Creative Works: Featuring BBH London, Lida, We Are Social, Mr President and more


Creative Works: Featuring BBH London, Lida, We Are Social, Mr President and more

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BBH London: Audi ‘Going Home’

Agency: BBH London
Client: Audi
Date: November 2016
‘Going Home’, created by BBH, carries the tagline ‘Audi Sport. Born on the track, built for the road.’  It depicts Audi RS models, including the new TT RS Coupé and R8 Spyder, making an epic journey to the Circuit des 24 Heures du Mans, where so much of the knowledge and expertise behind these spectacular high performance models has been gained during the development of generations of thoroughbred Audi racing cars.
The film also features the Audi RS 6, RS 7, RS Q3 and the Le Mans winning R18. The cars take to the circuit in formation, accompanied by an acoustic rendition of the Simon and Garfunkel classic, ‘Homeward Bound’.  The track was produced by David Kosten, the Mercury Prize nominated producer, and performed by up and coming artist, Gina Kushka.
The ad is a tribute to a period of the Le Mans race, which will go down in history as the Audi Era. Between 1999 and 2016, the German manufacturer finished on the podium 18 times in 18 starts and won the race on 13 occasions – a period of unprecedented success.


Creative Director: Ian Heartfield
Creative: Tom Drew
Additional Credits: Producer: Chris Styring
Strategy Director: Will Lion
Strategist: Raphael Bittner
Business Lead: Polly McMorrow
Account Director: Piers Raffo
Account Manager: Lara Worthington
Production Company: Stink
Director: C D Morrish
Producer: Annabel Ridley
Production Assistant: Georgia Eyres
DoP: Ryan Carmody
Post Production: The Mill
Editor/Editing House: Vid Price, The Assembly Rooms
Sound: 750mph
Tags: Europe
Video of Going Home 60 sec

DigitasLBi, Kitcatt Nohr: International Committee of the Red Cross ‘Victory by any means’

Agency: DigitasLBi, Kitcatt Nohr
Client: International Committee of the Red Cross
Date: November 2016
The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has launched a campaign which illustrates the terrifying human cost of ignoring the Geneva Conventions and aims to raise awareness of international humanitarian law. The 60-second film, which features real clips from conflicts around the world, uses populist political rhetoric to take viewers on a journey from a utopian dream to humanitarian nightmare. It is the hardest-hitting ad of its kind from the ICRC.
The film was created in collaboration with global marketing and technology agency DigitasLBi and customer engagement agency Kitcatt Nohr. It was directed by Tom Green, who also shot the acclaimed Save the Children ad ‘The Most Shocking Second a Day’. The film is being distributed via the global content platform UNILAD, with additional activity on Facebook and other social channels in key global territories including the US, Europe, Australia, South America and Africa.


Executive Creative Director: Tim Clegg, Scott Holmes
Creative: Simon Martin, Simon Bosworth
Additional Credits: Head of Content: Stuart Aitken
Business Director: Harriet Elsom
Head of Display and Paid Social: Cibelle Michepud
Director: Tom Green
Production Company: Stink
Sound Design: Prodigious
Tags: Europe
Video of Victory by any means

Now: Leo Vegas ‘Milk Bottle Orchestra’

Agency: Now
Client: Leo Vegas
Date: November 2016
Leo Vegas, the online casino, has launched the second installation in its campaign starring ‘Leo’, the undisputed king of mobile casino.
The campaign, created by Now, demonstrates how Leo is able find ways to play in the most ordinary and everyday situations.
The new spot, called “Milk Bottle Orchestra” shows Leo Vegas the lion on stage at his local social club playing his own orchestral kit made using milk bottles, cow bells, wine glasses and milk churns.
The ad captures a live performance which took extensive rounds of rehearsals. The team behind it achieved the sound of the drum kit by using carefully chosen vats containing various amounts of milk.


