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For models who are serious about their modeling career and want maximum exposure to our network, we offer Premium memberships. These memberships are designed with the model’s needs in mind.

All models who are Premium Unlimited get the added benefit of being showcased on our blog and they have a chance to appear within one of our monthly newsletters!!

So here’s a selection of our recent Premium Unlimited models.


Vero done

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caro done

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Susi Done

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Marlene Done

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esther done

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Elodie Done2

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Mathieu Done

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astrid done

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Susana Done

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zlatka done

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Fanta done

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Barjan done2

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Roxana done

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sara done

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Kseniia Done2

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Mason Done

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des done

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Rebecca S.

rebeccas done

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ric done

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Rebecca Done

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Iya done

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Tawny Done

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stella done

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mady done

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sah done

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jenn done

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drake done

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Loraine Done

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Andrew Done

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saksha done

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Check them out! Our Latest Premium Unlimited Models!


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Check them out! Our Latest Premium Unlimited Models!


The 10 most in-demand catwalk models of spring/summer 2015!

thumbnail_Top10 Newcomer Models

Stare, it’s the way to educate your eye!


Mirella Sleenhoff is not only a truly talented photographer, she has also worked as a make-up artists/stylist for 18 years. As time passed, she discovered her passion about photographing and finally started to take the camera in her own hands. Being one of the best Dutch photographers, she was already featured in CLOSE-UP Magazine.

Mirella has always been impressed by images with beauty and pureness. Her works reflect an exciting combination of soul and art. So what are you waiting for!? Explore her world full of pureness, authenticity, fashion and true simplicity with delicate detail.


Photography by Mirella Sleenhoff

ModelManagement: You worked as a make-up artist for 19 years. How has this influenced your career as a photographer?

Mirella Sleenhoff: I’ve worked as a makeup artists/stylist since 1995. I saw a lot of great people and places, that’s why the quote  “Stare , it’s the way to educate your eye” by Walker Evans is so perfect for me!

Photography by Mirella Sleenhoff

Photography by Mirella Sleenhoff

MM: Five words that describe you.

MS: Hm… Always difficult… Passionate, True, Caring, Love, People

MM: Each great photographer has a particular penchant or love for a specific subject or category. We would love to get to know yours. Could you share with us your own private obsession in the magical world of photography?

MS: My private obsession in the magical world of photography is emotion, the beauty of emotion, the soul in the eyes, and the beauty what becomes with it.

Photography by Mirella Sleenhoff

Photography by Mirella Sleenhoff

MM: What is your favorite image you have recently shot? Can you describe its creation regarding to location, lighting, composition etc.; but also your thoughts during the shooting?

MS: Hm… That’s difficult; my best picture is yet to come… :)
I’m always busy at the moment in work with looking what to come, what is happening with the person I have in front of me. I’m waiting for the right moment to get the shot.

MM: Is there someone or something you would love to photograph and still didn’t have the chance?

MS: I don’t know at this moment, sometimes I see a person on the street and I think: “Ooohh stop, I want to picture you!” Give me a person with a special soul.

Photography by Mirella Sleenhoff

Photography by Mirella Sleenhoff



Photography by Mirella Sleenhoff

MM: What advantages do you find on being part of an online platform such as

MS: ModelManagement is a great platform to look in, and I hope to meet some nice people.

MM: Your images were featured in Close-Up Magazine – Benelux edition. How did you hear about this online magazine and why did you decided to be part of it?

MS: I did get a mail with the offer to be a part of it, and after having a look at it, I was positively surprised!


Photography by Mirella Sleenhoff

If you also just can’t get enough of her pictures, you shouldn’t miss her profile


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Be Curvy! – Feel Beautiful!

Curvy Models

When creativity meets talent and professionalism…


Amaze Models: It’s always an advantage to do what you’re best at!


Models, Photographers & Industry Professionals, watch out! We met a successful German agency you have to know about..

„It’s always an advantage to do what you are best at“ – under this motto, Nadija Timmermann and Patrick Glöckner founded Amaze Models Agency in July 2006 and it turned out to be the right decision… The Frankfurter agency is strongly represented in the field of photography and advertisement and therefore also offers numerous Commercial Categories such as Characters, Teens, Actors or Sports.

Find out their attitude towards size-zero models and how they contributed to the success of Germany’s next Top Model winner Stefanie Giesinger, and get to know a modern model agency, which stands for good communication and professional quality models…


Nadja from Amaze Models

ModelManagement: What is the concept behind Amaze Models?

Amaze Models: We, the founders of AmazeModels, have been models by ourselves for a long time, so we’re always trying to improve the mistakes that we had experienced in our own model career. Therefore the cooperation and good communication between client, agency and model is our most important field of work. AmazeModels combines fast and accurate work with a lot of passion for this creative business.


The CEOs of Amaze Models: Patrick Glöckner & Nadija Timmermann

MM: Your models were depicted in famous fashion magazines like Elle, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Glamour or FHM. Are these the most successful stories of Amaze Models?

AM: Besides those successful jobs our models were also picked for a lot of huge brands in every field like fashion, editorial, sports, beauty and even commercial with people models, so you can see that we got for every client and every kind of job the proper model.


Model from Amaze Models


MM: What are the key elements you look for in a potential model? What makes someone stand out from the crowd?

AM: First of all the model has to have the model conditions like height and measurements and additionally to that is charisma extremely important, because that’s the key to success. Beauty alone doesn’t stand for a good and successful model.


Model from Amaze Models

MM: You also offer sport models. Do you think sporty and fit looking models will replace the size zero models in the future?

