CHRISTMAS DINNER 100% DIET: What would you say?

Who is already in a Christmas mood? Holidays finally started! Between foie gras, smoked salmon, roast duck, champagne, chocolates and ice logs, calories will be felt. But, indulging without gaining weight, it is possible? I say yes. 

In fact, British daily newspaper The Guardian made a synthesis of 7 studies, which apparently we would gain 877 grams during the holidays because of meals as Christmas and New Year’s Day, but I must say its’s also an opportunity to eat (too) well!

Here is the selection of meals which allow you to eat everything you like on Christmas Day without suffering … Full speed ahead for your diet program tailored to the year-end holidays. Don’t want to gain weight during Christmas? Challenge accepted! Impossible not to crack, no one is perfect.

#1 Taking a light snack before dinner

Finally, the Christmas meal, it’s a bit like when we go grocery-shopping. If we go to the supermarket when we are starving, we tend to jump on anything that arises, to swallow anything and therefore to put on weight.

Suggestion: a yogurt and/or fruit two hours before the start of the festivities helps you to limit the damage.

#2 Eating shrimps and oysters for starters 

Food “celebration” for excellence, shrimps still be a classic for any diet. They provide anti-aging and anti-kilos effect, but above all, don’t eat the head! (The fat and cholesterol have made their home there). For oysters, they contain an average of 80% water, which makes them very low in calories.

Suggestion: Between the shrimp, small grey shrimp and pink bouquet, you’ll be spoiled for choice.
Cold or grilled with a squeeze of lemon… your dish is ready to be tasted! For oysters just buy them closed. Raw or cooked, oysters are delicious! YOGOURT 2

#3 Savoring a square dark chocolate (Best part for chocolate addicts like me!)

Throughout the year, especially during holidays, chocolate makes you melt. You must know it has a lot of benefits: First, it protects you against stress and anxiety. Second, decreases the risk of heart attacks. And finally, dark chocolate makes you get thinner because it contains caffeine, indeed it helps to burn fat twice as fast especially during physical activity. BUT! only if it is more than 70% of cocoa.

However the quantity must be moderate!YOGOURT 3

#4 Slimming program with chicken for main course (without the skin!)

Chicken is rich in protein and wing or thigh are full of vitamin B and “slimming” minerals such as iron or zinc.

Suggestion: Don’t throw away your chicken carcasses, put them in water with spices and you are going to get a delicious chicken broth for a detox program after the holidays.
Easy as pie !YOGOURT 4

#5 Fruit Sorbet: the thinness savior for Christmas

No need to give up sweet treats after a good meal. Why? Sorbets are a perfect alternative to ice cream, usually too sweet. It is composed only of water, fresh fruits and sugar. Fat-free, it represents only 60-80 calories or 120 calories less than ice cream, but we have to not forget that it contains a substantial amount of sugar.
So we say YES to sorbets, but drink in moderation.

Suggestion: For a homemade ice: Opt for yogurt!
First, yogurt ice are very easy to achieve, then you just have mix the yogurt, sugar with lemon juice and hop in the freezer.
Vary the pleasures and add mixed fresh fruit of your choice.


#6 And we saved the best for last…CHAMPAGNE!

There is no way to deprive yourself during the Christmas holidays! Obviously some beverages are more caloric than others. For aperitif, giving precedence to one glass of wine or champagne rather than an alcoholic cocktail of fruit juice. Brut champagne is one of the lower-calorie alcohol possible (110 cal pour 15 cl).

Suggestion: remember to drink water between each cut to hydrate! (4 hours in the refrigerator before consuming it, the freezer should be banned!).YOGOURT 6

Ladies, with this selection of special Christmas slimming foods. you’re dressed for the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Happy holidays and enjoy your meal!

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