Microphotography Exhibition: The Gallery Print Centre

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June, 2015. 12th – 25th

The Gallery Print Centre is proud to present Sandgazer, the first solo exhibition of works by British
microphotographer, Jenny Natusch. Showcasing a collection of prints and the original grains of sand
captured in her works, Jenny’s images allows us to see the ordinary as aesthetic works of art, blurring
the boundaries between geology and art.

With a microscope and her camera, Jenny captures the detail in the naturally miniature, and focuses
on the usually unnoticed, commenting; ‘although sand is one of the most abundant substances on
earth, most of us don’t know what it really looks like up close.’ A story and geological history
accompanies each and every grain of sand in Jenny’s studio. Receiving samples from friends, family
and fellow sandgazers from across the world, her collection spans from samples of local UK beaches,
to the far reaches of Antarctica. Carefully singling out individual grains of sand, and bringing them to
the forefront of her work, the artist treats each one as a treasurable jewel, questioning society’s
perceptions of the idea of value, and commenting on the spectrum of life that is missed by the rush of
the routine, and the limitations of the naked eye. `

Along with the prints, each original grain of sand will be for sale at the gallery, with both The Gallery
Print Centre and Jenny donating all proceeds from the sale of the sand grains to The Family Holiday
Association – a charity that gives struggling families a break at the coast so children can feel sand
between their toes for the first time. Each framed sand grain sold will fund a seaside break for two
families who are facing the worst of life’s challenges that including bereavement, serious illness or

Jenny Natusch’s recent progression into microphotography and sandgazing in her little studio in
Lancashire village, has allowed her to move away from the competitive world of corporations, and
focus on working for pleasure, returning to her artistic roots and delving into her curiosity for the

In 2014, Jenny was invited to do a TEDx talk at Lancaster University, entitled ‘How a Grain of Sand
Changed My Life,’ which was her first experience of openly speaking about her project. This is the first
exhibition of her sandgazing body of work.

Click the link below to view her catalogue.

Sandgazer Cat

Interview With Toad Hollow Photography

Creative Articles, Interviews, Photography
Toad Hollow Photography

Photography is still serious business despite the ever increasing personalised photography Gadgets and affordable photo editing Apps. These gadgets range from high quality smartphones
such as the new iPhone 6 with image manipulation apps that can be downloaded from their itunes app store. DSLR cameras are also becoming more affordable at the lower end and can still produce perfect quality even for a guest at a wedding for example. Their is one particular photography company however as with many professional photographers that see this as no major threat. They are Toad Hollow Photography. got in-contact with Scott from Toad Hollow Photography who gave an
insight about his passion, the future of photography and the direction of the company.

How long have been a photographer?
I have been shooting professionally for about 5 years now.
How did you get into photography?
My father was an avid amateur photographer but never practiced it seriously. He was an accountant by trade all his life and when he became ill I tried to help him take his mind off his health issues by focusing on photography. Sadly he didn’t live long enough to appreciate his new-found love of photography, but the act of shopping for and buying him a new DSLR camera during the last months of his life left me with a renewed passion
and yearning to follow the craft. I got his camera after he passed away and wanted to do something with it, and thus Toad Hollow Photography was created by my wife and I. My artist statement is available at: for the full story.
What areas of photography  do you cover?
We started out with a focus on architecture, specifically heritage
architecture here on Vancouver Island. From there we branched out to shooting artifacts in museums and have worked with local history and heritage groups from all aspects of interest. We’ve done quite a few feature stories on things of historical interest locally, allowing me to perfect my HDR techniques which I find are perfect for these
subjects. We also shoot a lot of local landscapes to showcase the natural beauty of Vancouver Island. As of today, we are launching a brand new set of services, portrait, engagement and wedding photography. Our new site has just been launched live at We are also lucky enough to have partnered with some local wedding vendors and will be exhibiting our services and work at the huge and exciting Modern Bride Show on February 7th,
What parts of the country do you cover?
We are currently covering all of BC, Canada, but do almost all of our work on Vancouver Island. For our wedding practice, we are happy to travel wherever our clients need us.

Do you work solo or what is the team you work with? 
I work a lot with my wife who has a fantastic eye for the work we do. I am the primary shooter, but without her assistance on the many details that go into a full session I wouldn’t be able to capture the shots the way we do.

The Big Q, what equipment do you use?
We shoot with a Canon 6D at this time. I use an
assortment of lenses depending on the composition; 50mm f/1.8, 85mm f/1.8, 75-300mm f/4.0-5.6 and
28-135mm f/3.5-5.6. We also use a pair of Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT’s and a Canon ST-E3-RT Speedlite
Apart from your camera and flash, what tools could you not function without?
I rely on my carbon-fibre tripod, a remote shutter release for hardware. On the software side of things, we use Adobe
Lightroom, TOPAZ plug-ins, and HDRsoft Photomatix for merging HDR brackets.
What are your future plans for your photography business?
Re-branding, new ventures etc. We are just about to launch an exciting and new chapter in our practice, focusing on portraits, engagements and weddings. Our new site  has just gone live in conjunction with our exhibit  at the Modern Bride Show and we are anticipating that we will meet
over 20,000 attendees. This is a wonderful opportunity, and we are very excited about having the chance to photograph people on  their most special day, their wedding day.
Finally, top 3 tips for aspiring photographers.
Prepare for the future. Technology is changing the landscape of the practice at a speed unseen before. It’s time
to think outside the box in terms of your offerings and services, and to serve your clients using technology they are comfortable with. Many see the burgeoning point-and-shoot and cellphone
camera craze as a detractor for getting into photography, but we see it differently. This is an opportunity to fine tune your craft and your style, and to be noticed in a very crowed space. So in terms of 3 tips, here they are:
1 – prepare to share your images far and wide online
2 – prepare to deliver your services and photographs using technology that is widely
3 – networking with people in your trade and with people interested in your services is paramount in today’s day-and-age
If you would like to contact Toad Hollow Photography,  Profile Page
Toad Hollow Photography

Toad Hollow Photography.

Toad Hollow Photography

Toad Hollow Photography

Toad Hollow Photography

Toad Hollow Photography

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