Executive Creative Director: Remco Graham
Additional Credits: Director: Big Red Button
Tags: Europe
Video of Leo Vegas

Saatchi & Saatchi London: Marie Curie ‘Extra Hour’

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi London
Client: Marie Curie
Date: November 2016
Saatchi & Saatchi London and Marie Curie turned adverts at the iconic outdoor site at Piccadilly Circus yellow in support of Marie Curie Nurses who worked an extra hour due to the clocks going back.
For one hour only between 7pm and 8pm on Saturday 29 October, brands including Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Samsung, Hyundai Motor and the Egyptian Tourist Board all pledged their support for the charity’s ‘Extra Hour’ campaign and agreed to donate an hour of their advertising time by turning their artwork yellow.


Executive Creative Director: Andy Jex
Creative Director: Hugh Todd
Creative Team: Mark Campion, Nick Barker
Additional Credits: Planner: David Adamson
Brand Liaison: Larissa Vince
Account Handler: Marie Deery, Jon Bryars, Theo Moran
Project Manager: Stephanie Evans
Digital Producer: Sophie Lark
Media Buying Agency: UM
Media Planner: Shara Hikmet
Photographer: Josh Cole
Tags: Europe

Drum: Play-Doh ‘George the Blob’

Agency: Drum
Client: Play-Doh
Date: November 2016
Created by Drum with media planning and buying handled by OMD UK, the 30” TVC George the Blob sees Play-Doh bring to life the imaginary world of a young brother and sister featuring Girraffagon: half giraffe, half dragon, Eleparrot: half elephant, half parrot and the protagonist George the Blob, who wants to be as colourful as the other animals. Thanks to the power of the children’s imagination, George is transformed from a grey blob, into a magical, friendly half-shark, half-unicorn.
The campaign celebrates ‘opening a tub of imagination’, Play-Doh’s new global strapline and coincides with Play-Doh’s 60th Anniversary this Autumn. To support the TVC, Drum has created a Facebook strategy including a 50” Facebook edit of the ad, four animated GIF Play-Doh tutorials and a ‘Star of the Week’ incentive that calls for Play-Doh’s Facebook community of mums and their young children to share their recreations of the four characters from George the Blob and be in with the chance of winning 40 tubs of Play-Doh.


Creative Director: Claire Baker
Associate Creative Director: Rebecca Rowntrww
Creatives: Andrew Wilson, Madina Paulig
Additional Credits: Designer: Michael Ballantyne, Ben Jewkes, Fillippo Romano
Account Handlers: Jessica Sinclair, Georgia Weyman, Gemma Parry
Producer: Gracie Oury, Natasha Gottlieb, Laura Botten
Media Buying Agency: OMD
Media Planner: Lauren Chandler, Chloe Hardy
Production Company: Drum OMG UK
Editor: David Mowbray
Post Production Company: Gutenberg Networks
Audio Post Production: Gutenberg Networks
Tags: Europe
Video of Play Doh TVC30 CC6

Livity: Girlguiding ‘#ForTheGirl’

Agency: Livity
Client: Girlguiding
Date: November 2016
Girlguiding, the UK’s leading charity for girls and young women, has today launched a ground-breaking marketing campaign – #ForTheGirl – to challenge outdated perceptions and encourage people to think twice about the charity.
The campaign directly targets women aged 25-34, both as strong role models for the charity’s young members, and as a key demographic both for future volunteers and parents of girls who might join the charity.
The film shows a series of apparently positive scenarios for girls – but when the girls turn to camera or speak to each other, the voices that we hear are not their own. Instead we hear the voices of familiar media personalities offering a negative or sexist commentary on an aspect of female identity and their role in society.