AM: Definitely YES. Especially in Germany the clients don’t want skinny models. They are looking for sporty natural people. But even in other countries sport becomes more and more important, so in the future the trend will go from skinny to sporty and healthy, because right now the world is discovering how beautiful healthy bodies are.

Avon from Amaze Models

MM: What do you think about the function of How is this platform useful for agencies like Amaze Models?

AM: We think is helpful for both, agencies and models. We
are always looking for interesting New Faces, so it’s fun and exciting to look for them on


Models from Amaze Models

MM: What advantages do you find on having a Premium Pro membership on a site as

AM: Having a Premium Pro membership has a lot of advantages. We’re able to find new models, photographers etc and because of this membership our opportunities on this website are boundless. It’s just great to work with such a good organized company.

Anika from Amaze Models

Anika from Amaze Models

MM: Can you name one of the models that have been discovered by Amaze Models who has been really successful in the modeling industry?

AM: There is for example Stefanie Giesinger. She has been the winner of Germany’s most popular model casting show.
A few years ago she came in our agency. We’ve seen her potential, so she’s become one of our New Faces. Although she was very shy she got more and more good pictures. Now she’s a popular model and role model in Germany.


Lukas from Amaze Models

Don’t miss the opportunity to be discovered by Amaze Models! Do you have what it takes? Get in contact with Amaze Models and find out here!

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Thumbnail 21

Transgenders breakthrough


Photographer, Designer, Visual Creature – That’s Jay Tang!


The 10 most in-demand catwalk models of spring/summer 2015!


What models made their debuts at the fashion weeks of 2015 spring/summer catwalks? And what female models have good chances to succeed in the hard-fought model-business in the long run?

We checked out the runways of the great designers and made some especially beautiful discoveries… Find out which 10 newcomer models are most adored at the spring/summer 2015 shows!


Ondria Hardin

The spring/summer 2015 shows are dominated by blonde girls, but the American-born beauty Ondria Hardin stands out with her doll face. The 17-year-old walked the crème de la crème of runways such as Céline, Chanel, Dior and Lanvin.


Harleth Kuusik

The icy blonde Harleth Kuusik from Estonia is one of the most in-demand models of the season. After landing Proenza Schouler’s spring/summer 2014 campaign, the blonds’ catwalk carrier was literally boosted.



Adrienne Jüliger

The 17-year-old Adrienne Jüliger from Bonn, Germany, also made their debut at the Spring 2015 Fashion Weeks and was already booked for 11 shows, including Prada, Saint Laurent and Dior.

Julia Bergshoeff

Julia Bergshoeff

One of our favourite discoveries is gorgeous Dutch model Julia Bergshoeff (17), who walked staggering 51 shows. When you can open Alexander McQueen and close Giambattista Valli in the span of a week you’re definitely headed in the right direction to become a top model!

Mica Arganaraz

Mica Arganaraz

The Argentinian Model Mica Arganaraz embodies not only the cool Isabel-Marant-woman, but she is also Prada testimonial. During Paris Fashion Week alone, she got booked 18 times. With her bangs hairdo and her expressive face, she stands out from the crowd!


Molly Bair

Now and then the modeling business gets a game changer on its hands and this season it is Molly Bair. With her extraordinary look, the elfin-meets-alien beauty Molly Bair convinced the booker of Dior, Chanel, Prada and Proenza Schoulder and rocked their catwalks.


Madison Stubbington

With her bright red hair and her delicate features Madison Stubbington made numerous designers and casting directors fall for her.  She snagged spots on the runway for Carven, Saint Laurent, Viktor & Rolf, Giles, Miu Miu and Louis Vuitton.


Lexi Boling

After landing the sought-after Alexander Wang autumn/winter 2014 campaign, it’s no surprise that Lexi Boling has rapidly achieved international catwalk domination. Her signature stare and the way she walks soon attracted the attention of the designers, photographers and editors. The American native had the honor of both opening and closing Tom Ford’s spring/summer 2015 show and walked on 52 runways this season.


Maartje Verhoef

From walking a staggering 66 shows to opening Donna Karan and closing Ralph Lauren, Victoria Beckham and Valentino, the 17-year-old Dutch model Maartje Verhoef was a girl on fire during S/S15.


Sarah Brannon

Sarah Brannon had the privilege of opening the Givenchy Spring/Summer 2015 Show and she also walked for Alexander Wang, Anna Sui and Altuzarra. Somehow the American beauty reminds us of model mate Kassandra Jensen.


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Become_Model-thumbnail3-300x90’s Christmas wish list!


Christmas is almost there so I hope you did or you’re doing your Christmas wish list! No?? is going to help you a bit with 9 presents all the girls dream to receive, ranging from luxury bags to new fragrances!

1. Christian Louboutin Pigalle (from 415€)



2. The Chanel vintage backpack (around 2.500€)


Chanel vintage bag

3. The Yves Saint Laurent lip stain (31,50€)


The Yves Saint Laurent Baby Doll lip stain

4. Toy Moschino fragrance (98€ for 50ml)


Toy Moschino fragrance


5. The monogrammed Burberry poncho (1.124€)


Cara Delevingne showcased the blankets in February 2014

6. Maje Capsule Soir Collection (215€)


Maje dress RAYURE

7. B by Balenciaga by Alexander Wang (76€ for 50ml)


B by Balenciaga

8. Tiffany & Co. Green Tourmaline (5.050€)


Tiffany’s & Co. Green Tourmaline

9. Hermès Birkin Blue Crocodile (from 8.400€ to 120.000€)


Hermès Birkin Blue Crocodile


What’s your wish list for this Christmas? Tell us everything on Twitter with @modelmgmt!

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