date: September 2016
TV & Branded Entertainment production company, Firecracker Films, has produced six profile films for FCB Inferno and The Department of Business Innovation & Skills to update perceptions of Apprenticeships in the UK by highlighting the many varied and exciting career opportunities they provide for young people.


Additional Credits: Production Company: Firecracker Films
Executive Producer: Claire Finn
Head of Development: Ben Whitfield
Producer: Francesca Boyce
Head of Production: Tory Wright
Directors: Andrea Eisenhart, Ben Reid
Camera: Simon Niblett, Mike Timney, Stephen Robinson
Sound:  Andy Boag, Peter Eason, Paul Nathan
Post: Envy
Audio Post: Jungle
Tags: Europe
Video of Get In Go Far apprenticeships – Chris

Havas Lynx: HSS Hire with Cancer Research ‘Sun Safety’

Agency: Havas Lynx
Client: HSS Hire with Cancer Research
Date: September 2016
HSS Hire, collaborating with Cancer Research UK are re-writing building site safety posters to include the world’s first ‘sun safety awareness’ graphic.
Skin cancer is a real and present danger among construction workers – builders are 9 times more likely to be diagnosed with skin cancer than any other profession – so we want to hammer home the seriousness of the problem and raise awareness. The outcomes we want? To change the behaviour of builders working outside to be ‘sun safe’; affect skin cancer statistics among builders in a positive way; and to position HSS Hire as a brand dedicated to customer safety and welfare.


Art Director: Tom Richards
Copywriter: Mick McCabe
Designer: Sian Ford, Trevor Johnson
Additional Credits: Production Director: Simon Kemp
Tags: Europe
Video of Be Sun Safe on Site

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