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It’s all about ‘data, data, data’ in out of home advertising says Maxus creative director

As data is increasingly being used to inform out of home campaigns, digital is making small leaps in terms of the way it is bought — and changing…

John Lewis becomes the first UK retailer to trial Facebook 360 ads

John Lewis has set its flag in a new Facebook ad format, it is the first UK retailer to trial 360 degree Facebook ads that enable shoppers to fully…

Huawei mocks iPhone X FaceID after usurping Apple as second largest mobile producer

Chinese smartphone company, Huawei, has mocked Apple’s iPhone X, hinting that the device will be subject to unreliable facial recognition. Earlier…

Uber takes Fetch Media to court to answer ad fraud allegations

Ride hailing service Uber has instructed its lawyers to begin legal proceedings against mobile agency Fetch Media to answer allegations of ad fraud;…

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