Amy Maree Comber – Make-up Artist & YouTuber!

Amy Maree Comber is a truly inspiring woman that has it all, the talent, the looks and the brain! This amazing make-up artist and YouTuber based in Sydney is rocking the social media with her amazing make-up looks that makes us believe that perfection exists after all.

Read on and discover more of AMC’s world!


Amy Maree Comber

ModelManagement: When did you officially enter the world of beauty? Was there any trigger that encouraged you to do make-up?

Amy Maree Comber: I’ve always been obsessed with make-up. Ever since I was a young girl. I remember watching my mum apply her make-up every day and would be fascinated about all the products. When I was 4, she bought an Elizabeth Arden set that came in a red box which was a complete set of make-up. I was absolutely infatuated with it.


Amy Maree Comber

MM: What do you love the most about make-up and beauty?

AMC: I love the fact that make-up enhances your natural beauty. It’s always such a fabulous feeling when a client takes a look in the mirror and beams with confidence because they love the way they look J I also love that make-up and it’s different combinations can completely change up a person’s look.


Make-up by AMC

MM: You have your YouTube channel where you post make-up tutorials… Why did you decide to start one?

AMC: I originally used Instagram to post makeup looks and all the products I was using. I would do my makeup, post about it, then wash it straight off most of the time and start on another look. I just love playing with makeup! I always knew eventually I would like to start a YouTube channel, as I felt it was something I could commit to and I did my makeup anyway so why not film it? I would also receive comments from followers such as “Do you have a YouTube channel?” or “why don’t you have a YouTube channel?” which made me think about starting one even more.


Amy Maree Comber


MM: Which make-up tutorial are you the most proud of? 

AMC: The make-up tutorial I am most proud of is the first one I ever posted because it’s the first time I ever filmed myself doing my makeup, the first time I ever edited a video and the first step towards doing something I truly love doing!

MM: Name a few beauty YouTubers who influence you.

AMC: My greatest influence is Michelle Phan, she has created this amazing empire from what she is passionate about. Before I started my channel I would always hang out for the next uploads on Carli Bybel, Nicole Guerriero and Desi Perkin’s channels! I love all of the makeup looks they do!

Amy Maree Comber

Amy Maree Comber

MM: What is something that you think people should know about you?

AMC: I think people should know that alongside being a makeup artist/YouTuber, I also work full time in finance! I studied 6 years and graduated with a Bachelor of Business and Commerce degree. I work 7 days and at times, I am super busy but I still find time for it all.


Amy Maree Comber

MM: Where do you get inspiration for your make-up looks?

AMC: My inspiration comes from all sorts of places- celebrities, photos on instagram/pinterest or magazines! If I see a look that I like, I will always be sure to recreate it in my own way.


Make-up by AMC

MM: 3 beauty tips that you think every woman should know about?

AMC: 1. Skin is the base for flawless makeup! Find a complete skincare regime that’s works best for your skin and use it day in, day out, drink loads of water and try to get a good night’s rest!

2.  Your skin isn’t always going to be the same- I am super oily in summer and tend to get dry in winter. Don’t be afraid to change it up depending on what’s going on with your skin.

3. Practice always makes perfect!


Amy Maree Comber

MM: Make-up artist, youtuber, instagrammer .. what’s next? What are your plans and goals for the future?

AMC: I do have long terms goals in place but my main goal right now is to build my YouTube channel and who knows where that will take me.


Make-up by AMC

MM: We would like to know your opinion about an international online platform such as

AMC: Being in the industry, I know how challenging it is to get started and connected with other professionals. Having a site dedicated to filling the gap is just ingenious :)


Amy Maree Comber

Want to know more about  Amy? Check out her Instagram page and Youtube channel!

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