Are Model agencies taking full advantage of the internet to find the next supermodel!


Are Model agencies taking full advantage of the internet to find the next supermodel!

If you are an agent or a director of a modeling agency this post is for you. In the last few years the modeling world has changed dramatically, as in the past access to potential new faces was quite limited, and models were scouted in live castings, discovered on the streets or even in fashion events.

The internet has changed the market radically, giving bookers and model agents the chance to scout models online. Imagine all the potential beautiful models that were “lost” or never discovered because new faces didn’t have the chance to present their model portfolio to the right people in the modeling world.

So as an agent, do you use the internet as much as you should? Where do you usually scout models or publish your castings to find new faces to represent?

Whether you are an agent already part of our worldwide modeling community, or if you are interested to learn more and see what an immensely powerful tool is, and more importantly what it can do for you?

Over 6,500 model agencies are already registered and active, so why not you?


We’ve read stories about models that have been discovered on social networks as Facebook or Instagram a good example of this is Matthew Noszka who was scouted on Instagram by Wilhelmina Models. Let’s just think about this for a second. If, as an agent, you can search for models in different social networks, imagine having one place where you can find over 200K models (new faces and professional models) worldwide, a platform where you can search for any kind of model in any location in only a few minutes. Think about all the time you have spent looking for new talents or even going through social networks and sites looking for your next big thing. has been building its database since 2009 and each week there are thousands of new models who sign up on the site.

What to do next? Visit our Model search page and include location, measurements, hair color… any requirements you have and just wait for the results to appear in your screen.

Models at

Models at



There are thousands of models out there looking for an opportunity in the industry, where do they look for this opportunity? Modeling Communities such as Why? Because they are looking for YOU and for other professionals in their area and worldwide. All those models login their accounts everyday looking for new castings and a chance in this industry. If your agency is not listed they will look for someone else!

Model: Jill Benz

Model: Jill Benz


One of the easiest and fastest ways to find models is by creating a casting online. How? You just need to login to your account (if you still didn’t create one you can sign up for free here). Once you login you will find the option “create new casting” on the left side of your dashboard. Can’t find it? Click here and look for the “post a casting” button and simply follow the steps.


Your modeling agency needs something more from the industry, you need to be in contact with other professionals such as photographers, make-up artists, fashion stylists or industry professionals and also other modeling agencies out there. Let’s say you need a photographer to take a test shoot of one of your models, you just need to do a search on photographers and select the location. There are over 26,500 photographers registered!

Photographer: Alex Saint

Photographer: Alex Saint


A lot of modeling agencies, and maybe this is your case, also have modeling schools and courses. Want models to know about your offers and buy them? Go to your dashboard and find the “My Marketplace” on the right side, just click on “Post an ad” and follow the steps. Soon our team will review the offer and publish it.

Scouting Barcelona modeling course

Scouting Barcelona modeling course



Now that you’ve seen some of the great opportunities your modeling agency has in this platform it’s the time to consider being a Premium Pro agency. What other advantages will you have?

  • Pro directory listing
    When models or other professionals look for a modeling agency, guess who will come up first? The Premium Agencies, therefore, if you’re one of them your agency will be viewed much more than the rest, which will increases your visibility and exposure radically!
  • Post featured castings
    Let’s say you are looking for models to represent, or for a specific type of model for a fashion event, you will then create a casting, which will be listed on top of all the rest, therefore, this is the casting models will see first and you will have more chances to get great models to apply on your casting.
  • Unlimited messages
    When you’re doing a model search, or looking for a photographer and you see one that fits perfectly with your requirements, just go to their profile and click on “send message”, this will go directly to their inbox.
  • Promote Unlimited Models
    As a Premium Agency you can list your models under your profile, just need to create an account for them. What’s cool about that? You can apply your models to unlimited castings, get other agencies to be interested in your own models, and professionals who want to work with them. IMPORTANT: Everyone that tries to make contact with your models, even if it’s through a casting, will be directed to your agency and not the model. This way you decide what jobs your models will take through the community.
  • VIP exposure and promotion and incredible SEO exposure!
    Your agency will get even more visibility when you are a Premium Agency. We will prepare an editorial article about your agency on our official blog. Think about the exposure here from millions of page views every month to our site and the article will also promoted on our social media (200K fans on Facebook alone). This could be the best value marketing step you will make this year!

Are the next famous models registered on Will you miss the chance to scout the next supermodel? Don’t miss an opportunity and login or sign up now!


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