Girlguiding Communications Director: Becky Hewitt
Tags: Europe
Video of We are Girlguiding – We are #ForTheGirl

Creature: Tetley ‘Super Teas’

Agency: Creature
Client: Tetley
Date: November 2016
Tetley is launching a heroic £5m campaign to support its pioneering range of Super Teas – their biggest marketing drive yet outside black tea.
To spearhead the new Supers marketing campaign which aims to promote the health benefits and breadth of the range, Tetley is introducing Awesome Woman and her trusty sidekick Ina Ventor.
In the ad, even superheroes have their off days and Awesome Woman is no exception – Ina Ventor steps in to give her a helping hand and get her back on track, showing that we could all do with a boost every now and then. Cue Tetley Super Tea ‘Boost’ with added vitamin B6, to help reduce tiredness and combat fatigue.


Creative Director: Stu Outhwaite, Ben Middleton, Ed Warren
Additional Credits: Producer: Madeline Smith
Strategist: Rosie Harrison
Account Management: Flic Green, Andrew Milner, Jen Ahern, Dwayne Rapley
Director: Casper Kelly
Director of Photography: Mattias Nyberg
Production Company Producer: Bobby Bray
Production Company: Iconoclast
Edit: Nick Armstrong @ Cut & Run
Shoot Supervisor: Arvid Niklasson @ Analog
Colourist: Dave Ludlam @ The Mill
Producer: Mark Webb
Audio: Dan Beckwith @ Factory Sound
Tags: Europe
Video of Tetley Super Teas

B&B Studio: Nestle ‘Special T relaunch’

Agency: B&B Studio
Client: Nestle
Date: November 2016
Nestlé’s premium tea capsule system SPECIAL.T has relaunched with an iconic and disruptive new design by B&B studio, which brings the brand’s magical and fantastical world to life for consumers.
The design takes inspiration from the enchanting SPECIAL.T world, originally created for online and advertising channels, and communicates it through packaging.
B&B studio was also tasked with creating a new look for the brand’s capsules and the machine packaging, to deliver SPECIAL.T tea expertise direct to the consumer with just the touch of a button.


Creative Partner: Shaun Bowen
Tags: Europe

: Elite Cow Chocolate ‘Let’s make life here sweeter’

Client: Elite Cow Chocolate
Date: November 2016
News headlines in Israel tend to be somewhat negative.
Focusing on the bad news that happens here and at other times showcasing the rude, boisterous and sometimes shameful misbehaviour of Israelis. That’s why, in an effort to spread goodness and celebrate a brand that makes life in Israel that much sweeter,
the country’s leading chocolate brand – Elite Cow Chocolate – created a video stop-motion campaign starring plasticine figures celebrating Israelis who do good. The figure’s faces were inspired by the chocolate bar’s unique shape with its larger cube in the middle.


Chief Creative Officer: Jonathan Lang
VP Creative Director: Idan Regev
Art Director: Aia Kujnitzy, Dima Kogan
Copywriter: Eran (Shushu) Sapanier
Additional Credits: Chief Executive Officer: Yossi Lubaton
Social/Digital Director: Idan Kligerman, Maayan Dar
Group Account Head: Ben Muskal
Account Supervisor: Lee Bryn, Daniel Shvartz
Account Executive: Naor Azubel
Head of Production & Content: Dorit Gvili
Production manager: Gali Starkman
Producer: Ayelet Rotman
Chief Strategy Officer: Shai Nissenboim
Strategic Planning Supervisor: Lora Goichman
Planner: Moran Nurok
Creative Coordinator: Eva Hasson
Traffic Director: Ronit Doanis
Traffic: Avia Ben Ishay
Studio manager: Yaron Keinan
Production: Meyuhas productions
Director: Oren Meyuhas
Character designer and director of Animation: Michael (Mysh) Rozanov
Director of Animation: Ricardo Werdesheim
Lead Animator: Moran Somer
Animation production: ZAZ Animation Studio
DOP: Benny Mali, Ofer Ben Yehuda
Line producer: Ran Pasternak
Offline: Idan Stoler
Music: Knob
Ukulele: Avi Singolda
Singer: Edan Alterman
Strauss Group Elite General Manager Confectionery Division: Eyal Dror
Strauss Group Elite Marketing Manager chocolate category: Tal Ben-Porat
Strauss Group Elite Marketing Manager chocolate category: Talya Babay
‎Strauss Group Elite Brand Manager chocolate category: Idit Maor
Tags: Europe
Video of Elite's Cow Chocolate – Let's make life here sweeter!

