Claudia Astorino – New beginning leads to success

Claudia Astorino is a hair and make-up artist based in Germany. Since early age she’s been showing a great passion and enthusiasm for make-up and fashion. She started off as a product designer, but quickly realized that her field of interest lays in beautifying women, making them happy and confident by using make-up.

This talented professional, with a wide-ranged portfolio, has let us dive into her beauty world!


Make-up by Claudia Astorino

ModelManagement: Before your career as a makeup artist, you worked as a product designer. What influenced you to finally become a professional makeup artist?

Claudia Astorino: Make up always accompanied me  – whenever it was quiet around me as a three year old, my mother knew, I was about her vanity case, putting  lipstick on my face. As a teenager, I was interested in clothes and drawings, so I decided to study fashion design. During the economic crisis, while already working as a product designer in a textile company, I realized, it was not the right place for me. Caused by losing this job, I decided to listen to my heart and start a complete new way – I wanted to become a beautician and makeup artist. My dream came true, I got the chance to start new and this is what brought me here.

Make-up by Claudia Astorino

MM: Please complete this sentence: I’ve learned the most from…

CA: From my mother, she has inspired me.


Make-up by Claudia Astorino

MM: Do you like creating really out-there looks, or do you prefer something classically beautiful?

CA: I prefer the classic beauty – in the first place, I like to emphasize the beauty of the model or the customer. But as well – I’m always amazed of the new looks you can create by consciously omitting or altering something.


Make-up by Claudia Astorino

MM: If you turn up at a show/shoot and the model has terrible skin, what do you do?

CA: I ask her how she maintains her skin, so I can give her some better advices. For the moment, I use the “eight hour cream” by Elizabeth Arden. It strongly smells of herbs, so you have to get used to it, but it is the perfect companion in an emergency.


Make-up by Claudia Astorino


 MM: What is the most important beauty advice that you can give to a woman?

CA: Women have to maintain their skin, especially the daily make-up removal is so important!  Yes, it takes time to take care of the skin, but if you don`t build a solid underground, not even the most amazing make up can help.


Make-up by Claudia Astorino

MM: What is in your personal make-up bag?

CA: My brushes, primer, makeup, concealer, powder, eyeshadow base, eyeshadow palette, eye brow kit, eyeliner, eye pencil, mascara, bronzing powder, blush and lip gloss.


Make-up by Claudia Astorino

MM: How important is it for you to have an online presence?

CA: It makes me proud to be part of the global network. I’ve learned a lot from other online artist and now I’m able to share with others as well. Let’s stay connected!


Make-up by Claudia Astorino

Thank you for the great interview Claudia! Don’t forget to visit regularly her website and facebook page to keep up with Claudia’s most updated work!

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