Creative Works APAC: featuring Leo Burnett Malaysia, Dentsu Jayme Syfu, Iris & more

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Creative Works APAC: featuring Leo Burnett Malaysia, Dentsu Jayme Syfu, Iris & more

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iris Worldwide: Philips ‘Philips Hari Raya’

Agency: iris Worldwide
Client: Philips
Date: July 2016
Hari Raya involves the tradition of seeking forgiveness from family and friends. Building on this, Philips Lighting, together with iris Singapore, hopes to help make the festive celebration more meaningful – by helping a family seek forgiveness in the most heartfelt manner.
The film can be viewed on Facebook here.


Iris Singapore
Tags: Asia, Hari Raya, Philips

Leo Burnett Group Malaysia: Petronas ‘#PETRONASRaya’

Agency: Leo Burnett Group Malaysia
Client: Petronas
Date: July 2016
Petronas has created a heartwarming film for Hari Raya, following the story of a father-son relationship that is tested by big life events. It shows how the father makes the son smile in sad, stressful circumstances and how that is later repaid by the son.
Tags: Asia, Hari Raya, Malaysia
Video of #PETRONASRaya 2016: Vroom Vroom

: Malaysia Airlines ‘#BolehAdikIkut’

Client: Malaysia Airlines
Date: July 2016
Malaysia Airlines explored the idea that love knows no bounds, looking at who and what family means from a fresh point of view.
The 2016 Raya film “Adik” tells a tale of love that is tested when a family member – the titular Adik – is unable to return to the family’s hometown. The simple heartwarming message is one that all audiences can relate to, that love knows no distance or boundaries; “Kasih sayang tidak mengenal siapa kita”.
Tags: Asia, Malaysia, Malaysia Airlines, Hari Raya
Video of Adik – #BolehAdikIkut | Iklan Raya Malaysia Airlines 2016

Dentsu-Jayme Syfu: Smart Communications ‘Welcome Change’

Agency: Dentsu-Jayme Syfu
Client: Smart Communications
Date: July 2016
Smart Communications has taken a brave choice to use its advertising to promote LGBT acceptance in the Philippines. The video, promoted on Facebook and YouTube, sees a father-son relationship in which the father wants his son to accept his friendship on Facebook. The storyline plays on the idea of acceptance, with the father eventually saying that he accepts his sons sexuality.


Agency: Dentsu Jayme Syfu
Chief creative officer: Merlee Jayme
Executive creative director/copywriter: Louie Sotto
Creative director: Miko Quiogue
Tags: Asia, Smart Communications, Dentsu, Philipinnes
Video of Break down barriers and welcome change!

iris Worldwide: Lego ‘A Gift For Imagination’

Agency: iris Worldwide
Client: Lego
Date: July 2016
Lego and its agency Iris has created a campaign to help kids get the attention of their parents via the power of their imagination. The agency enlisted the help of one kid who used his imagination in a short film. The toy maker then gave up its media space for the day to the child, which included a big piece of media space in Taiwan, which caught the attention of the child’s dad on his way home from work. A film about the project now directs people to a website in which more kids can get involved.


Agency: iris Singapore
Creative Director: Ed Cheong
Senior Creatives: Sylvester Poh, Adam Yeo
Creative: Pearlyn Ong
Regional CEO: Luke Nathans
Group Account Director: Margaret Leong
Account Manager: Sharon Chan
Regional Planning Director (APAC): Mark Hadfield
Production House: Sky Limit Productions
Producer: Chao Tian Hao
Tags: Asia, lego, Iris, Taiwan
Video of LEGO Presents: A Gift for Imagination

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