JDO Brand & Design: Lux ‘Redesign’

Agency: JDO Brand & Design
Client: Lux
Date: November 2016
JDO Brand & Design has re-launched LUX hair care in China.  The agency has previously worked on the brand with Unilever for the Japanese market.
JDO was briefed to create a revolutionary shift for LUX to help drive distinction and impact at shelf and to establish the brand as owners of ‘Shine’ within the Chinese hair care category.  The LUX brand delivers a multi-sensory experience of shine that can be seen, smelt and felt.  The new pack designs needed to reflect this through graphic and print production techniques that were built on the brand’s indulgent, luxurious and premium positioning.
The new designs target Chinese women aged 22-40 who are independent, aspirational and bold and who enjoy time to take care of them-selves. Packs feature gold tone colour-ways with a gloss and pearlescent finish delivering premium cues.


Creative Director: Ben Oates
Tags: Europe

Space: Glenfiddich ‘Experimental Series’

Agency: Space
Client: Glenfiddich
Date: November 2016

The 60-second TV ad, developed by creative agency Space, aims to attract a new generation of whisky drinkers around the world. The film will support one of the first expressions in the range, the Glenfiddich IPA Experiment, the world’s first single malt whisky finished in India Pale Ale (IPA) casks.

The creative concept behind the film, “The Experimental Series”, explores the extremes of human intellect through a series of scenarios including the first sparks of love, the carelessness with which we sometimes treat the planet, and the positivity that results from fostering our curious nature.

These vignettes eventually focus in on mastery and creativity, reflecting the guiding principle behind the new products: only by mastering our art do we earn the right to truly experiment. The film’s stark imagery, bold visual style and intense rhythmic soundtrack further demonstrate how Glenfiddich is re-writing the whisky rulebook with this new range.


Managing Partner: Jason Nicholas

Director: Ben Tricklebank

Tags: Europe
Video of Glenfiddich Experimental Series

LIDA: IKEA ‘Ikea Handcrafted’

Agency: LIDA
Client: IKEA
Date: November 2016
Tasked with helping IKEA build a stronger relationship with members of the IKEA FAMILY, the campaign, created by LIDA, sees a cross-stitched ‘email’ sent in the post to a targeted group of the member base.
As IKEA FAMILY’s most valuable members, LIDA wanted to create something extra special for them in exchange for their email address. Something that would show they are valued and appreciated customers, but also act as a reminder that IKEA aren’t like other retailers – and neither are their communications.  So LIDA had to think outside the box in order to get IKEA FAMILY emails to the inbox of these members and came up with the first cross stitched email.
 The tactile cross stitched DM is a unique and memorable way to communicate an opt-in message. It featured a unique URL prompting recipients to go online, update their details and receive a £5 coupon to use in-store.


Executive Creative Director: Nicky Bullard
Creative Director: Vaughan Townsend
Art Director: Andy Preston
Copywriter: Dan Wright
Additional Credits: Planner/CSU Director: Mily Williamson
Designer: Mirjami Qin, Dan French
Tags: Europe

Bozboz: Find Get Give ‘#IAMWHOLE’

Agency: Bozboz
Client: Find Get Give
Date: November 2016
Bozboz worked with the team at Right Here (part of the YMCA) to create a website and digital campaign #IAMWHOLE ( to promote the importance of mental wellbeing in young people. We created a national website in eight weeks aimed at 13 – 25 years, seeking help and information around their mental health.
Launched on World Mental Health Day and with support and endorsement from the likes of Rizzle Kicks. Stephen Fry, Ed Sheeran and James Corden, amongst others, the site has seen staggering results – within two weeks of launch over 50 services were listed nationwide (across 22 locations and counting), there have been over 50,000 page visits since launch as well as more than1,000 Twitter.


Art Director: Andy Leng, Megan Hopkins
Copywriter: Jasmine Hetherington-Wilkes, Cat Dyson, Andy Leng, Megan Hopkins
Additional Credits: Simon Collier, Joe Aliferis, Jess Hamill, Matt Bethell
Tags: Europe
Video of #IAMWHOLE featuring Jordan Stephens – NHS & YMCA

Frame: CalMac Ferries ‘Your West Coast’

Agency: Frame
Client: CalMac Ferries
Date: November 2016
‘Your West Coast’ is a film about the Western Isles of Scotland and coming home, incorporating a specially created song by Scottish band Skipinnish: “Bring us Home on the Sea.”
This campaign was inspired by the incredible beauty and charm of the Scottish west coast islands and nearby mainland.
Most people are aware of CalMac as one of Scotland’s most iconic brands with over 160 years’ history.  Frame, in collaboration with Double Take, brought those warm, nostalgic and romantic associations with the brand to life by creating a stirringly emotional and proudly Scottish film steeped in heritage.
Each scene incorporates archive footage of Island life, projected “live” onto landmarks and landscapes all over the Western Isles of Scotland, with every effect captured on camera, and not created in the studio! This establishes emotive connections for Scottish tourists, encouraging them to visit the islands, with CalMac undeniably being part of the magic of those islands.


Creative Director: Angus Walker
Creatives: Simon Parker, Callum Robertson
Additional Credits: Double Take Projections, Adam Robertson Photography, Skipinnish
Tags: Europe
Video of Your West Coast – Watch our unique Scottish island film.

Fred & Farid Paris: The Noé Association ‘The Less Visible’

Agency: Fred & Farid Paris
Client: The Noé Association
Date: November 2016
The Noé Association launched with Fred & Farid Paris an awareness campaign to highlight the threats to ordinary biodiversity and the vital role of the multitude of unknown species around us. The decline of emblematic animals (tigers, giant pandas, whales, bears, rhinos, etc.) elicits a strong emotional response from the general public, unlike the decline of more “common” species. Ignored and forgotten because of their small size and their banal appearance, their fate leaves us indifferent. One actually hardly realizes that they are disappearing.
With a campaign slogan, “The Most Exposed Are Not Always The Most Visible” Noé is hoping that attention to extraordinary biodiversity does not make us forget the threats to ordinary biodiversity. Basing itself on five examples that concern our daily life, Noé wants to mobilize public opinion in order to halt the decline of ordinary biodiversity.


Chief Creative Officer: Fred & Farid
Executive Creative Director: Olivier Lefebvre
Creative Director: Thierry Buriez, Stephane Gaubert
Art Director: Francois Claux
Copywriter: Simon Lamasa
Additional Credits: Brand Supervisor: Arnaud Greth, Caroline Morice
Agency Supervisor: Philippine Mesmin
Account Assistant: Julien Bouey
Agency Producer: Arthur de Clerck
Art Buyer: Arthur de Clerck
Tags: Europe

We Are Social France: Renault ‘Can you imagine yourself at the wheel of this beauty?’

Agency: We Are Social France
Client: Renault
Date: November 2016

Renault Sport and We Are Social have created a short film starring the new Clio RS 16 to celebrate 40 years of Renault Sport and its return to Formula 1.

The film, commissioned to celebrate Renault’s F1 heritage, follows a man who dreams of being a Formula 1 driver and enjoying the fame, wild parties and status that comes with it. He is then magically transported into the Clio RS 16, and through driving it he finds himself social media fame and has such an amazing time he refuses to give the car back. As well as producing the film, We Are Social is launching a Facebook page and Renault Sport YouTube channel to present the concept car in a new light.

Sandrine Plasseraud, CEO France, We Are Social said: “Renault is an iconic brand and we were delighted to work on this project to celebrate the 40th anniversary. We know that the reality of being a Formula 1 driver is out of reach for most people, but we wanted to show with this film that experience is everything, and the stunning Clio RS 16 delivers as much as a Formula 1 car.”


Creative Director: Thomas Guilhot

Art Director: Paul Grange

Copywriter: Alexander Foucray

Additional Credits: President and Founder: Sandrine Plasseraud

Deputy General Manager: Isabelle Contant

Board Director: Thomas Laydis

Strategic Planner: Fabien Gaëtan

TV Producer: Cecile Ousset

Director: Nicolas Benjamin

Head of Service Contact Strategy: Andreea Culcea

Officer of Renault Sport project: Xavier Hourdeau

Tags: Europe
Video of Can you imagine yourself at the wheel of this beauty? #ClioRS16

Mr President: Freesat ‘Unbelievably Good’

Agency: Mr President
Client: Freesat
Date: November 2016
Mr. President has created the latest campaign for Freesat, the UK’s subscription-free satellite TV service. This highlights their TV services and companion mobile app; which consumers can access without a subscription. This is the first work the agency has created for the satellite TV provider, since the agency was appointed in the summer this year following a pitch.
The creative theme of the campaign is ‘Unbelievably Good’, which is based on the high level of advocacy and satisfaction uncovered from existing Freesat customers. The TVCs dramatise the disbelief people experience when they first switch to Freesat and discover the rich content offering, smart features and user experience, all subscription free.


Creative Director: Jon Gledstone
Tags: Europe
Video of Freesat – Unbelievably good

Dare: Sega Football Manager ‘Launch Campaign’

Agency: Dare
Client: Sega Football Manager
Date: November 2016
Sports Interactive has unveiled a pan-European integrated launch campaign to celebrate the release of Football Manager 2017, created by DARE.
Targeting current, new and lapsed Football Manager gamers, the activity communicates how Football Manager has been designed to suit and fit around gamers’ lifestyles, rather than the other way around, while still retaining the authentic, data rich experience that genuinely improves their lives as fans.
The integrated campaign will consist of TV, online film and advertising, print, OOH and social, and will run across 13 key markets including the UK. The ads will air on Sky Sports and the campaign is due to run from now until Christmas.
The creative features gamers, including cult FM legend Cherno Samba, playing Football Manager 2017 on the move, at home and even at a live Football match.


Creative: Mat Bolton, Jake Atree, Matt Calaby
Additional Credits: Account Management: Alex Smith
Planner: Oscar Eavis
Producer: George Ryan
Production Company: Unit 9
Producer (Unit 9): Harry Starkey-Midha
Production Manager (Unit 9): Eleri Evans
Executive Producer (Unit 9): Adam Dolman
Director: Simon Neal
Post Production: Coffee and TV
Tags: Europe

ChildLine: ChildLine ‘Voices’

Agency: ChildLine
Client: ChildLine
Date: November 2016
Cheryl is working with Childline to help inspire more young people to feel able to reach out for help when they need it.
She wants childen to know that Childline is for them, no matter who they are, how old they are, your gender, background, religion or sexuality and that no problem is too big or too small.
Tags: UK, cheryl cole, Childline, Ad of the Day, creative works
Video of Voices ft. Cheryl | Childline

We Are Social: YouTube ‘#madeforyou’

Agency: We Are Social
Client: YouTube
Date: November 2016
YouTube has launched a new UK advertising campaign to celebrate the diverse talents succeeding on its platform and their impact on popular culture. YouTube creators who produce content on topics from science to spoken word poetry have become well known British celebrities admired by their huge fanbases.
The #madeforyou campaign celebrates 18 established and up-and-coming YouTube creators based in the UK, including filmmakers, musicians, comedians, spoken word poets, scientists and modest-fashionistas, who together have over 48 million subscribers to their YouTube channels. With over a billion users worldwide and watchtime growing at 60% year-on-year, YouTube’s ad-funded platform is a powerful tool for advertisers to connect with highly engaged audiences.


Chief Executive Officer: Jim Coleman
Tags: UK

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